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  1. Don't expect 10 bit or 4k60. The video specs looks almost the same of the E-M1 MK II - because it uses the same chipset. Maybe they enable it externally, but I'm not expecting it too.
  2. Looks like "100p" is a typo or "120p" for Europe (double of 50p). It's a E-M1 MK II miniaturized. But rumored price of 1199 body only is too high. Sensor: Live Mos 4/3, 17.4 x 13 mm, 20.4 Mpxl, 4/3 format Max Definition: [4/3] 5,184 x 3,888 Video definition: C4K (4096 x 2160 pixels, 24p, IPB at 237 Mbps), 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels, 30p, 25p, 24p), 1080p (100p, 50p, 60p, 30p, 25p, 24p), stereo sound Frame: Micro 4/3 Multiplier coefficient: 2x Stabilizer: 5 axes on sensor stabilization Sensor cleaning: Yes, ultrasonic filter (Super Sonic Wave Filter) Case protection: Anti-dust, anti-run-off, -10 ° C Wi-Fi & Bluetooth: with OI Share app; connected shooting with Olympus Capture Wireless GPS / Manometer / Compass: – Sensitivity: 200-25,600 Iso (Low extension to 64 and 100 Iso) File formats: Jpeg, Raw (ORF, 12 bit), MOV and AVI (video) Color space: AdobeRGB, sRGB43rumors Focusing: Dual Fast AF: 121 points / cross points for phase detection AF; 121 points / AF with contrast detection. All targets, single target (normal / small), group target (5 zones / 9 zones / 25 zones), custom target 1-4 (AF area and adjustable increment) Exposure mode: PASM, artistic filters Exposure metering: Multi-zone Evaluative (324 zones), Center-weighted, Spot, Spot Highlights, Spot Lowlights; correction on +/- 5 EV by 1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV Speeds: shutter with focal plane: 1/8 000 to 60 s, B, T, sync at 1/320 s; electronic shutter: 1/32 000s to 60 s Burst: 10 fps (AF-C, mechanical shutter) Self-timer: 2 or 10 s Miscellaneous: artistic filters, HDR, timelapse, B-exposure with continuous visualization, Raw editing, focus peaking, Live Composite, focus stacking, high resolution Flash: – (FL-LM3 external flash supplied) Flash plug: Claw and sync socket Flash control: Auto, red-eye, backlight, slow sync first or second curtain, manual, wireless flash control; correction on +/- 3 IL Viewfinder: Oled 2.36 Mpts, 100%, 0.69x, 27mm clearance, brightness and color temperature correction, anti-flicker Monitor: LCD multi-directional touchscreen 1.04 Mpts Storage: SDXC / UHS-II 43r Interfaces: USB 2.0, micro-HDMI, WiFi, microphone input, headphone output, Supplied accessories: strap, USB cable, flash, battery, flash FL-LM3 Power supply: Li-Ion battery BLS-50 (about 310 images according to CIPA standards) Dimensions W x D x H: 125.3 x 65.2 x 49.7 mm Weight: 414 g (SD and rechargeable)
  3. First image leaked. Mode dials changed, looks like the E-M1 MK II approach. Grip redesigned, pc sync port gone. And looks sexy. Very interested in this one.
  4. https://www.43rumors.com/ft5-e-m5iii-willbe-announced-on-october-17-and-feature-the-same-20-mp-sensor/ E-M5III rumor summary: Announcement on October 17 (99% certain) Same E-M1II sensor with 121 cross-type phase detection pixels. (80% certain) New processing engine (90% certain) Lighter, more plasticky but still weather sealed body (60% certain) Same BLS-50 battery of the PEN and E-M10 camera series (60% certain) With these specs, with the newer AF from the E-M1 X / E-M1 MK II fw 3.0 with PDAF, their last color science, and a lower price from the E-M10 / E-M5 "consolidation", could be a very interesting option.
  5. Don't be so hard, lubrication methods are useful for Canon users wanting 24p in the new cameras.
  6. Armando, if you have an Android phone, try the Gmonitor app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.minaxsoft.gmonitor (it is free) With it you can activate the Cinelike D profile easily. After that, save the settings in one of the custom C positions to recall it. (asking for license to help him in Portuguese, probably only @Emanuel will understand it too ) Armando, se você possuir um telefone Android, tente o app Gmonitor (link está acima). Com ele você consegue ativar o perfil Cinelike D com facilidade. Após ativar, salve os ajustes em uma das posições "C" da câmera para recuperar o ajuste sem precisar usar o app toda vez.
  7. I was not aware that Fuji cameras uses Windows Me as operational system.
  8. Amazingly, maybe they are. I'm always baffled in forums about how many people discuss about bird and wildlife shooting. In some ones, almost 1/4 of the postings.
  9. Looks like a clone of the Alter's RRF: https://www.alterrfs.com/ This one looks like that don't have the magnets that helps to seal to avoid light leaks. It works ok? (very interested on this, I use the Manfrotto's Xume magnetic filters but them are very fragile - the magnets of one of them umglued after 2 weeks use)
  10. It was on another thread, when I've asked if @androidlad had any news on m4/3 sensors, hehehehe But low light could be a problem. The pixel size for the GH5 sensor (IMX 259) is 3.3; for the GH5s sensor (IMX 299, I guess) is 4.63 (probably considering the quad-bayer arrangement activated). https://www.sony-semicon.co.jp/products_en/IS/sensor2/products/index.html This new sensor is listed with a 2.32 pixel size; even with gains of the backside illuminated structure, probably will have the same low light capabilities of the GH5 (except if it could be used in a quad-bayer mode).
  11. Being a little off-topic: @androidlad, since you always have good info on sensors, any news about newer m4/3 sensors?
  12. Looks more like a smaller development budget...
  13. When (or if) Fuji launches a camera with IBIS besides the X-H1 (my dream is a X-E4 with IBIS), it is game over. Sony did'nt even bother to put a FUCKING front dial on these things.
  14. FINALLY someone (together with the Fuji Xt100) made a LCD hinge that kill the eternal flip / variangle war. Should be mandatory in any camera. The S1h have a low pass filter, is it right?
  15. I've got one, but for stills. Did not have too much time to work with it - but for video, don't forget the extra 4k crop, that is VERY noticeable.
  16. You need the phone to conect the gimbal with the camera every time, or was just needed to the initial setup?
  17. At least I hope the machine drum rotates in a 180 degree shutter speed.
  18. Just imagining the hacker harassing a typical DPReview forum user. "You should pay me 3 bitcoins or I will delete all these...ahn...brick wall pictures".
  19. Tried a bit in my GX9, but so far only found the modes that @Артем Асеев already found.
  20. I thought an even simpler device, only the wheel, display, and 1 or 2 buttons (easier to put on a gimbal), but this one could work too.
  21. https://tilta.com/shop/gravity-g2x-compact-handheld-gimbal-system/ Almost half price of the combo. Gimbal only offer is even better, US$ 299,00 (from 799,00).
  22. @BTM_Pix, have you ever thought about some kind of Tilta Nucleus Nano for the WiFi cameras that you've already figures out the wifi protocol?
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