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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro got a reaction from sanveer in Is it really coming?! The LX100 II?! August 23?!   
    No and yes, I guess. By the specs and pics, it really looks like an GX9 inside in a LX100 body with no modifications.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to Robert Collins in Samsung eying return to camera market as Galaxy smartphone shipments fall   
    I think it is a heroic leap of logic to conflate 'Samsung may well be producing a FF BSI CMOS sensor' to the likelihood they well re-enter the digital ILC market. Producing high end CMOS sensor for dedicated ILC cameras makes a lot of sense, becoming a digital ILC camera manufacturer (again!)  doesnt.
    According to Thom Hogan there are precisely three manufacturers of large CMOS image sensors for dedicated digital cameras - Sony, Canon and Tower Jazz.
    Once you rule out Canon (in-house, pretty ancient tech) and (at the moment) Towerjazz (busy upgrading Panasonic plants) you are left with Sony. Forget Renasys (acquired by Sony) or Toshiba (acquired by Sony) or Aptina (acquired by ON Semi) or Panasonic (acquired by Tower Jazz). Making large CMOS image sensors isnt easy - from what I remember you get something like 20 FF sensors, 100 M43 sensors or 1000 smartphone sensors on a 300mm wafer - which makes yields tricky the larger you go.
    I very much doubt that any camera manufacturer is enamored about buying their sensors from 'Sony' who is pretty much the most aggressive competitor in 'their' space. (Nikon appears to be looking towards Towerjazz but that is a year or two away.) Panasonic/Olympus seems to be working on Sony crumbs (is it really their choice to not have ospdaf?). So for a major very high tech player like Samsung to come in and offer large sized CMOS image sensors makes a lot of sense for Samsung and would likely be welcomed with open arms by pretty much every dedicated camera manufacturer (apart from Sony).
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to jagnje in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Not this again. 
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro got a reaction from hansel in Nikon FF Mirrorless   
    Since we are in prediction land, my two cents:

    - The more expensive one will be exactly a D850 mirrorless, with on-sensor PDAF, IBIS and maybe some more video helps (zebras, peaking, etc), but same video quality / specs. Will not exactly canibalize the D850 because of a higher price tag, better performance with F-mount lens and photographers that prefer OFV's.
    - The cheaper one will be a A7 III contender, specs by spec.

    And probably this will be enough for a lot of people. Their first priority is keeping the current Nikon users on board, still photogs first. Stills photographers still buys much more units than the video crowd. Don't expect 10-bit or 60 fps 4k in this first iteration, maybe 10-bit in HDMI out. They will start with the land that they know.

    At the same time, don't think that they will restrain themselves to not canibalize DSLR - jut will try to keep the prices reasonable at the start to get traction (A7 III put a lot of pressure in prices). For me the clearly see the Z mount as their future - that HUGE size, for me, is to have the possibility to go to medium format at the future with the same mount (and use FF lenses with crop), not to make a better IBIS.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to BTM_Pix in Nikon FF Mirrorless   
    You missed out 
    C) The official announcement on DPReview becoming a shitshow

