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  1. Zombie thread from 2013!! Yeah, this is a spammer. Curious how even after SEVEN YEARS (ok, more like 6 and a bit) the Sony F35 has only dropped a further 50% in value since then. It is 2020 and we still don't have an affordable Sony or Panasonic offering internal ProRes or raw! 😞
  2. A few links from locally in NZ / Australia: https://acmag.com.au/2017/03/01/easyrig-vario-5/ https://www.nzcine.com/7324131 I wouldn't go quite so far as @barefoot_dp (although in some niches/circles, he's right I'd suppose) and say they're almost always used, or that they're more common than dolly/tripods, but they're definitely very very popular and commonly used.
  3. If you think you're going to probably sell it in the future and you're unlikely to need it yourself, then I'd sell it sooner rather than later. As very very clearly Sony is ditching the FZ mount for E Mount instead, even on their highest end cameras! (VENICE) Thus at the moment only F5/F55 owners will pay a high price for an EF - FZ active adapter, and those users will be disappearing over time.
  4. You're misreading this, nobody is saying an easyrig is being used more often than anything else.
  5. Well, I live in an office building so I haven't purchased toilet paper in years!
  6. Ohhhh.... forgot about that! And I live just a few meters away from the start line. I really should run it. But then again, maybe I should not.... Our incompetent government needs to panic a bit more! As our biosecurity is super tight usually, we won't even let you bring in so much as a slice of apple! OH NO, WE'LL FREAK RIGHT OUT IF YOU TRY THAT! Into jail you go. But if you walk off the airplane coughing and sneezing? Nah all good old mate, just wave you right in, and hand you this flyer to read. Every time I open up the Facebook app I see yet more friends of mine mentioning that jobs have been cancelled, and they're losing out on work. But they're all overseas friends, such as losing out because SXSW got cancelled. Which is crazy, as usually during SXSW it is so insanely busy you couldn't get an Austin Sound Mixer for love or gold! They're all booked out. But now I'm seeing them post about their entire week being free and open. Haven't noticed anybody locally saying this, wellll.... one cameraman here in Auckland posted that yesterday that his week suddenly opened up, but don't know if that was coronavirus related or not. Missed out last week on the latest fully loaded Lectrosonics Venue 2 for sale going dirt dirt cheap! So annoyed about that, would really have liked it. But I didn't have the six grand spare to buy it 😞 However you're right, even if I did, I probably shouldn't have purchased it as I should watch my spending. As we might have a some very dry months coming up ahead for us freelance contractors. However, I did add a Lectrosonics LT to my collection this week 😉 Wooo!
  7. G*d darn damn it.... you slip up and miss one little letter out! The "S".
  8. I already thought the economy was on its way to a recession in the near to medium term future, before the Coronavirus even happened. But this will definitely tip many companies over the edge, is going to trigger a recession. One of these companies downtown ("Travcour"), which uses couriers, normally processes 30 visa *per day*, but the past month.... they've done ONE! And the Coronavirus hasn't even really hit NZ yet, it's going to get worse before it gets better. Many people are having shoots getting cancelled on them.
  9. https://www.canstarblue.com.au/groceries/brands/devondale-milk/ They're Australian. I've got powdered milk at home already. During today's shopping trip I bought out the entire stock of canned mackerel at the supermarket.
  10. Sure, of course some people do. Doesn't mean you always should, plus it doesn't mean the many disadvantages to it goes away. And that video was a promo video from RED, the most infamous example in the industry of people who are pushing for ever more "K"! The rest of your post is either: 1) wrong (saying you can't use MFT in small rooms) 2) complaining about lenses (when in fact I'd say there are many very fine lenses for MFT)
  11. Welcome to the club!! Where did you source this deal from, eBay or elsewhere? I've seen them go MUCH CHEAPER! (as in close to half that price, but not with all those accessories. Especially as an active EF mount is usually very very very pricey)
  12. THIS! The moment a person brings up a complaint about "low light" the very first thing to ask is, "what lenses are you using?"
