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  1. XT3 for 10bits internal. You can add stabilisation with gimbal, steadycam, tripod... You can never add 10bits on the XH1.
  2. I hope that in the final version of resolve 16, there will be a F-log preset in the input color space. Now, you have to tinker. A possible solution, in the RCM input color space, I choose ArriLogC (this log is very close to F-log) and I add an OFX gamut mapping (tone mapping simple method) and I get a good starting point for grading, without LUT. On stills, you can compare this method to a delog with the LUT WDR Fuji. (the green on the pullover is more accurate with ArrilogC)
  3. No it shouldn't for input. Still works for output. RCM works without LUT. If you load a LUT in project setting, it's something like you add, automatically, on all your clips, a first hide node with this LUT.
  4. In Resolve I want to use RCM without LUT. Now I have to choose for the input colorspace REC2020 scene (gamma around 1.9) or REC2020 gamma 2.4. Both are correct for gammut but the two gammas are neither completely wrong nor completely right. We know the conversion formula in Fuji data sheet but I can’t write this formula in Resolve. Same thing for the data levels. But I think it's more easy to compensate for not very accurate data levels than to correct the gamma.
  5. The most accurate way will be when Resolve will have an F-log preset for rushes.
  6. I think fuji log use full range into the limit of video range (Panasonic log don't use full range into video range)
  7. Full data is about still photo, like jpg dpx etc (image sequence); RGB file. Video level is about video file like prores dnx etc; YCbCr file. With auto, resolve make choice between both.
  8. The Input color space is the camera color space : Rec.2020 (Scene) for F-log Rec.709 Gamma 2.4 for film simulations Rec.2020 ARIB STD-B67 for HLG
  9. Here's my shoulder rig. Sorry, I'm not a Vlogger : Only a bad video and some photos. It's not perfectly balanced but almost. Monitor Swit 55 and XT3 are powered by an Anker 26800. Its weight is on the back. No battery on the monitor(only 160g). Some DIY for the left hand. I can hold the handle and make focus with my fingers. It's not perfect, but with a little habit, it's pretty good. Shoulder_Rig.mp4
  10. Quick test on my mac. No difference on color (gamut) between FHD HLG and 4KDCI HLG in QuickTime and in FCPX. (my XT3 still on firmware 2.01)
  11. If it's Premiere/Windows, you have to get the same gamut mapping with a « normal » FHD HLG.
  12. FHD 120p is necessarily conformed in a « normal frame rate » into XT3 . Maybe during this conformation there is a mistake (bug) and file tagged in rec709. Something around this.
  13. Discovered this test two weeks ago and it’s definitely very interesting. It's in Russian; you have to watch with Chrome and autotranslation (good enough for understanding). https://www.ixbt.com/dv/fujifilm-xt-3-cinema-review.html
  14. So it’s just a exposure compensation ? If it's a knee adjustment, I understand fuji's explanations better. ( and the ! About mottling)
  15. @webrunner5 thanks for these explanations. It seems like DR400 is a soft knee DR100 a hard knee and DR200, between both. I don’t know if it's true, but seems like with the quick tests I did. I have to do other tests.
  16. We do not have the same interpretation of fuji parameters. I still need to do some tests. But the parameters DR100, 200, 400 would be three simplified values of the knee correction fonction (you can not choose the knee point and the knee slope) on video camera and only concerns highlights. Eterna is the flattest simulation film. 640 is the native ISO. That's just what I believe. Anyway Fuji does not give info.
  17. I think it's not a good idea to use Pro-Neg standart. The actual sensitivity is 640 ISO. All the values below are a software negative gain (decrease highlights). In LOG you get 2 more stops in dynamic range than all the other film simulation profiles.
  18. Thank you very much for that. Unfortunately I’m not at home and I can’t update until April 23rd (I just have an ipad with me). I hope the download links will still be valid.
  19. Theoretically it's simple. Selects in the mediapool clips and sound files and right click and Auto Sync Audio (and choose TC ou waveform) But this function is almost unusable because the result is so bad. I think you need to use Plural Eyes with Resolve for pro workflow.
  20. For audio, the canare cables are very good quality. On this site, for my boom pole, I had a custom cable made with Canare L-2E5. Fine and light but strong and very good quality. https://www.audiosense.be/en/brands/canare/canare-microphone-cable-mono-xlr3.html
  21. BrunoCH

    Davinci Resolve 16

    On mac the problem no longer exists. Enhancement list of version 15.2.3 : "Improved color consistency with QuickTime player on MacOS when display color profiles is enabled" I tried and it's ok, now it works. If you check (in prefence general system) « Use mac display color profiles for viewers » the final export seen in QT is the same as seen in the Resolve viewer.
  22. It seems that the swit only accepts 3x17 LUTs on a FAT 32 card. I think the recent Macs and the Xt3 format the cards in FAT 64. I got the success with a card formatted on my old nikon D5200 (I am sure it’s FAT 32 on this camera)
  23. You need to sent a request to Fuji. You get K on your XT3.
  24. I redid a test more simple. All in manual. WB 5300K shift 0. I did not make your exposure optimized for the HLG but simply expose for that gray chart is at the same level on the log and on the HLG in waveform. There is only 1 stop difference (for the previous test I noted on a paper F4 and F8 but possibly I had to switch them) The problem I'm talking about is that there are some kinds of magenta stains on the blue bag and the black sunhood. In final cut I put the LUT WBR on the log and LUT gamut2020 to 709 on HLG. It is not your optimised workflow but it is a correct workflow, I think. I see these kinds of magenta stains on both, Log and HLG (save a frame of both in FCPX) Original file here : https://we.tl/t-APn94Ttz7P EDIT : I add an iphone photo of the scene. There are also magenta spots on the sunshade, but the blue bag is cleaner.
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