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  1. It was part of a review at Cinema5D, you can find more info there.
  2. I think it means that when you hit the record button on camera, Atomos automaticaly starts to record too. You have video here of how it works on C100 + Ninja 2 combination
  3. Just bumped on this on Vimeo in GH4 group, so my bad.
  4. How did I let myself to become a fanboy, I'm going now to throw myself under the train and that's on you.
  5. Canon brought two small chip camcorders (nothing revolutionary) and one expensive pro zoom lens to NAB and they had their representative one on one with Dan Chung from News Shooter on Teradeck Booth. Just watch the guys from Canon and you will see that they have their faces red like lobsters because they didn't show anything that matters and everyone around is inovating and lowering prices, but somehow their new ordinary cams are more important to talk about then two great new Panasonic cams. You have Atomos Shogun with A7S, GoPro with Ninja Star talks etc., but the Shogun is best paired with GH4 because of the 10 bit hdmi output and nobody talks about that. They covered almost everything else there and it was good to see so many interesting new products, but to me this is a little bit disapointing.
  6. I don't know, maybe it's too soon to tell, but I've been following their posts since the beginning of NAB and there is not a single post about one of the most exciting products this year. In one video on Teradeck Booth they had Panasonic representative siting there with GH4 in his hands and all they talked about was GoPro, Ninja Star and DJI Copter, not one word with the guy from Panasonic. Cinema5D show On The Couch had representatives from Sony and Canon on interview, why not Panasonic(GH4, VariCam - very hot products for comparison with Canon and Sony from my point of view)? I don't know maybe it's not their fault, if that's the case I apologize, but to me this is very strange.
  7. I think this 4K to 2K workflow is great for final result. I have made a quick Porsche grade with filmconvert, 2K ProRes 444 in and out and uploaded like that to YouTube. I can only say that even with my mediocre grading skills, I am astonished what image you can get from this little camera. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTHnn0HXeG4 Thanks Andrew for your great work!
  8. Thanks for the reply Andy I'm planning to buy GH4 sometime this year and would like to pair it with sigma art 18-35 nikon mount + speedbooster. So with Angenieux, would be covered from 18-70mm and don't have to buy C/Y speedbooster also. Sometime later I would get some primes, probably sigma art series. One more question, does Angenieux 28-70 f2.6 have the same look as 35-70 and i suppose it's even better (and more expensive :) ).
  9. Some other day I found this lens on ebay and did a little research. There are some photos out there that impressed me but I found only one video. To me the "look" seems great on stills. Does anyone here have some experience with this lens and would like to see some opinions about the combo mentioned in the title. Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english
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