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  1. I'm not sure but I guess so. Article on DPReview says that X5R has the same sensor as X5. http://***URL removed***/articles/4506017808/to-the-skies-dji-launches-zenmuse-x5-and-x5r-4k-micro-four-thirds-aerial-cameras
  2. Well Panasonic look at this, maybe there is a hint here for you (GH5).
  3. Sorry if you already know this, but Metabones also makes CY/M43 Speedbooster http://www.metabones.com/products/details/MB_SPCY-m43-BM1
  4. Well, its not all bad... at least there is some raw footage that we can use to improve our grading skills until 2017/18.
  5. Barrel distortion is too pronounced for my taste, at least in that video.
  6. I just found a comparison between GH4 And G7 on Videomaker. Is it possible that G7 is so much cleaner in higher ISO? There is side by side ISO test in the video. http://www.videomaker.com/video/watch/reviews/18520-panasonic-lumix-g7-vs-gh4
  7. Maybe you can try here http://cvp.com/index.php?t=product/blackmagic_bmd-hyperd-avidas5hd_video_assist or here http://www.marcotec-shop.de/en/products/cat_611/detail_7390.htm
  8. Thank you for showing us what a fantastic camera is F35 in the right hands.
  9. New short film from Macgregor shot on Sony F35 is simply mouthwatering. I dare to say that I haven't seen anything better imagewise in digital camera world, but I have to admit that great grading also helps in this case.
  10. I know, but my point is that Panasonic is clearly ready to put a great camera in the market even if it uses competitors mount because they don't have their own solution, so what is the problem with S35 GH5, especially if it is still able to use regular M43 lenses and has native mount.
  11. They already told their customers to adapt Canon lenses to Varicam LT, and lets face it bunch of people adapts various lenses already on M43, so nothing new.
  12. Well the thing that I understood from this article is that you would still be able to use regular M43 lenses on this camera with readout from the smaller region of the sensor, so I don't see your point here.
  13. I don't see why those specs that Andrew mentioned should be so unrealistic, to me it would be even logical because that way Panasonic could differentiate GH and GX lines more. GX for photography purists that want to shoot decent video from time to time and GH the other way around. Right now those two lines have almost the same features with different styled bodies, what is the point in that in this overcrowded market? I think it is clear now that GH cameras are recognised more in the market as video tools, so for me it is only logical to give priority to video specs in the next model. Also who says that Panasonic couldn't ask much more then before for a camera with those specs, if it was priced around 2500$ it would be on the top of my list.
  14. Spot on Andrew, I just hope that it isn't too late for this if the camera is in final stage of development already.
  15. If they just made a proper MFT camera with 12MP sensor(bigger pixels) so the crop is exactly 2x from FF at true 17:9 4K, good at 1600 ISO, keeps the ratios for anamorphic from GH4, at least 12 stops of DR with a better implementation of V-log L, color science from Varicam, 4K 30p(being realistic but would like more) and HD 120p, 10bit 422 AVC for all flavours with decent bitrate, ND with 3 or more strengths, 2 XLR-s for audio, SD cards, ergonomic body similar to FS5 and priced around 3500-4500$/€. Add a XL Speedbooster and the crop factor becomes 1.3 APS-H. Keeping the MFT sensor they wouldn't canibalise their own lenses and could even make one MFT servo zoom for run&gun, maybe 12-50 f2.8. I believe many would jump from the likes of C100 II. With these specs, I'm not sure that I would even consider anything else that is offered now in that price range.
  16. Just saw on News Shooter that menu display can also be used as a monitor.
  17. Short clip from Vincent Laforet and his first thoughts on his blog http://blog.vincentlaforet.com/2016/02/01/its-here-my-thoughts-on-the-new-canon-1dx-mkii/
  18. This is really some great stuff, while I was reading it started to form some images in my head imediately.
  19. A bit off topic, but this whole MJPEG editing issue is a little bit strange to me because I think ProRes is actualy some form of the same, but I'm not sure.
  20. Shane Hurlbut is selling quite a lot of his stuff, and has a Canon 1Dc bundled with Letus cage and 4 64GB CF cards for 6000$. The only issue here is no ND on camera. https://www.hurlbutvisuals.com/blog/product/used-canon-1dc-ef-mount-complete-kit/?tm=ic sorry, forgot about slowmo
  21. I also think at least some parts are global shutter because it seems to me that he intentionally made some sudden movements with the camera to show it off.
  22. The more footage I see, the more I think they are "getting there". I hope this will be a final nail on the coffin of 8 bit h264 crap
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