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    IronFilm reacted to Nick Hughes in Canon 1D C to get $4000 price drop February 1st   
    ​I'm not so sure about that. Just about every time I see someone ask 'what should I get as my first video camera,' there is often an overwhelming amount of T3i suggestions. That doesn't happen so much on this site, but elsewhere it seems to be the norm.
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    IronFilm reacted to Micah Mahaffey in Samsung should add a 2:35 crop mode on the NX1 to fix rolling shutter   
    Someone should message Samsung and ask them to implement a 2:35:0 crop mode where it only records the image in that ratio. allowing the Camera to have better and more controlled rolling shutter results. Its the same with how the full 4k mode has less rolling shutter over UHD because its not scanning as much of the sensor do to a slight 1:85 crop to the top and bottom. Now image now much better it would be in 2:35?  Plus that aspect ratio works perfectly for a lot of filmmakers who'd be cropping their videos anyway.  I don't know how to submit suggestions to Samsung on future firmware features but I definitely think this would be a welcomed idea. 
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    IronFilm reacted to Geoff CB in Film School - Institute/Academy   
    Do not go to Full Sail. I went there for Digital Art & Design, the film program does not have the best reputation. Worse though is that there is not enough jobs available in orlando for the volume of film students in the area (UCF & Valencia are both less than a mile away) and you will have to move to out of the area if you want to find work. Also the tuition is insane, I believe it's currently +$90,000 for 2 years.
    Those two New York ones are great, and there is a bigger film making community in the area. UCLA is also excellent, but hard to get into their film program.
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    IronFilm reacted to graphicnatured in [The Quiet Escape] A short film I shot on the Samsung NX1 - B&W and Color. 4 min.   
    Great post, Andrew. As an animator, I enjoyed reading the comparison of filmmaking and animation. For me the individuality of animation, especially if you work for yourself, is definitely the thing that sets it apart from filmmaking. This isn't to say you cannot be an individual in filmmaking, as I know I've been incredibly moved and inspired by some, but your point and the fact that so many are so worried about which camera, is it filmic, which LUT, how much rolling shutter, sensor isn't large enough, blah blah blah leaves the typical filmmaker in a world of hang-ups. In animation, your characters can be stick figures with squiggle motion, your world can be upside down, rolling shutter can be an effect your meant and dust on the lens is added for that one extra touch. I know because I've been caught up in the filming hangups myself, but I sure am glad I can set it aside when I want and just go create some characters. It certainly is freeing.
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    IronFilm reacted to Palpet in Samsung NX1 prices cut by 20% in Sweden   
    There is no indication of it being temporary or on sale. Maybe Samsung have decided that they should have the cheapest interchangeable lens camera that is 4K capable.
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    IronFilm reacted to Mozim in Samsung NX1 Firmware 1.22 get it now!   
    A recent rumor indicates that Samsung will implement a 4K crop mode (which should result in a faster readout speed & less rolling shutter) with the next Firmware update. 
    Also, the NX500 seems to have a 240fps option. There's a picture floating around that clearly shows 240fps as an 1080p option in the NX500 menu. 
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    IronFilm reacted to alexO in nx500 4k crop mode   
    With 1.7X 4K crop you could forget about wide shots. So I guess it's only good news for NX1 owners, since having crop 4K functionality in NX500 makes it easy for samsung to add it as an aditional option to NX1 in the next FW update. If it's done due to lower processing power of NX500 (which I suspect is the case), I doubt we would expect a decent 1080p either. Since even NX1's 1080p is kind of luckluster compared to downscaled 4K in post. 
    Oh well, I guess I am pulling out my preorder. 
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    IronFilm reacted to alexO in nx500 4k crop mode   
    That's a big turn off for me for NX500. I was expecting full readout->rescale for low light conditions to reduce the noise. Since Samsung decided to change how they produce 4K compared to NX1, they should have kept both options. 
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    IronFilm reacted to Geoff CB in First DSLR for filmmaking   
    The blackmagic has a horrid screen (need to buy an EVF/Moniter), horrific audio inputs (external recorders), poor ergonomics (Shoulder rig needed for handheld)
    He said his budget is $1500, you are not going to get a BMCC with the gear needed to use it in common situations for under $1500. GH2/3 is plenty of camera to start shooting on.
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    IronFilm reacted to Palpet in Samsung NX1 prices cut by 20% in Sweden   
    NX1 body is now 11990 SEK (appr. 1299 euros),  used to be 14990 SEK
    GH4 body is 12790 SEK
    All prices includes 25% VAT
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    IronFilm reacted to Marco Tecno in Samsung NX1 Firmware 1.22 get it now!   