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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to kye in Nikon FF Mirrorless   
    I've enhanced the image using the latest Hollywood VFX and I can conclude it's so large because it has to fit in all the video modes..
    I can clearly make out 1080 RAW 12bit, 1080 RAW 14bit, 4K RAW 14bit, 4K RAW 16bit, 4K Prores 444 HQ, 5K RAW, 5K Prores 444 HQ, 6K Prores 444 HQ, 8K Prores 444 HQ, but the last two are too blurry - I'm assuming they're 10K to downsample for 8K.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to BTM_Pix in Nikon FF Mirrorless   
    The release button being on the left on Nikon cameras is to do with the traditional functions of the controls on the right on the film cameras, which were for self timer and depth of field preview.
    The latter physically engages with the aperture control lever in the lens to stop the lens down to enable the preview so you can retain the viewfinder brightness of having the lens wide open when you are focusing and composing but still be able to check the depth of field before you press the shutter.
    This functionality is carried on through all their DSLRs today (along with the additional programmable buttons) which means if you are an old git like me then the muscle memory you've built up from starting with an F2 back in the stone age is still valid on a D5 but crucially the lenses that you had attached to it will still work too.
    It might seem archaic in the age of constant preview for mirrorless (and it is for electronically controlled Nikkors) but its still relevant for Nikon as they have that big back catalogue of lenses that don't have electronic control and have to be engaged physically.
    I've no idea why they decided originally to put it on that side - though I personally think it makes more sense to keep the lens release away from your 'busy' hand - but once they'd done it they had and have to even now stick to it in order to support all their lenses.
    The problem for me comes when I'm swapping between my Nikon/Canon/Panasonic cameras to my Sony/Fuji/Leica/Sigma ones and thinking "where the f*** is the lens release"  
    And, like when you get in a different car and try and find the windscreen wipers and indictors, you can guarantee that its on the opposite side to the one you've most recently been using !
    The biggest issue is if I use a Leica R lens on my A6500 with the TechArt adapter as I also have to have a Canon adapter in the middle of it and each step has a lens release on the different side so its like doing a Rubik's cube to deconstruct it.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to kye in Nikon FF Mirrorless   
    To save everyone else the math, it takes light 8 seconds to travel 2.3 million kms.
    I guess that's written the camera off for me - there's no way I can hand-hold something that size, even if it does have IBIS!
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro got a reaction from BTM_Pix in looking for monitor opinions   
    The audio could suck with testicle syncs, depending in what kind of film industry you work.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to BTM_Pix in looking for monitor opinions   
    My eyes are watering just imagining what such a contraption would do.
    Auto correct obviously decided you wanted to literally have a balls up situation instead of avoiding a balls up of the audio variety.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to BTM_Pix in Nikon full frame mirrorless camera specs   
    I have an SD Quattro and the snout is not only big enough to contain a variable ND but the chicken dinner as well.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro got a reaction from Adept in Just a quick thank you for supporting EOSHD over the years   
    Thanks for the site / forum / content, Andrew. Even as an amateur, EOSHD is one of the responsibles for falling in love with video.

    About the GX9: I second the opinion for a straight comparison with the GX80/85 - almost all sites compare it to the GX8, which I think it is downright silly (the GX9 is not a GX8 sucessor). Especially about resolution / low light performance / crop differences / color science - I have a GX85 and still thinking if it is worth to upgrade.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to Andrew Reid in Just a quick thank you for supporting EOSHD over the years   
    Looking back I owe everyone a big thank-you for using the forum and taking an interest in the blog, it is amazing what it has turned into with so little effort on my part  I think this place must be the only website on the entire internet without adverts. Long may it continue like that.
    Got a GX9 arriving tomorrow... about time I did a review of something cheap with the big shift to high-end stuff. Let me know what you'd like to see in the review of it.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to BTM_Pix in G7 as backup to G85   
    Such a pity that the LX100 resisted all efforts to join the party.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to BTM_Pix in G7 as backup to G85   
    Shameless plug but that is one of the benefits of my controller in that it makes the operation of different Panasonic cameras identical and you could operate two of them at once in the scenario you are looking at.  
    This is from my original post to demonstrate the hack.
    It shows the output of my G7 and GX80 using Cinelike D pointed at the same charts in contrasty lighting.
    If there is a difference then it isn't glaringly obvious. 
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to BTM_Pix in My LUMIX Hardware Controller Is Complete   
    As someone less than politely pointed out on the other thread, I appear to have been a bit of a lazy arse in the almost 12 months since I tripped over and found the Cinelike d thing.
    You may recall it happened because I was researching making a hardware controller and after several iterations, here it finally is.

    And yes, it does look rather like a calculator doesn't it?
    The different iterations (including an Android app at one point!) have been in pursuit of making something small, standalone, self powered, fast connecting, push buttons and with an integrated screen at a lowish cost and, well, here we are.
    Here is the finished spec and features :
    Compatible with all Panasonic Lumix cameras that can be controlled by wifi Integrated USB rechargeable battery Full colour screen 20 keys with 3 bank switch keys giving 60 direct switch operations of functions Control of Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance, Colour Profile, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness and Noise Reduction. Automatic unlocking of Cinelike D and Cinelike V on GX80/85, LX10/15 and TZ10 Control of manual focus in fine and coarse steps  Control of One Shot AF Control of Record Stop/Start Store and Recall 8 focus points 4 selectable transition speeds between focus points Store and Recall 8 setup presets (each consisting of Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, White Balance, Colour Profile, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness and Noise Reduction) Presets are stored in non-volatile memory so are available in any session. Boot time to camera connection and control under 2 seconds. Wifi control range tested to 20m. Optional accessories :
    Interface module to support Nintendo Nunchuck controller for manual focus control (native lenses and adapted lenses with smart adapters) and zoom (integrated lens cameras and power zoom lenses only) Wireless interface module to sync remote record and stop on supported Tascam, Zoom and SoundDevices audio recorders.  The controller fits a regular cheap cellphone to threaded adapter holder so as well as being used handheld it can be mounted to anything you have a need for with the right attachment so could be on a cage or a gimbal or whatever.

