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  1. I lock the AWB. it's the same WB between the two takes. You're right the opposite of magenta is green. I will do it again later. I have a lot of trouble explaining myself in English. It's too long. There is a small problem with magenta and Fuji. The XT3 pictures are absolutely beautiful. For me the problem is still there with the HLG.
  2. Ok I understand. When I have time I will start again with a manual WB on the gray card. But I think that does not change anything. You hide the problem by removing magenta and putting more blue on your WB. But the problem will always be there.
  3. So with a LUT you turn the gamma HLG into a gamma LOG (for monitoring and expose and after for grading) Did I understand right? In this case it is easier to use the Fuji LOG directly. No ? Because the advantage of the HLG that would not have a problem with the magenta hue, I don't see it on my test.
  4. Yes you are right. I don't know exactly the WB. But I use the AWB lock. I did not unlock between the two takes. Normally it is exactly the same balance between the Log and the HLG. I use a samyang with an aperture ring de-clicked. I'm sure it's around F4 for the log and around F8 for the HLG. I exposed the log and the HLG with the waveform of my SWIT 55. On the screen of my imac, the HLG seems pretty well exposed (on QT and FCPX with Lut) EDIT: Add iPhone photo on my XT3
  5. 400Mbps, All I. I used FCPX with fuji LUTs. WDRlut for Log and Gamut2020to709 for HLG. Do you want to take a look at the original rushes (copy trimmed)? https://we.tl/t-wqemKN1N2c
  6. I did my own test HLG vs LOG. There is indeed a small problem with the magenta hue. But for me the problem is also present with the HLG. Download the attached video and play frame by frame and watch carefully the blue bag and sunhood on it . Exactly the same shooting conditions, same settings, except 2 F-stop difference : f4 Log vs f8 HLG. I find that the white balance is very difficult to do on the HLG. WB is correct on the gray card but not on the back white wall. What do you think about that? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eCzHpgHrqgmM3ycrpvbauLu-p2vHd3Sd/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/17kyJwgaZdMR7q9fk7fotJofSPcepYxJx/view?usp=sharing
  7. Ok! I hope Fuji will find a solution.
  8. Nope. You can now record H264 in 400Mbps but it's stil 8 bits.
  9. Then the input in XT3 works fine. It"s an input mic. There is a mic preamp in the XT3 (not good preamp but it's a DSLR). If you plug a preamp in the XT3, you get a chain of 2 preamp. The problem is probably there. Can you try this with your saramonic plug in your XT3 In movie setting/audio setting/external mic level adjustment/Manual / -30dB . The pulse is still here ? And try same thing but adjustment OFF.
  10. If you want 10 bits internal, you need to record H265.
  11. You're right. Rode video micro works fine on my XT3.
  12. Can you try the Xt3 input mic with a micro something like a videomicro rode? Did you try the headphone jack on your XT3 with internal mic?
  13. What type of cable do you use between your Saromonics and your XT3? There is a difference between line level and microphone level. Micro level is from 1 / 1000V to 1 / 100V against line level about 1V. Some micro input supports line level input but not always. I don’t know for XT3. In this case you must use an attenuator cable of this type: https://www.amazon.com/Movo-MV-RC100-Microphone-Attenuator-Cameras/dp/B01GW69IQ2/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=Attenuator+cable+jack+3.5mm&qid=1552361227&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  14. Another option. You can order roll custom labels. something like that : https://www.vistaprint.com/marketing-materials/labels-stickers/roll-labels?xnav=LabelsandStickers:FamilyPage_ProductTiles_0_RollLabels_Tile
  15. Another. Different workflow with HLG.
  16. Count me in. (Subject to having time)
  17. I tried again. I don't understand. Look at the screenshot of the node display.
  18. Yes it's the same for mine. But I don't use it because the miniUSB connection is on the side of this tilt arm and I power the monitor by usb with an Anker 26000.
  19. The most interesting article I've read about color management in DR: https://www.provideocoalition.com/solutions-to-resolve-5-taming-color-management-part-1/
  20. The cable LANC1 on the tilta site should work (for sony FS5 and FS7) https://tilta.com/shop/nucleus-nano-run-stop-cables/ See the screen capture on the documentation on FS7 : 3poles same as XT3
  21. Good luck !!! I think a better solution would be to ask Fuji and Tilta what are connexions in their remote cable and to make a custom.
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