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  1. Thanks for those detailed comments. I've been moving more and more towards full frame in my photo work, so going back to 43 is not for me. Although I do have a GX85 and a Sigma 18-35 though...
  2. Apologies for a newbie-ish question. I'm going to be shooting video in the future—mostly interviews and features—so I can expect 50-50 video vs stills. My budget isn't unlimited—so the 1,000 dollar difference in price is a factor. But I'd love any insight on the difference in vid quality between what ML can get out of the Mk3 versus the Mk 4's iteration of c-log, 3.5k, vs 4k, relative crop factors etc. I guess the improved AF in the Mk4 would be useful, but I don't anticipate a huge amount of action shooting... I have Canon glass btw. Thanks in advance for the guidance.
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