    Steve, k I agree, but it would be nice to get the limit I set, for when I decide to shoot with auto iso. Not a higher iso!
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    IronFilm reacted to Ed_David in NX1 and Color Grading   
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    IronFilm reacted to Matt Kieley in Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300   
    I just ordered an NX1 this afternoon, and I can't wait to use it. This should be a significant upgrade from my hacked GH1, which is now a fossil.
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    IronFilm reacted to Andrew Reid in Samsung NX1 vs Canon C300   
    ​In many ways it's the spiritual successor to the GH1.
    Been a while since I could say that a tiny mirrorless camera could not just keep pace with a $15,000 cinema camera, but outright beat it on image quality overall.
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Ed_David in NX1 and Color Grading   
    Wait...  WHAT?? The president of RED also owns bmcuser???? :-o
    OMG, I could see how if you're not careful that could be a huge huge conflict of interest.

    I suppose it is kinda ok when the BMCC still fell very short of of a RED (no 4K or higher resolution, no higher than 30fps frame rates, just to mention a couple of aspect) but now with the URSA, you have to wonder if Blackmagic Design continues to push into the high end but at radically under cutting prices.... how will this impact bmcuser when they're owned by the president of RED??

    Imagine if BMCC announces at NAB a Super 35mm camera which does 6K @ 240fps for $5k? Then a year later drops that price down to $3k? (I doubt either of these things will happen, but possibly.... when you look at what surprises they've pulled already with the BMCC and BMPC4K, and the price reductions they've had with the BMPCC and also the BMPC4K. Heck, the BMPC4K got its price reduction before it even shipped!).

    This could put the admins of bmcuser in an awkward spot whenever they need to make judgement calls.
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    IronFilm reacted to fuzzynormal in Red One MX vs Red Epic Dragon - my personal opinion   
    I do think Ed's post reflects a time that's been a long time coming, has arrived, but some may not have adapted to it yet.  And ics is right on target too. 
    Basically, the gear is beyond good enough and it's so cheap that anyone from almost any economic class can acquire one.
    Let's be honest.  If you have the chops you could make a smartphone movie as artistic as anything out there.  Maybe not likely, but possible.  
    In the past with video equipment, having a new gear really could make significant difference.  Investing in that gear was cost prohibitive for beginners.  These days, since just about anyone can afford the stuff, the only thing that's really going to make significantly noticeable improvement to a video production is one's skill and artistic level.
    Yes, the pros will always have better cameras and lenses and many will covet that rare exclusivity.  However, the divide between low and high is now, practically speaking, indistinguishable.
    If I had a time machine I'd love to go back and drop a GM1, lens mounting adapters, and a laptop on Kubrick or Leone's production facility's front door and let them have at it.  Something tells me they and their crew would do alright.
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    IronFilm reacted to dbp in Red One MX vs Red Epic Dragon - my personal opinion   
    True. I also think that it takes a while, longer than people think, before one's skills outgrow even something as modest as a 7D or GH2. 
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    IronFilm reacted to Nikkor in The Rise of Camera Agnosticism and the End to Drooling Over Non-Existent Toys   
    ​I wouldn't be so sure about that.
    It's also very funny how in the "weapon" subforum this guy called Phil plays cat and mouse with grown man who are about to spend several thousand dollars on their product and probably will have to rebuy expensive accesories. Showing pictures of buttons and logos with cheesy design of a thing called weapon reminds me of my 12 years old brother getting excited about new skins for counterstrike.
    I recently had to laugh very hard after reading this comment on another website:
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    IronFilm reacted to Ed_David in The Rise of Camera Agnosticism and the End to Drooling Over Non-Existent Toys   
    So reduser just deleted all my posts because of my thoughts that brand loyalty is bad for film making - and also that reduser is bad for red.  The moderator told me that posting on reduser is like coming into red's living room and talking poorly about Red's wife.  They are so crazy there.  But it's good because spending all day on a message board is a waste of time.
    Part of what is great about EOSHD is we can praise or trash talk any camera, lens, light, or anything and no one seems to care too much.  They are all just tools and objects - sure someone might get mad if you make fun of their brand new car but really - this isn't about cars it's about a thing that records footage to tell stories.  Like do you think people got upset if you made fun of their typewriter back in the day?  No, you talk about what their typewriter writes.  
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    IronFilm reacted to fuzzynormal in Samsung nx1 and VLC 2.2.0   
    ​Well, if a junior technician says it's possible, then "hooray!" good enough for the internet.
