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  1. If the hack is not stable it's not worth using it if you're doing a paid job.
  2. Not running out of memory just thought it would be better if i'm trying to run other things in the background while I work.
  3. I have a ASUS ROG GL552VW-DH71 Intel i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz 16GB DDR4 (Going to upgrade) 1TB HDD 256 M.2 SSD GTX960M 2GB 15.6-inch And I have a macbook pro 2015 also. Would like to play with the macbook for editing with FCPX but i'm so use to Premiere Pro and it's hard trying to get use to the magnet timeline.
  4. Funny how some of you guys have something to cry about when they're giving you a camera that's doing everything other video cameras are doing at thousands of dollars less.
  5. Why do you still use Windows 7 anyway? That OS came out in 2009 it's 2016 already. Upgrade.
  6. If they are putting more video qualities in a camera it's a small video camera that shoots pics. And for something that's going to be close to 2k priced it should be able to shoot more than 45min.
  7. Crazy you say this about any camera that would cost over 1k dollars. You shouldn't have to spend that much money and have to worry about any equipment over heating in that nature.
  8. The Canon C100 Mark ii is going for 2999-3500 now days.
  9. I'm pretty sure it will have IBIS. They announce everything that is not on the other Panasonic cameras currently to get a wow factor. And they said (And More) after the features they listed.
  10. That would be crazy if they offered built-in ND filters on a mirror-less system.
  11. So you're saying panny isn't going to put everything that's in the GX85 cam into the GH5? How would it kill the FS5? Thats the same as saying people would buy a 5d4 instead of a c100 mark ii.
  12. Oh I thought you wheren't disappointed on the 5d4 . You're going to hate when they come out with those specs at 1500-1600 dollars. Because you spent your money on Canon all over again.
  13. Whatever helps you sleep at night. But the only thing that keep canon relevant on the dslr video side is ML. Without them people would've been jumped ship.
  14. You've been let down for 10 years from Canon and you're still hanging on like the battered women syndrome. Hoping for something better but you're still getting beat on and left with second hand love. *shakes head*
  15. I don't want government having any type of power of anything someone can do on a website or software. They would be able to shut you down on anything (they) seem is illegal. They could shut down this site because gear is being sold and they're not getting taxes from it. I just know government shouldn't have to much power over anything plain and simple.
  16. Already talk to him last week and he's waiting on some more to come in.
  17. Checking on ebay and don't see any from Hong Kong just South Korea.
  18. I have a Gh3 and Gh4. Was really thinking of offloading everything for 3 G7's. Hearing a lot of good things on the lowlight and picture quality on the camera.
  19. Thanks for the info man. Do you think I should sale my gh4 and get 3 G7's?
  20. Andy how do you get around the 30 min record time in 4k on the G7
  21. Was looking to sale my Gh3 and buy 2 other g7's or should I get 2 gx85's? Since the event is on the 8th of September I need time to get acquainted with them.
  22. What's some good aspheric lenses? Oh and another question. Would you recommend me selling my gh3 for a g7 to pair with my gh4?
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