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  1. I use the FigRig for this short. I use it on a monopod or sometime for walking shots.
  2. I use the FigRig all time, most often on a monopod. I like it. I use a DIY follow focus.
  3. I think skin tones are very good on a D5200. On Mai 13, I got some issues with the daylight who changes all the time. Juan Miguel wasn't ill but he's a South American and he needs sun after a long winter in Paris. You can check skin tone on this samples : Some secondes (in and out point and save as... in MpegStreamclip) of original D5200 files. 127,1 mo ; 7 differents skin tones. (green tone on the DSC 0178 is a wall green reflexion) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rhrbyk21m5v6xdg/x8qhi7ZPft If D5300 doesn't produce FPN, I want one.
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