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  1. First shot with my new Meike cine lenses (25 and 35mm). It's just a sequence for an actress demo reel. Really satisfied with these new lenses. Pros : - great color rendition and contrast. - almost no focus breathing. - long focus throw - the aperture ring is not linear (exposure adjustment is much easier and precise) - build all metal - price Cons : - 25mm is the widest focal length for X mount. (12 and 16mm cover only MFT sensor) - 50mm and 65mm will be released later, but doesn’t yet exist in X mount. - very sensitive to side flare. The wide shot with the 25mm Close shots with the 35 mm + black promist 1/4 filter 2000 ISO
  2. @kye Thanks for the comment. It’s a father daughter story. The man is a filmmaker kind of no crew no money, nothing. @heart0less Thanks for the comment. Editing is finish. Color grading will be ok in a week, I think. But I need time for sound and music. I almost understand english but I can’t easily write and speak. It's too long and hard to share what I do.
  3. I am color grading my last short film. What do you think of this pictures ? If you want to try something.you can get a trim copy (a few secondes) of original F-Log with this link : https://we.tl/t-LofgsAXmnn
  4. BrunoCH

    Fuji X-T4

    I hope these new 6k will be in H265 10bits All-I around 500 Mbps.
  5. BrunoCH

    Fuji X-T4

    XT3's sensor is 6240x4160 pixels. Does that mean 6240x2600 h265 10bit ? (sorry for posting twice)
  6. BrunoCH

    Fuji X-T4

    Really or extend ? What does that mean for F log ? F-log at ISO 400 ?
  7. The OPF sensor with real ISO adjustment (not amplifier gain) ? We can dream but I think it’s not now.
  8. I use USB-C powering with an Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 USB-C. I add a SMALLRIG Mini Cheese Plate 1598 to the Anker with gaffer. And I attach this on the Mixpre 3 with the 3/4 screw integrated. For me everything works fine.
  9. There is no a specific F-log gamut in Resolve because FUJI choose to use the REC2020 for the gamut of F-Log. In Resolve 16.1 you can find a specific F-log gamma and with the REC2020 gamut, you get all you need, for use F-log in RCM.
  10. There is no good answer. For my part I love F-log and I only use it. On set I have a swit monitor to correctly expose the log with waveform and to correctly view my picture with LUTs. Colorgrading is so simple with Resolve 16.1. You just need to say to resolve that it’s F-log (with rcm or with a color space transform node). And it's done, you get a beautiful picture. Just need some adjustments ( WB contrast expo).
  11. You’re absolutely right. Too pinkish and greenish. I worked too fast. I just wanted a quick test with 16.1 final release. Now I’m editing this short. In a few weeks, I’ll work seriously on color grading.
  12. Quick test with Resolve final version 16.1. Flog, H265, 400mbps, delog with a node colorspace transform and some adjustments.
  13. Good news if you haven't had a problem with this technique. Now I have the rec triger fuji cable and I can't anyway power my XT3 with my Ronin. But I use a long 2m USB-C cable and I gaff a loop about 40-50cm on the SC's handle and I wear my anker in my pocket or in a small shoulder bag. Works fine and lightweight!
  14. Be careful and do tests. I had a problem using the DJI power supply via USB. All my data on the two cards are erased by switching off/on the DJI to power the XT3 (like explain to 10mm15s in this video). Not all time but twice during my tests. I will never use this technique. And anyway now I have the cable fuji ronin sc to trigger rec on off.
  15. In the XT3 menu, DCI is about 4K DCI which is the 4K cinema standard. 4k is about 4k UHD which is the TV standard. It's just a small difference of a few pixels vertical lines; nothing else.
  16. The best shoots I got with my XT3 are with the 4K DCI 400mbps, H265, F-log, color graded in Resolve beta 16.1, de-log with a color space transform node.
  17. The fuji LUTs are technical LUTs for delog (apart from the eterna LUT that is hybrid (delog + look eterna)). If you use the RCM to treat the F-log, you don’t need these technical LUTs anymore. The job is already done. On the other hand, you can always use creative LUTs to give a mood.
  18. It’s the future of the Cmos sensor but it seems that it takes a long time to set up. Beauviala (Aaton camera creator) had written an interesting text three years ago already. https://www.afcinema.com/The-end-of-the-Neutral-Density-Filter.html
  19. Yes it is. In ofx color space transform : input color space is only about input gamut and input color gamma is about gamma. You can find flog in input gamma only because it 's about gamma. And for input color space you need to choose REC 2020 because it's the gamut of flog.
  20. On the XT3, 2K DCI is not as good as 4KDCI because they are not done the same way. (Skipping/binning vs downscale full read out sensor) Consequently on 2K there is often moiré on hairs and sometimes a severe moiré on certain tissues. For important work I shoot in 4K and I do postproduction (edit, colorgrading and output) on a 2K timeline.
  21. @chadandreo I don’t do a lot. Just put input color space on FLog, and go back down highlights if they are too high with a curve or the log wheels or a ofx tone mapping and adjust the contrast and the WB. The picture is beautiful with beautiful skintone and blue sky and green vegetation and other colors too. You can still add a mood if you want. To understand how the RCM works, you have to read that https://www.provideocoalition.com/solutions-to-resolve-5-taming-color-management-part-1/ About ND filters I use one or two ND 16 digital Hoya Pro filters. @androidlad You’re right, but I don’t always try to emulate the filmlook. I try to make a beautiful picture with what I have (I used negative film in photo, but I think I will never shoot with film). But you can easily fix that and get down the saturation on the highlights if you want.
  22. I continue to explore F-Log grading with RCM without LUT. I think I'm getting better results (colors, highlights roll off). F-log is very good; Fuji LUTs are not so good. I'm more excited about the definitive release of Resolve 16.1 than the XT3 firmware update.
  23. For 2 years now I use a KM185 on a MixPre3 for the indoor sound of my shorts. It's perfect. No change forecast for a long time.
  24. @thephoenix Yes the first one is nice. That’s Fuji LUT WDR + Auto WB in FCPX. For HLG, I can’t help you. I don’t use it. Perhaps it’s time to go back to F-log @Attila Bakos I like your contributions. They’re very instructive. But honestly, I don’t see any difference between your pictures ( or not significant). My thoughts are if I need to work quickly, I can use Fuji LUT in Fcpx because it’s my NLE. It’s possible to make a very nice color grade. But if I have time, I prefer to use the Resolve RCM. Skin tone, blue sky, green vegetation, and others colors are like I want. And very easy to work with.
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