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  1. A video I shoot in Janos, Chihuahua, México.
  2. Hi. This is a video I did to test my recenly arrived Sigma 18-35 with the Metabones speedbooster. Editing and grading in FCP 7
  3. Thaks guys. Tonight ill be out with this same setup trying to do best this time.
  4. tottally agree. Was aligned wrong. Here in Mexico I dont know anyone that han any experience with this kind of lenses, so I have to experiment a lot.
  5. Thanks. Thanks. Yes I made a big mistake. all of the footage was taken at f2, so I think is for that the softness that I cant understand. Well with a 1600 iso of the BMPCC will be very dificult to get acceptable night images at f5.6.
  6. Hi guys. This is my very first experience with my recetly arrived eiki 16f, it was mounted on a nikon 35mm f2 on a BMPCC. Some of the footage is handheld, so I have some problems to focus, and the crapy lcd screen of BMPCC wasnt very helpful.
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