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  1. So the Gh4 and 3 with another gh4 or g7 would be sufficient for something like that?
  2. So having the extra audio recorder in the back does what if you don't mind me asking.
  3. Long story short. I'm doing a stand up comedy special for a friend of mine. He's looking for a 5 cam setup. 2 gopro type cams and 3 cams 2 stationary and one moving. I have a gh4 gh3 and the gopros but was thinking of getting another system if it would work better. I have 2 rode ntg2's and a videomic. Audio and video suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I've been reading this thread for a minute now. And the way he's trying to flip this is comical/sad at best. But from the replies he's made I've already have my answer on what happened in this situation. Never use WU for anything and Paypal is your friend.
  5. So what camera should I upgrade to? I wanted to get a BM 4.6 k but the problems it's having thats a no go. I was looking at the c100 mark ii with the price drop. Was looking at the Sony but I never really considered them because of the lens prices.
  6. Why do i here so many people rave about the BMMCC image but always hate the camera? Is it that much of a love hate relationship? Hearing this makes me kinda leery of selling my gh4 for one.
  7. Prove it.!!!!! I want to see the receipts... ??
  8. Was on cheesycam and he made a diy handle that controlled the iso shutter and ap. I have a GH4 and a GH3. Was looking to sale one and keep the other for taking pics. But was looking to to get 2 Pocket and Mico cams. Was set to shoot a comedy special in September and was thinking would that be a good option. Oh and what do you recommend on getting first the micro or the pocket?
  9. Every time I come to this thread makes me want to sale my gh4 and get a bmm
  10. Guess they where the only company that are actually trying to put out a quality camera this quarter other than give us wishful thinking like some other companies.
  11. Well I have Mac and PC Systems and I really don't have any problems editing on either systems. FCPX or PP CC.
  12. Low light, Audio, Nd filters, and other stuff as well. I love my GH series cameras but I'm trying to make sure I didn't need to upgrade before I did so. Was just thinking I needed a camera that I didn't have to have a lot of add-ons to get the sound and picture I wanted.
  13. Was trying to decide on selling my Gh4, Gh3 and G6 and Lenses to get a Canon Mark ii or Sony FS5 with some Lenses. I do weddings, corporate and music videos. Any helpful info would be appreciated.
  14. It's sad that you can get a job just because you have a C300 and the C100 mii does the same thing.
  15. So what's the major differences in V-Log Paid and V-Log Free?
  16. So this is something they could've emailed. *Shakes Head*
  17. Did you use your gray card to get the 18% gray at 42 IRE? Here's a Pic of the short vid I shot with v-log and film convert.
  18. Person on reddit said to over expose half a stop/stop and it will do wonders.
  19. For the people that are asking about the noise and everything here's a link where someone is talking about needing to expose the footage correctly by putting your 18% gray at 42 IRE. If that helps. Link
  20. Can't justify spending 140 dollars on an overpriced quick release plate. Why does edelkrone overprice everything?
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