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    Cool, here is mine. I'm pretty active on IG @ro_studios
  2. /\ Is that a modified version of the Anamorph lens?
  3. raf702

    Sony a6300 4k

    If GH5 did transition over to a S35 sensor. It would be great if they can do an mft mode where the sensor crops to mft, to utilize mft lenses. Then you'd have use of both systems MFT and S35. Then mft lenses won't become obsolete, cool idea if this happened.
  4. raf702

    Sony a6300 4k

    I'm curious about the uncompressed HDMI out 4K. Anyone know if it's 8bit 422 or 10bit 422? I have the Atomos assassin, so this is an awesome combo. If low light sensitivity is comparable to the A7S. This can surely be on my to buy list, over a second hand A7S. More info and testing please!
  5. Save a bit more and ditch both options and go D810. That will give you what you want plus more.
  6. yea seen quite a few go for that price now a days Tempting for sure, but prefer the c100 mkii but that's already a $5K cam I got a set of Nikon Nikkor primes 24, 28, 35, 50, 85. And another set of different vintage lenses ranging from Minolta to Super takumar. I had a 5D2 years back, so I'm familiar with the look and feel a FF has vs a MFT.
  7. I will take that into consideration True, I may just have to look more into the a7s then
  8. I see, and I'm not too familiar with sgammut on either a7s/a7sii
  9. And is the low light performance between the a7s and a7sii significantly different? Then there's the a7s slog2 vs the a7sii slog2/slog3.
  10. I want much better low light capabilities, which my GH4/BMCC doesn't have. And the resolutions 4K/2.5K/1080-raw is not so much my concern cause they all look great in that aspect.
  11. I'm aware of that it doesn't do 10-bit, just 8-bit 422 through the hdmi which isn't too bad. Is it worth using it with my assassin, I don't know. And I already have a BMCC 2.5K EF, so that's out of the question. And low light is no better than my GH4. And I want a better low light capable camera
  12. Currently my main setup is the GH4 w/Atomos assassin. No complaints with this setup so far. 10-bit 422, etc. what's not to like. So I'm trying to stay within $3K USD or under for my next camera setup. I don't shoot live events or concerts, so my typical workflow is music videos, shorts, etc. I do plan to continue waiting on upcoming camera releases for 2016 before I make a decision. But my budget probably wouldn't cover any of the new upcoming cameras anyway. So I'm on the fence between the 5D3 w/ML Raw, A7S w/assassin or A7SII w/assassin. And I also have a BMCC 2.5K, so that's out of the question. Lol The 5D3 and A7S can be had for around $1,500-$2,000 on the used market like craigslist, etc. While the A7SII is still at a premium of $3K. And of course I would be using the A7S/A7SII w/assassin without a doubt. Of the 3, which would be best for overall image quality and workflow. They all have pros/cons but one of these I'm sure is at the top. I appreciate any info and feedback from users with experience on the 3. Thanks!
  13. I got rid of my 5D2 w/ML RAW a few years ago. I for some reason was getting some ugly noise and banding. Seeing more of these examples along with the video above I'm starting to re-think on getting one again but 5D3 this time. Hmmmmm
  14. I seeing more scarlet mx on the market for under $8K USD for a complete kit. Is it still even worth getting one at this point, with all the other options in the market?
  15. Sounds good I will keep that in mind! Also, sorry I was a bit unclear, in the project settings under the "Camera Raw" tab, on the top right drop down list there's cinemadng, arri, etc. And "Color Space" and "Gamma" there isn't any option for V-log. I'm trying to figure out what project settings to use. Hopefully I'm making sense. Thanks!
  16. Since this is somewhat on topic about v-log. For the ones that use davinci resolve. What settings are you guys using? I know there isn't a v-log option or anything. Just want to know what you guys setup your settings. Thanks! -ralf
  17. /\ agreed, I'd say $4K for the brain, plus another $4K+ in accessories to get it up and running. So yeah I'd say ballpark of $9k or so complete package. Significantly cheaper than their epic, scarlet, etc. But still expensive for many indie filmmakers who don't have a solid budget, thats just my opinion
  18. Definitely not an attractive price, although still cheaper than other true anamorphics. As stated above, you can snag all kinds of other anamorph adapters along with the SLR RG/Rectilux and still have money left over versus a set of these anamorph primes. If these were priced around $2K or under a piece, then it would have my attention, maybe that's just me.
  19. I'm liking Art Adams as well, it's looks in between vlog and alexa
  20. Pix-e5 is nice option but has no anamorphic support. The atomos assassin has anamorphic but doesn't support dci 4k, maybe a future update will enable it. Only the shogun does dci 4k but for nearly twice the price. I'll hold off until I hear assassin has an update for dci 4k support for my gh4.
  21. Now is this surely a difficult choice to choose between the Rectilux 3FFw and this Core DNA. As someone mentioned to the 86/75mm threads that's a bit odd too.
  22. Nice, I'm already convinced. Now I need to save up for a Kowa BH/8z/16H and a Rectilux. Lol
  23. I'm liking the look of the Recti vs the RG, but it's significantly cheaper price than the Recti. How's the weight of the Recti with Kowa? In comparison to the FM lens module, since that's what I currently have. And we all know it's a bit cumbersome.
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