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  1. I just rented the lx100. Very impressive camera. If you want to use a filter it is 43mm but you also need to get a 43mm extension or coupler. The reason is that the lens retracts deeper into the lens body so it will jam up. I have the step up ring and had to use some tape to increase the clearace - so tape works too. I'm using the hoya prond set that I have from my bmpcc pocket camera. Not using the hoya ircut. I wanted to try out some anamorphic shots with my zeiss ikon but I'm having trouble with the step up rings. But you will need to zoom the lens, so not sure it will work. The 4k photo mode is slick. It seems this mode is better then shooting in video mode. It does save mp4. I have yet to pull stills from it.
  2. If you have files VLC can read that works very well for a quick view to see what you have.
  3. These are the best clamps you can buy. The locking ring makes sure nothing falls out and top notch work. I have bought a couple from him and pretty good to deal with. Even bought one of the Tokina +1 lens.
  4. Jonpais, It just seems the m43 lenses are limited. I have the panny 12-35 that is a good lense since it has ois, and it's a little wider then most. i'd really like to see the new panny 42.5 lens. That may be the last m43 I buy. Also, the zeiss contax are on the cheaper end of the prime price range. I was ready to get an slr magic but decided to go zeiss after I read the guide on reduser. Also, they have some character to them. I can't see it yet, still learning. But some of the new lenses are super sharp and no soul. Also, the speedbooster is a game changer.
  5. I have a bmc pocket camera and I have been collecting zeiss contax primes. I had so so luck with adapers so I'm converting c/y to nikon with the leitax mount and using the speedbooster. I only have the 28mm and the 60mm makro so far. I love the macro and want to find the 100mm makro. I sort of gave up on m43 mount. I started out with the panny lenses but you can tell the difference with the zeiss lenses. The only m43 lens I may add is the new 42.5mm panny lens. There is a zeiss survival guide on reduser. We'll worth the read. Jim
  6. Lots of practice with the pocket camera. I have one and still learning and trying to find the right lens with the kowa adapter. I am really on the fence on keeping it. When you nail it you know it. It looks great. When you miss...
  7. It was lucky camera. http://lucky-camera.com This us a pretty good list. http://www.japancamerahunter.com/2012/04/camera-shopping-in-tokyo-pt-1-shinjuku/
  8. You need to find the used shops. I have stumbled on one in Tokyo but have had a tough time finding it again. I think it was in Shibuya...shinjuku... The big shops you name probably have a used dept. I'm headed over at the end if March. Google tokyo second hand camera shop.
  9. I rented a GX7 and was pretty happy with it. The focus peeking and the stabilization helped a lot. At first I didn't like the size since it was thicker then the GX1 I have now. There are a lot of good software features too. So since the GM1 is basically a GX7 stuffed inside a smaller body minus IBIS, I may see about testing it out. I did have one issue where I think the IBIS when wonky and it would not boot up. So I had to use my finger to un-stick whatever motorized thing is around the sensor. I think it was the ibis.
  10. Well I traded in my 45mm pancake to KEH for the 60mm makro. So hopefully I will get some pretty good results with the 60mm setup.
  11. I have a gx1 and have debated the gm1 and gx7. I'm renting a gx7 this week to see if the focus peeking and ibis is worth it. I am using more manual focus lenses so I want better focus assist and peeking. For now it's for stills since I have a pocket camera for video. I'm also using the speedboost nikon mount more and more on the gx1 and pocket camera. Opens up the lens options greatly. Jim.
  12. Is this contax 60mm makro the same as the Zeiss 50mm f2 makro. I borrowed the Zeiss 50mm makro and it did not work well with the speedboosted pocket camera. You could see the inside of the lens barrel. I have the non speedboosted metabones nikon adapter on the way, maybe I will give it a try again. Thanks, Jim
  13. Thank you very much for the extra info. I do like the duclos stuff and there is also the place in Grand Rapids MI - RP Lens. I did get a couple of leitax contax to nikon kits for when I do find some lens's. KEH is slim on anything marked MM... And thank you for showing the 60mm. This helps step out of the way of everyone looking for 35mm and 50mm. edit... well the 60mm aint cheap either. Thanks, Jim
  14. I'm on the hunt for Zeiss Contax lens's too. I have a Kowa Bell and Howell and have the zeiss contax 45mm pancake on my pocket cinema camera and with the BMPCC speedbooster it is un-usable. not sure if it's just so compact and everything is magnified right there at the sensor. If I stop it all the way down it's sort of ok. The other issue is if you add a 62mm redstan clamp it's very difficult to adjust focus - fingers don't fit. If I use a normal C/Y to MFT adapter it works but still soft focus like you say. I have borrowed a zeiss ZF 50mm f2 makro it was ok. I think the issue is I need an evf to de-squeeze so you can see what you are shooting better. But focus was good. and it will vignette with a speedbooster. Also testing a zeiss ZF 35mm since I can't find any contax lenses at the moment. I'm back to a non speedbooster adapter for shooting anamorphic. Jim
  15. I have the pocket camera and i'm using the panny 20mm 1,7 lens and the panny 12-35 lens. You have to be careful because I don't think mega ois works, but OIS does like the 12-35 lens. I also forget I have the panny wide 7-14. Usually after I shoot something I think I should have used it. I recently bought a Kowa Bell and Howell and working on getting a lens for it. I'm waiting for the redstan clamp to come in. So I went down the m43 adapter path. it seems the M43 to EOS is a pretty adaptable mount, there is a lot of EOS adapters. So I bough a contax zeiss 44mm 2,8 MM pancake lens and used a kiwifotos EOS to M43 and then a C/Y to EOS adapter plate. it works...but man the zeiss pancake is tiny - smaller then the adapter and c/y ring. Then once you add the 49mm to 62 mm step up ring for the redstan clap, there is no room to focus. I was trying to find the slimmest adapter without the aperture ring and the m43 to c/y seemed bigger then the m43 to eos. So I will probably end up back to the panny 20mm and the kowa, but I will also look at one of the SLR Magic lens. Jim
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