    I'm going to be doing some more testing of it in anger in the next couple of weeks and I'll put up a video of it in action then.
    So, I have been a bit less lazy than first imagined
    By the by, the controller has both wifi and bluetooth so it begs the question would anyone be interested in a version of it for the Pocket 4K ??
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro got a reaction from Dimitris Stasinos in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Maybe you can use it with a counterweight to help balancing, if your gimbal can handle the weight of the camera+counterweight.

    Moment, which makes lenses for smartphones, sell a counterweight with this purpose: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/11/21/16686030/moment-lens-dji-osmi-gimbal-official-counterweight-iphone-8-plus
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro got a reaction from tupp in Yongnuo M4/3 EF camera   
    What a contraption.

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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro got a reaction from mercer in Fuji XT-2 v4 firmware out now   
    Our @Mattias Burling already gave the firmware a spin.

    That Eterna colors are really beautiful.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to BTM_Pix in Rethinking Zooms for the M43 Ecosystem   
    Right, after battering away at this thing all day from numerous different angles, I now remember why I put it on the back burner in the first place !
    When you try and put cinelike d or v on it, it responds in exactly the opposite way you want it to and puts a ton of contrast into the image with a saturation boost just for good measure. 
    The histogram looks like a truck has driven right through the middle of it and pushed everything to the shadows and highlights.
    And not a small truck either.
    A big fat one.
    Possibly with a sidecar attached as well.
    On both sides.
    Trying to correct this in camera with exposure compensation and highlight/shadow curves made a difference but still nothing even approaching usable.
    One interesting thing (well, interesting is all relative but after hours of fucking about with this you take your pleasure where you can) is that there is the expected colour response difference between the cinelike d and cinelike v so it knows what its supposed to be doing but this is also accompanied by a hue change. 
    Again, trying to correct this with hue adjustment commands wasn't exactly a roaring success.
    What I suspect is going on is the other two cameras that share the same guts, the GH4 and the HVX200, have exposed (if you pardon the pun) controls for hue, levels (i.e. 0-255) and master pedestal and its a combo of these that the LX100 just falls apart on when it receives the cinelike command.
    The HVX200 is the only one that has an app (iOS only which makes it trickier though not impossible to harvest commands from) that can access those functions remotely so there is no chance of me finding anyone with that combo to have a look it. The camera I do have that has these functions is the FZ2000 but its all done in camera rather than via the app so no chance of harvesting the commands that way either.
    So, sadly, no cinelike for the LX100.
    Which is all the more reason to give EOS HD pro colour a whirl on it
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro reacted to BTM_Pix in Rethinking Zooms for the M43 Ecosystem   
    I might have another tinker with it over the next few days regarding what happens when I was trying to put cinelike d on it.
    Its been sat on the naughty step for a few months because I never got back round to trying to probe it a bit more.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro got a reaction from tupp in Rethinking Zooms for the M43 Ecosystem   
    Always thought this way about my LX100 - a lens with a free camera.

    Have to use it back to tinker a little bit with photo quality - always have the impression that the lens is a bit soft.

    Unfortunately the video quality is now lagging behing the GX85 - G9 - G85 - GH5; the noise levels are from the GH4 generation. If it could be updated to the GX85 level, would be amazing.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro got a reaction from sanveer in Rethinking Zooms for the M43 Ecosystem   
    You could compare camera+lenses sizes (some of them) in the same Camerasize site. 

    - Go to  https://camerasize.com/compact/
    - In the menu bar at the right of the combo box which you choose the cameras, click on the last icon (camera+lens)
    - Choose a camera and click the "+" button
    - The camera body will appear in top view, and over it there is a link "click to add a lens"
    - Choose the lens that you want
    - Add a 2nd camera body and repeat the process.

    You can copy the generated URL that your browser will show in the URL bar when you have the comparison you desired and share it, like this:

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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro got a reaction from Oliver Daniel in New music video for British legends "The Damned", shot on GH5   
    Congrats for working with The Damned, too. Great band.
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    Márcio Kabke Pinheiro got a reaction from sanveer in Panasonic GH5S 14.6 Stops of Dynamic Range   
    "The camera achieves HD Tier 1 because of the sensor size, while smaller than the preferred 1” size, is greater than the minimum-acceptable 2⁄3” size. The wording of R.118 is not completely consistent on this because testing is required whatever the sensor size, but the camera passes the tests anyway."

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