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  1. The only benefit of a speedbooster in this scenario would be if the FF version of the lens is also a T2, then with SB it would behave more like 30-90 T1.4. Since the FF version is slower than S35 version, then there is no point in using a speedbooster because as you said, you just add more unnecessary glass to get the same result.
  2. sudopera

    GH5 Prototype

    I just read an article on B&H about GH5 and now I am totally confused about the sensor. It says that 6K photo will be around 6000x3000px... ... then later it says it will have newly developed 18MP sensor I'm not sure that anyone would make a totally non standard 2:1 ratio sensor and that would also mean only 12MP stills in 4:3 ratio. I am not an expert but only multiaspect makes sense to me in this case.
  3. Here is an interview with a guy that tested the preproduction model, he has a lot of praise for IBIS, especially paired with the new stabilized 12-100 zoom.
  4. It is very hard to please people these days. When one company finally brings 4K 60p and at the same time 4K 10bit 422 internaly to the masses (that we all whined about for a few years), now all of a sudden it is not that important. Sorry Panasonic we were just kidding, we don't actually need better image quality, we need autofocus that is connected to our brain so we can shoot, read magazines and drink coffee at the same time.
  5. sudopera

    GH5 Prototype

    For now they can't talk pretty much about anything at all, so I'm guessing they are not that close to final product. It seems to me that the announcement was made too early just to have a flagship model presented at Photokina and to send a message to potential customers to be patient and not run to Olympus, Sony or Fuji. http://www.newsshooter.com/2016/09/20/photokina-2016-panasonic-gh5-questions/
  6. sudopera

    GH5 Prototype

    Panasonic will probably have to throw in fast processors because it must handle 4K 60p and 10bit 422, so I think they will have horse power covered.
  7. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/photography/news/unveiled-new-sigma-art-lenses?BI=4906
  8. Here are some leaked(lousy) images, Fuji conference at 5 pm Berlin time. Hope it brings affordable MF video to the table. http://www.fujirumors.com/leaked-first-image-fujifilm-gfx-medium-format-camera/
  9. As Andrew said before, if it was a classic 4:3 sensor it would need to have around 25-28 MP to be able to record 6K Photo bursts, so multiaspect seems more logical to me.
  10. Maybe really it is multiaspect sensor as you said before, so 6K Photo in 16:9 ratio 5760x3240=18,6MP
  11. If I could afford these two, I think my lens GAS sickness would be cured for good .
  12. I know that this is probably a great lens with a good price for a cinema zoom, but for a similar price those new Angenieux zooms seem like a much better proposition.
  13. With these and probably future price drops it seems this could be a F35 for the new generation. DR a little lacking, but more than compensated with beautiful imagery.
  14. Yeah I get your point, like 1440x1080 gets streched to 1920 after import from mini dv tape.
  15. So the 1500$ 4K 10bit 4:2:2 camera in a tiny body that can also shoot stills failed the same way as C300 mark II (4K 30p), a 12000$ camera. What a failure.
  16. It makes sense, but I wonder how will that work with IBIS and also does that mean that in video it would have less of a crop than 2X in FF terms and do their lenses cover such scenario.
  17. Who knows, maybe they decided to upscale the video internally a bit, but frankly I don't see the logic there.
  18. If 4k 4:2:2 10bit is true then 6K is almost irrelevant in my book. It certainly would be a nice bonus but not that important.
  19. If it is 6K DCI aspect ratio 6144x3240=19906560, if 16:9 5760x3240=18662400. So 20MP would be needed for the video cropped part of the sensor and I believe that the whole sensor in 4/3 ratio should actually have more MP in that case (something like 6144x4620=28385280, so 28MP).
  20. Why is it a problem, Nikon mount lenses + Nikon SB, except if you already invested in something else.
  21. I think the reason for this is because for a few years now Google adjust their search results for every user differently according to their sites visit and searches in the past. I'm not so thrilled about this because it can be very misleading.
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