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  1. I generally agree with you on this but I don't quite understand where did you see such claims in this thread or in the linked article. Some quotes from the article - reasons why DP chose BMs (image quality mattered to him it seems): “One of the most important things when shooting action scenes for any movie is to stay consistent with the established look of the movie, so once you transition to an action scene, there’s no difference to the eye, and it feels like the same scene and style,” explained Meglic. “On ‘Bourne,’ it was especially important because of the particular visceral documentary style of the film.” “We chose the Micro Cinema Cameras and Pocket Cinema Cameras because of the combination of size and performance they delivered, which in turn helped us match the look and style of the film. I haven’t found another camera that will deliver on those two things: being as light as they are while still delivering the image quality needed to blend in with the A cameras. I always try to extract as much as I can from a camera, so they are dealing with good footage in post, and the dynamic range on both cameras was very good.”
  2. I really think it would be smart for BMD to make a series of real world tutorials and BTS from movie sets to show us what can be done with those great little cameras, how the pros rig them, what lenses they use etc. Probably most of us don't have access to big productions and sometimes you can research online until judgement day but simply there isn't any info out there.
  3. http://www.provideocoalition.com/blackmagic-micro-cinema-cameras-used-on-jason-bourne/
  4. Yeah, that is a great feature, the only issue could be balance in some situations because both batteries are on the same side.
  5. It seems that Shogun Inferno could be the one to beat CD 7Q+, specs are almost the same but it has high brightness FHD screen(1500 nits) with an option to view footage in HDR. https://www.atomos.com/inferno/ http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1247728-REG/atomos_atonfi001_shogun_inferno_7_4k.html
  6. I get your point but I have to correct you on this. You are only partialy right here because it doesn't mean that all the goods are 10 times cheaper if you live in a country where your average salary is 10 times lower.
  7. I don't see absolutely any problem with this, only it would be more appropriate that guys that were scammed did that and not you. But still someone had to, otherwise i think that imaginary 1Dc thief would be hard to catch for Egyptian police, well because he is imaginary.
  8. Mattias, no hard feelings but this time I think you are wrong. I shot 60p with 1/100 shutter speed (in Europe) to be conformed to 25p so i could squezze a little bit more than 50% slowmo and didn't have any flicker. I actualy planed to shoot 50p but then did some research and found this online flicker free guide/calculator on RED webpage http://www.red.com/tools/flicker-free-video
  9. I bumped on some Varicam LT footage from Ben Meredith, here is the Dropbox link for download: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kuob6f0x4ec1tkw/AACWBldY6E_rjXKLpOeEKTKSa?dl=0
  10. I also have high hopes for this camera but you never know if there is a deal breaker lurking somewhere around the corner, especially from a company that didn't give much thought to video side in the past. IMO it is better to be patient and wait for reviews and GH5 arrival, and then make a decision.
  11. The colors are great, it is just a shame that F-log is only through hdmi. Don't know how much is possible to tweak the in camera profiles, judging by these videos image looks a little bit too contrasty to me. PS: I am also in the D750 club and I'm keeping mine even if later I buy something else
  12. color is certainly great on Fujis
  13. yeah, i forgot about that option
  14. Damn, what was the price before in pounds?
  15. I am quite curious about this one, specs seem great for a hybrid. Who knows maybe it turns out great for low budget video, just hope that it isn't cropped in 4K mode and have decent DR. Unfortunately it seems that the grip is required to shoot 30min of 4K. http://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-x-t2-full-specs-images-leaked/ – 24.3MP CMOS sensor – Image processing engine X Processor Pro – Video 4K30fps. Full HD60fps – Video of the bit rate is 100Mbps – The maximum speed of the shutter is 1/8000 seconds. 1/32000 sec electronic shutter – Synchro speed of the flash is 1/250 seconds – AF 325 points can be selected intelligent hybrid phase difference AF – The body is in a magnesium alloy, improve the durability of the dial. Dust and water specification – EVF is 2.36 million dots. Refresh rate 100fps – 3-way tilting 3 inches 1.62 million dot LCD monitor – Dual SD card slot. UHS-II support – AF-C custom settings – ISO range is ISO200-12800 (RAW) – Wi-Fi built-in. Remote shooting correspondence. Instax Share printer support – 16 kinds of film simulation modes, including the ACROS – That can customize the settings screen “My Menu” – Normal / boost mode switching – 14bit RAW lossless compression. Camera RAW development – Exposure compensation +/- 5EV – 256-segment metering (multi-spot average, spot, center-weighted) – Interval Shooting – 13 kinds of creative filter – The battery is NP-W126S. The number of possible shots 350 sheets – 3.5mm microphone jack. 2.5mm remote terminal. USB3.0 terminal. Micro HDMI terminal
  16. I agree that 4K is far less important for a great image than some other features mentioned above, but there are also two kinds of 4K. There is 1Dc or most cinema cameras type of 4K that has the detail but not in camera sharpening, so it can still look very pleasing even in closeups, and there is 4K that is oversharpened on top of big resolution and that tends to look not so good. I believe you once already wrote about this Ebrahim. What I am trying to say is that for me 4K is a great feature if it is the right kind of 4K.
  17. FCP X also has optical flow and frame blending settings for the selected clip, in the menu under video quality. Its OK but not as good as Twixtor
  18. You can pay for upgrade to Vimeo Plus on a month to month basis, 9,95$ per month. http://vimeo.com/store/plus_monthly
  19. I think it would be great to turn a little bit more attention to lenses, new or old it doesn't matter, and rest a little from new cameras. In the past I always enjoyed topics about lenses, because there was much less arguing, and much more shared advices and gem discoveries. Andrew, I still wait for your take on that Angenieux that you said you bought.
  20. Yeah, I understand all this but I was just thinking that by shooting or just monitoring in b&w, I can improve my focus on composition and framing, so that when I do regular work and record and monitor in color my eyes and brain are better trained to isolate what is important and what is a distraction and shouldn't be in the frame or should be out of focus.
  21. Yeah, it is quite unfortunate that I don't have that option because in this case it is only important that the screen is in b&w so the footage doesn't have to be. I am already thinking about adding an external monitor/recorder to my kit in the future so I can get that option that way, and for now I will shoot monochrome for fun and practice. BTW, I must confess that I'm a little bit of a B&W fanboy
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