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  1. Should have reported that threat to H&S + HR!! But then again those people are probably just their union cronies.... who'd end up siding with the threatening thug.
  2. This was my Black Friday audio plugin purchase: https://klevgrand.se/products/brusfri
  3. Going early into mirrorless gave Sony an advantage initially, but it also means they made the mistake of APS-C as the basis for their mount. Which they're trying to shoehorn a FF sensor into, which results in limitations in terms of the lenses they can design and what they can do with their sensors. With time, this will become more and more apparent to even the average consumer. Nikon has better camera body IBIS and "better" (in the sense of one of: size/price/performance/value/speed/etc) lenses than Sony. Canon meanwhile has made the deathly mistake of splitting up their mirrorles
  4. He seems to still be fanatical about his health and regularly rides (and runs). Plus he is about five years younger than Merckx? And once you get up into your 70's (or worse, 80's), that age gap starts to matter. Also Merckx had that bad bike crash last year, and I wouldn't be surprised if Merckx is still feeling a few niggling issues left over from that. Recovery takes longer when you're in your 70's than in your 20's/30's. But anyway, if you mean in a contemporary sense, rather than right now in 2020, I'd rate Merckx as the better rider. (I've got a bias towards preferring multi d
  5. If I wake up with cold sweats from nightmares tonight, then I blame you @barefoot_dp That sounds downright horrifying, and yet has just enough feeling of realism to it to be possible.
  6. But then you'll fall into the same problem as mainstream media has fallen into, why do you think they've declined in appeal over the years? Individualized feeds is a *good* thing. You don't want to see all the Cycling Racing videos that I see in my YT feed, neither do I want to see all the videos about cooking or painting (in Mandarin! Which I can't understand at all) that my girlfriend sees in her YT feed. Her YT feed on her laptop and mine on my PC look radically different, zero overlap. Having an identical ("curated") feed pushed onto everyone is also a dangerous path to go dow
  7. Yup, and Nikon still has one half of the Camera Duopoly (soon/already a Tripoly? But for now, Nikon sells more ILC than Sony), and Nikon still has the biggest back catalogue of lenses. (and I think if you ignore kit lenses, has sold more F Mount lenses than EF Mount lenses? And has more specific lens models I think than Canon) I wouldn't rush to hastily write off Nikon, I'm not going to bet on Nikon to be the next company to exit the industry. One possible gold mine that might turn around Nikons fortunates quickly is the current China vs USA trade war. Because the bans on exports for
  8. Something else to remember is that for us who spend half our lives browsing forums / YouTube videos, watching these speed ramp effects very quickly feels "over done" as we've been seeing it daily for ages and ages now. But for your average viewer of a random Real Estate video? They do not get that same feeling at all, they see it through totally different eyes to ourselves. If you show a random new acquaintance a video you did with a drone shot in it, they still go "wow" a little to it in response. Even though to us, drone shots are waaaaaaaaaay older and passé.
  9. It is a slippery slope! For only slightly more money than a G5 you could get a G6 Which is a greatly improved camera. But if you're going to buy a G6 then why not spend just a teeny bit more for a G7? And get 4K! But then a G85....
  10. Just back yourself more to nail it right (or near enough) on set!
  11. Getting something like a Panasonic GF5 (or similar kind of camera body that is just fifty bucks on eBay) for your kid? And the S5 for you!
  12. But why wouldn't you just use your S1 for stills?
  13. Mountain biking at night without lights is an interesting way of defining how good your own personal "night vision" is! Don't think I'd ever do that myself. But I'd happily run at night, even off road with no LED lights. (heh, back in my heyday of running, LED lights barely existed! At least not for this poor impoverished boy, thus I'd often be running off road at night for long training sessions)
  14. Remember it is no big deal to shoot rec709 on for the boring long interviews / ceremonies / speeches / talking heads that you're shooting. As you're got the time and set up to nail your exposure and white balance. And you're not going to be going crazy "arty" looking with these shots in the edit anyway. Leave shooting in log / raw / whatever for the B Roll / flashy stuff when you're just shooting the single A Cam by itself. You do get a better sensor in the G85, but the G7 has no recording limit as well (with the setting tweak), and IBIS doesn't even matter when it is only eve
  15. Again, think carefully about how are you going to be using these B / C Cams on small corporate content shoots? I've done sound on lots of these types of shoots, and they're almost always single camera shoots. Is it out of lack of confidence you'll not get the coverage from just one camera, or you fear you might miss out on a vital moment in the IV while you're switching up shot sizes on your main cam? Consider how much you might be harming the quality of your work by spreading yourself thin across three cameras vs just having one, and the compromises you're making to ensure the 2nd/3rd an
  16. Yet they've removed the mechanical shutter, which frees up room.
  17. With a little tweak the G7 can have unlimited recording too, google it. As for 8bit, again remember the very specific use case we're discussing here: as B & C Cam for wedding ceremonies / speeches. This is low budget sh*t which you're going to be using SOOC or near to it. These cameras are just for bulking out the long form edits to give you coverage. 8bit is fine.
  18. Any links to back this up? It is a curious claim.
  19. Especially as @Mark Romero 2 mentioned weddings, I'd strongly consider getting a third camera. (and with @kye's "two is one and one is none" principle, you ought to have four cameras!) If you know your specific uses cases well, such as: "I'll only use my B Cam (& C Cam) for wiiide / mid wide shots on a tripod for planned out shots in at least moderately well lit conditions" (which is the case for all interviews, they'll be well lit, and I'd even say for weddings too. As no, wedding are not "extreme low light" scenarios. Not by 2020 standards. Sure weddings demanded "good low light cam
  20. Read this comment elsewhere: "this camera will most likely get Netflix certified whereas the A7sIII probably never will." Which instantly made my mind go *click*! Ohhhhhhh........... now I realize why the FX6 has timecode I/O when the FS5 (and even the stock FS7) never had it! Purely so that they can get the "Netflix Certified" branding, which will do wonders for their marketing. (even though for 99.999999% of us, if a camera is "Netflix Certified" or not should be meaningless. But unfortunately the reality is the Average Joe in their mind seems to make a big deal out of this when con
  21. WHAT??? Why on earth would RED leave that out. Neither can IBIS be added with a firmware update.
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