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  1. I don't know what is MPC-HC, I'll have to check that out. Yes, please let know what you experience. There has to be a way we can export to DNxHR, it's pointless for having it in Premiere if it won't work as intended. Also I'm using a PC on Windows 10, if that matters.
  2. I'm having issues with exporting to DNxHR. It won't play in the latest VLC player, and in the latest QT player it will play choppy and stutter. I also downloaded the latest Avid Quicktime Codecs LE v 2.7.1 as well. I've been on it for several hours trying to figure out the export settings but nothing seems to go smoothly. BUT if I export to DNxHD, there's no issue it plays perfectly fine. I want to export to DNxHR for 2k and 4k files. I'm editing R3D files too, I don't want to settle with exporting to H.264 or mpeg4 or something.
  3. Updated to PP CC 2015.3 and I did notice the preview Windows don't black out or glitch as often. The interface lags a bit less when switching between tabs. Other than that, so far so good. I haven't tried the HSL settings in Lumetri. I'm curious to see what it does. If anyone has a demo on using it.
  4. Lol It was a good deal. I was able to get one too, but not as faded as this one I posted.
  5. You used Goo Gone? Doesn't that strip paint or sticky residue.
  6. Most vintage lenses are pretty sharp. Just depends really how fast your shooting at. My vintage Nikon primes, I shoot at f2, and it's still somewhat sharp paired with my Kowa 16D 2x.
  7. I'm going screw on a cheap uv filter in the front to avoid any contact to the glass when I do this. And same with the rear, ill leave the taking lens on as well. I don't expect a brand new shine, but at least clean up the dullness.
  8. And after using the abralon pad, should I use some kind of plastic polish?
  9. Will do, I'll try that abralon pad. What about about the focus marks, etc. will that be affected on getting rubbed off?
  10. I just want to re-shine it back to black. There's has to be some way like plastic polish or something.
  11. Hey all, I'm trying to get some ideas on how to recondition the faded parts of the lens. I'm not concerned with the taking lens, just the Iscorama. Last option was to send it in to Van Diemen for rehousing. But I'd rather try restoring it first before spending $$$ on the rehouse.
  12. I've used SV Pro 9-12 and has been my all time favorite NLE, ease of use made my workflow a breeze. But the lack of color wheels, and LUT support is why I left. Maybe I got spoiled with those features from Resolve, Premeire and fcpx that I've used now. But if SV Pro added those features then I'd consider jumping back on PC, as I've been on a Mac for awhile now.
  13. I haven't tried Resolve-12+ on a PC yet. I'm literally moments from ordering my custom PC build. Currently my IMac crashes with Resolve 12.3 and 12.5, due to having only a 2GB gpu. It doesn't help that I'm editing 4K R3D Raw files. If Resolve gives me issues on the new PC, I still have Premiere Pro as my secondary NLE. I think Resolve-12 was built mainly for Apple. Seems to work best with sufficient specs of course. Fcpx-10 on the other hand is great and stable. But does have its limitations, I just happened to move over to Resolve. I came from Sony Vegas Pro 9-11 on PC and that was like my bread and butter awesome NLE and super reliable. It did miss a few things I wish it had but worked around it. But hopefully the new company that bought it from Sony will revamp it with more and better features. If you can find a reliable and reputable computer builder you should be in good hands with a turn key problem free PC. Hands down a custom PC with a $4-5k budget, I wouldn't be able to get the specs I want from a custom Mac Pro unless I paid nearly double a custom PC budget.
  14. I have a late model 2012 IMac 27" with maxed out options paid around $3,500 usd. As of today, now that I work with R3D Raw 4K files it chokes in Resolve 12+ and crashes every single time. Although my gpu is only 2gb and didn't have a 4gb option when I purchased it. Premiere Pro CC on the other hand seems to handle R3D files fine, since it hasn't crashed yet. Looking at the the new IMacs now, I can get a custom PC built with better specs/speed for much less than a maxed out 27" iMac. So that's the route I'm taking custom PC. And run Premiere Pro CC/Resolve-12+ More bang for your buck at the end of the day with a PC I believe. You should look into a custom PC, and make your comparisons.
  15. Cam + O7Q+ + Raw bundle. That still puts it over $6K easily
  16. Yeah I figured, just hoped it looked good enough for slow-mo sequences. I have my eye on a 1dc right now. But I don't know if decent 1080-60p is a deal breaker, even though it's not meant for it.
  17. I'm leaning towards the 1DC. But my only concern is how well it does 1080-60p.
  18. With this setup, don't you need to purchase the raw license and send in the fs700 to Sony? And also buy the raw license for the odyssey as well? Just wondering, cause then the price can add up really quick.
  19. I really wished the D16 had at least up to 60fps. Then I would certainly purchase this.
  20. What are you guys using for sdxc? I'm looking between the 95mbs extreme pro 64gb, or lexar 64gb 1000x 150mbs. Or will either one suffice?
  21. I'm ok with just 4K, but with higher fps. Or better yet they should do the following; 2.5K Raw cinema-dng up to 100fps; internal 1080P-120fps @10-bit 422 internal Along with the other features I listed in my post above.
  22. What are you using for monitoring by the way, Smallhd or BMD VA ?
  23. What's the details I can't see it on my phone. Lol
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