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  1. With the GH5 or any 4:3 capable modes. Shooting 2x is your best option to get 2.67 aspect ratio when desqueezed in post. Any small sized 2x with Hardcore DNA is a great setup. Or if your keen to finding a 1.5x, then shoot in 16x9 mode with any camera. But you will be waiting a long time and spending $$$$ for a 1.5x single focus. Thank God I was able to find a Iscorama pre-36 on eBay just over a year ago. Best investment ever for an anamorphic lens solution imo. The Kowa 16H, 8z, etc. are the ones to look out for.
  2. Nice! I use Resolve since I was paying Adobe PP monthly and only used it once or twice a month. Awesome info
  3. Great info, how’s the highlight roll off? And do highlights blow out easily? Thanks
  4. 1DC is a given, at a good price definitely worth getting hands down. And get a B-cam for slow-mo, like the 5D3 raw 60fps looks promising.
  5. How are you liking the overall image and colors? And have you tried the 3.5k yet? In comparison to when you shot 4k with the a6300.
  6. I appreciate the info, but not a fan of Panny. I had a GH4 in the past. I’m not impressed with it, and I don’t like the sensor size, colors, and low light. How has that experience been for you, moving from an A6300 to the 5D3 raw?
  7. I appreciate the info, I use to have a 5D2 with ML Raw at least 4 years ago. Obviously a lot has significantly change since then, and much better now especially on the 5D3. I've been watching lots of 3.5k videos of the 5d3 raw, and it certainly looks more cinematic then the A6300. Maybe I could just get a 5D3 as secondary to the A6300.
  8. I was wondering if you can use the EOSHD C-Log with ML raw? I know it doesn't really matter since your shooting in raw. Also, what do you guys think about switching from the A6300 to the 5D3 ML Raw. I'm liking the image and color a lot from the 5D3 @3.5k versus the A6300 @4k, and the 60fps looks way better than the A6300. Reliability, stability, dynamic range on the 5D3 Raw is my main concern.
  9. Digital Bolex, such a one of a kind camera!
  10. -4K-60p -10-bit or at least 8-bit 422 -improved colors -improved IBIS The first two are most important to me at least.
  11. I see, what other B-cam options would you suggest?
  12. 5D3 ML raw, could be another good option for 60p ??
  13. Awesome, I will look into that!
  14. It's only a promising upgrade for photography, but not impressive for the video side of things. This will certainly lead people towards the upcoming the A7SIII if it delivers. IF not, then might have to look elsewhere. We will have to wait and see.
  15. Which is a good B-camera for slow-mo 60fps. That's my concern, since the 1DC has poor 1080-60p.
  16. Not much of an upgrade here, now very curious to see what the A7SIII brings. That, or just stick with a A7RII
  17. I will definitely look into that! I appreciate the suggestion! Awesome! Plus I'm trying to stay as compact, the GH5 not a fan. I moved away from M43 cameras, and I have a A6300 now but want something more complete. Better image and slow-mo, etc. The D850 seems to check all the boxes for me. What's the dynamic range like in comparison to the 1DC with log and flat profile of the D850?
  18. @Andrew Reid Would you suggest someone getting the D850 over the 1DC? Since you claim it's nearly identical in 4K image quality. And I assume 1080-60p on the D850 is way superior and superb than the 1DC? This could be a deciding factor for me, wether to get a D850 or keep looking for a second hand 1DC.
  19. I'm curious if anyone has the iPhone 8+, I might upgrade to it and get the Moondog Labs anamorph adapter when it comes out. Now that it supports 4K-24p and 60p, and I think OIS, it definitely opens up filming options. Along with using Filmic Pro. What do you guys think? Ralf
  20. I'd say RedStan, although I just use lens filters to attach my Isco 36, and it's just as secure. But as another said the Red/Raf/Rap are good options
  21. Usability, compact size. But I'm also just bias towards Iscoramas. Although wish it could be improved like closer focus distance. Other than, it's sharp enough for my liking. How much sharpness is too much for an anamorphic lens. Might be off topic but just saw single focus solution adapter on eBay. Curious if anyone has any feedback on this. Looks pretty interesting. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Single-focus-adapter-for-ANAMORPHIC-LENS-Aivascope-Focuser-8-/292091250596?hash=item4401fec7a4%3Ag%3AMHUAAOSwIWVY-jEl&_trkparms=pageci%3Ac841b6b6-290e-11e7-aed5-74dbd1804f2b%7Cparentrq%3Aa0e372f715b0a866d9b617c1fffa56bc%7Ciid%3A10
  22. -4K-60fps -1080-60/120fps; better quality -Improved color science -Improved S-log -Improved face detection -Improved IBIS Not much to ask for, but would be nice improvements.
  23. Iscorama hands down, and thank God I have an Iscorama Pre-36 =)
  24. I'll be paying close attention to this, and now starting to think if it's now worth considering getting this, versus an A7RII. Which is what I've been contemplating on for sometime now.
  25. With the option to shoot in 4:3 mode, I would take advantage of it at all times. As you don't lose any resolution when shooting anamorphic, and less post work. But anytime you shoot 16:9, you WILL have to crop in and WILL lose horizontal resolution. Unless you want to specifically retain the super wide 3.55 aspect ratio when shooting in 16:9 mode with a 2x. That's just my opinion, enjoy shooting anamorphic!
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