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  1. Well fuck it, I saw his post very early, there was no comments then It seems 2020 it is
  2. I have to disagree here. I think that would be actualy worse for us because I'm not sure that traditional Japanese managers would think about camera making and pricing in the same way as BM ones. I think that's already proven so far.
  3. sudopera

    Nikon D500

    Did I suddenly become colour blind or there is hideous magenta instead of reds and redish browns all over the place in these D5 videos. Almost all people in the videos that probably have somewhat reddish skin in reality, look totaly pink/magenta to me (they look like they drink two bottles of moonshine every day, even the girls). Also that shots with rocky hills or that road between the fields, instead of reddish browns, magenta all over the place. The rest of the colours look great, especially the sky blues and yellowish browns. I don't know, it could be the grade, too early to tell.
  4. I just bumped onto this video and it was actualy shot in probably the most beautiful place in my country (Plitvice Lakes National Park). It was shot in raw and the image is stunning (of course beauty of the place helps a lot), colors and skintones look very natural and organic to me. I really think that this camera can easily compete with Arri image wise. Enjoy some camera porn
  5. IMO FilmConvert B&W stocks are quite nice so for me there is no need to shoot B&W in camera... if I remember correctly there are 5 film stocks from low to very high contrast.
  6. Finally one reason to buy that YAGHE brick for GH4
  7. I can agree with your points but I think that for greenscreen he is mostly right. Most often it will be done in studio with lighting so there is no reason to stretch the codec. To me this presentation is important exactly because of that great technical information for better understanding of how things work, and when you know and fully understand this stuff, then you can afford yourself the luxury of breaking the "rules" for the sake of creativity. Also to have all of this info in one place without the need to go all over the www searching and reading, is a godsend.
  8. This video is a pure goldmine of information regarding the proper use of Sony cameras and their features, but most of this can also apply to any other camera brand. I bow to the man for this kind of simple but thorough explanation of all the features, codecs, gamma curves, gamuts etc., when and how to use them, why not to use some of them in some scenarios... I highly recommend watching this whole video, because even if some of you guys are already familiar with most of this stuff, I'm almost certain that you will get some new useful info.
  9. Just saw on Twitter that John Brawley will have some footage from Ursa 4.6K soon
  10. Has anyone taken into account that maybe this camera is a bit bigger because it has dual SD slots and full size HDMI, and maybe they just chose not to have any overheating issues. Also their lenses for this system are quite big and heavy, so I don't believe that photographers would be very happy with a heavy standard zoom on a tiny body.
  11. Guys, don't forget new Transcend CFast cards that are also approved by BM http://www.ebay.com/itm/Transcend-CFast-2-0-CFX650-256-GB-Memory-Card-510mb-s-Read-370mb-s-Write-/252101797777?hash=item3ab2702791:g:RCMAAOSwuTxWAy1G
  12. Does anyone have some experience with these, it seems like a good solution for archive/backups and not too expensive HP http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1044076-REG/hp_c8s07a_rdx_usb_3_0.html http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1044079-REG/hp_q2042a_rdx_cartridge_500gb.html Tandberg http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1111616-REG/tandberg_data_8781_rdx_quikstor_usb_3_0.html/prm/alsVwDtl http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1070103-REG/tandberg_data_8541_rdx_rdx_quikstor_500gb_remvble.html/pageID/accessory
  13. I wonder only is the screen 8bit or more, not that important but it would be nice to have more.
  14. It's good to see that new versions of iMac Retina screens cover DCI-P3 color gamut.
  15. I thought so but Zeiss representative said that Milvus line will resolve 4K and even 6K without a problem, so I just wondered if Otus line is that much better.
  16. Would it be a financial overkill to invest in Otus lenses instead of lets say Milvus for S35 sensor camera, I'm asking because Otus probably shows it's full potential on FF cameras but I'm not sure is it that much better on crop sensor? I know that Milvus haven't came out still, but will be probably a little better than older Z range.
  17. Ha ha, I was just thinking an hour ago how almost all of us were praising FS7 when it was announced for its "put it on the shoulder and shoot" design and now URSA Mini has gone in that direction, Canon C line already had similar philosophy, but now I should buy a "sensor in a box" because it's Red and spend my time looking should I buy Movcam this, Vocas that, Wooden Camera that, various modules etc. What to do with all that overpriced stuff if you jump later to lets say an ARRI AMIRA which is also "put it on the shoulder and shoot" camera(how boring). Also ARRI makes the best cameras and if anyone could be forgiven for using proprietary cards it would be them, but they chose to go CFast route with AMIRA, like all other normal non join our cult and stay here forever companies .
  18. When we look at the fully working Raven price, it is actually more of a C300 II competitor than to URSA Mini, and in this case I would personally go C300 II way in a blink of an eye because that camera is much more versatile. You can do cinema style stuff or fast turnaround broadcast stuff without any hassle and there is a great possibility that it would bring more rent money than Raven.
  19. This is just my personal opinion I believe that first priority for a lower price point cinematic style camera should be that it has stellar image in 24-25-30p(DR, good colors, raw, prores or equaly good compressed codecs, true S35 sensor or bigger unless someone really likes S16 look, usability and fast workflow etc.). I also adore to shoot slowmo but what is the point if all of the above mentioned boxes are not ticked first. URSA Mini with its price point simply can't do everything and why would someone even look at anything else if that was the case... I think that it is the most complete cinematic package at the moment on the market for such price at least on paper, but it has to prove its worth in the real world. No matter how much slowmo is used and overused, still most of our work will be 24-25-30p and URSA Mini 4K 60p is certainly a great bonus feature with all those other great specs. I'm not trying to bash Raven or any other camera here, I just think that URSA Mini has much more boxes ticked on paper than any of its competitors. Everything you need is either in the body or on the body, no crazy rigging, cables, modules and whatnot. For me the math is simple, better to have 3 or more great features and lose 1 other great feature than the other way around, because there is always an option to rent if one really needs that 1 other feature for a certain project. Would I like to have both cams if I could afford them, I most certainly would. And lets not forget global shutter feature which could be very important for some fast action and that taboo motion cadence thing .
  20. The thing is that URSA Mini compressed raw(3:1 if I remember correctly) actualy has lower file sizes than UHD ProRes 444, so there is a good reason to shoot raw instead of ProRes and take advantage of the full sensor image.
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