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    IronFilm reacted to Santiago de la Rosa in Samsung nx1 and VLC 2.2.0   
    Not for now, I think we have to wail to next AMD R9 300 cards for full hardware support.
    Release on April-June 2015.
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    IronFilm reacted to tupp in Durability -- Sony X70 or others   
    Between shoots, it might be wise to air-out all of your camera gear in a room with low humidity.  Lens fungus is no fun!
    Lacking an area with low humidity, you could keep your gear in a dry container/case along with plenty of new desiccant packets (or some other form of desiccant/dehumidifier).  Avoid leather cases, as leather tends to harbor fungus more than most synthetic materials.
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    IronFilm reacted to jcs in The Rise of Camera Agnosticism and the End to Drooling Over Non-Existent Toys   
    Two words: liquid nitrogen. No more noise, cool & sexy 'fog', and they can sell their own brand in a can (dewar). For super high frame rates you can switch to liquid helium, to get the sensor down near absolute zero. Liquid helium gets the sensor so cold it can then actually hit 16 stops of DR. This is achieved by running the sensor in Quantum qubit mode .
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    IronFilm reacted to Ed_David in The Rise of Camera Agnosticism and the End to Drooling Over Non-Existent Toys   
    From my blog, eddavid.tumblr.com
    On a recent thread on an unnamed camera nerd user-board, a user, I will call "Johnny-Five," wrote a beautiful little message about how brand loyalty doesn't work in the world of cinematography.
    At the end of the day, you have a camera, lenses, and accessories, and grip and lighting and sound and they all come from different companies, from different countries.
    Your lights can be German, American, French - all different brands and you mix them together and they work great just as you can mix HMI with fluorescent with tungsten fresnels.  Same with your lenses or monitors - on some jobs I use English lenses and on some German or Japanese lenses.  I don't look at brands, I look at how good something is.
    "Johnny-five" got flogged on the board.  "What? How can you say that?  I love my company - it's my family."  This is because these nerds have spent thousands of dollars and hours of time on their camera toys.  Thousands of dollars investing in products.  And they don't want to hear this.  Imagine if someone told you that your car or your house could have been made differently.  You don't want to hear it.  You just spent a lot of money so don't tell me the windows can be switched out with better windows.  No thank you.
    But it's important to hear.  And hence why rental houses are so important in cinematography.  Because not every camera or light or lens is the right one for each job. These companies own a variety - and they are prepared for how it all changes.  Ten years ago Zeiss Standard speed lenses and other uncoated vintage glass were not as desired, but now with super sharp sensors, they rent like hot-cakes.  Who would have known back then?
    Now part two.  Everyone is drooling about two new cameras - one is named a "weapon" -  the other a "mini".  Both cameras don't exist.  Well the mini is a prototype.  But why drool until that camera exists?
    The same thing happened a few years ago with a few screengrabs of a camera named after a fictional mythic creature - which I will call the "Lockness Monster."  It was promised to have 16 stops of dynamic range and beautiful new color and make it the greatest camera ever made. 
    I drooled.  "This is it," I mumbled to myself as I typed on internet camera nerd forums.  But it wasn't.  
    It had low light issues and the color isn't that much different than the original camera. 
    But the biggest problem with the Lockness Monster is the same thing that plagued that camera company since they switched to a smaller body - the fan. 
    It's loud - it's on really loudly when you rehearse takes.  This is when you need intense concentration to think - to light, to block, to work with actors.  You don't need a giant fan on.  When you shoot a long beautiful interview at minute 20 it gets loud - really loud - and it's over - the moment.  And you can't focus and concentrate because it's blowing in your ears.  Who would thought the thing that makes me the most upset is a minor issue that probably could have somehow been solved?
    The Lockness Monster's fan may be better once the Weapon comes out - but for me, I don't care right now because it doesn't exist.  
    I rather just keep my money and buy an older camera on ebay and figure out how to make it good.  It's a lot cheaper to not be an early adopter.  To let other people figure out the quirks.  
    Because at the end of the day, any camera that can shoot log - you can make it look good with the right composition, angles, creativity, and grading.  Some will look better, but at the end of the day, it's not how good something looks - it's whether there is a good story, good acting, and if you have something to say.  Cinematography is always secondary to story.  So please weapon, fix that fan noise.
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    IronFilm got a reaction from Axel in Shooting inspiration and ideas   
    This is a nifty idea for when you're brainstorming or if you hit writer's block:

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