  13. FX3?? Have you heard anything about an FX3 before??
  14. Get the BMPCC4K to perfectly complement your BMPCC6K, then get the entire set of Vazen Anamorphic Primes. Even once you add up the cost of the new camera plus buying an entire set of Vazen primes (only two out now, but a 3rd is coming along "soon"), this is still cheaper than buying a single Xelmus lens! Wouldn't having a new camera and a set of anamorphics be more fun than having just one lonely Xelmus lens?
  15. An easyrig isn't on every shoot, but it isn't rare either. Of course you're far far far more likely to see a tripod on a shoot. But I'd say it is roughly ish as likely as seeing a gimbal on set, still pretty damn common place. As for why a DoP might own one, might be another health reason of what if a production doesn't want to hire one but you want it? As they can really save your bag. It might not in the short term be NEEDED for that shoot, but in the long run (over a career lasting decades) it would be smart to use the easyrig on the shoot. Recently a friend of mine had back surgery, first thing he got after getting out of hospital, purchased an easyrig! And @FranciscoB is exactly right about the monitor, it is such a crucial job of the DoP to judge and tweak the image, why wouldn't you want something which can help you accurately and consistently judge what you're seeing?
  16. In my opinion the GH5S/BMPCC4K/E2/Terra are "better" in lowlight, as sure the a7 series might have a small edge if you're obsessed purely and only about noise levels. But the colors turn to sh*t with the a7 at high ISOs! (not that they ever started out too super great with the Sonys) While the GH5S etc holds onto it better as you push up the ISO, thus you're left with a better looking image. Nonsense. 1) there is not true whatsoever in being possibly just with FF, you can do this exactly just the same with S35/APS-C/MFT/S16 2) shooting to intentionally be cropping later in post is baaaad for sound, bad for the art department, bad for lighting, bad for the actors, etc... don't do it! Especially now! With the Coronavirus. Yup, even in a thread about the GH6, during a conversation specifically about "sized doesn't matter" like you think, then someone just a couple of hours ago basically said "M43 is poopie because sensor is small" as they're implying on a "small sensor" you can't crop & pan. What nonsense!
  17. How am I doing..... This like Scrabble, right? Where I get a triple bonus word score, for combing 5G / chemtrails / anti-vax all into one conspiracy theory! "Taken care of", that's very ominous! Hope they were not "taken care of" like they do with suspected cases in North Korea!!
  18. But by the time FF gets everything there is in a GH5/GH5S/GH6 then I'm sure the MFT system will have moved further on as well! But isn't waiting on FF the "chasing rainbows" option? Just for example, how many people are still waiting for a mythical "a7Smk3"? (some folks have been waiting YEARS for this!) Meanwhile we've got a GH5(or GH5S) which is better in many regards! (Waveforms/TC/4K60fps/10bit/240fps/etc)
  19. Is the doco going to be Netflix as well? (do you know what "I Am Not Okay With This" was shot on?)
  20. Bike messengers are screwed. We basically come in contact with more people every day than almost anybody else. I know with some bike messengers who basically never go through a winter without catching a cold at some point during it. (had one recently retire after nearly three decades, commented to me exactly that fact! Over all those many years, he'd never been through even one without catching a cold. Last winter was the first time he hadn't! Because he'd retired from couriering, and just did UberEATS a few times a week instead, so at least he could make the choice to avoid the wet and the cold if it got to be too much for him) Sh*t news for New Zealand though! Autumn has just started, I was soaked in the rain for hours today. Will be another six months until Spring rolls around again to save us. Can NZ hold off the arrival of the Coronavirus for six whole months?? I don't believe that for a second! Not with the completely pathetic efforts we're making at (human) bio-security at our borders! We'll basically just hand you a flyer "warning you", wish you well, then wave you on. Once the Coronavirus gets a half decent grip on NZ and starts its spread, then it will be everywhere across the entire county within a matter of weeks. We already got our second confirmed case here in NZ today. I said "(human) bio-security" because oh boy are we super crazy insanely over the top tough with our bio-security otherwise... don't you dare even think about trying to bring in a piece of fruit into our country! Or have dirty boots! The shock and horror of it all! No way, you won't be coming in here with that. Stop! The only folks who might come into contact with more people than bike messengers is politicians! Do you see how many hands they shake? How many hugs they embrace? How many high fives they give out? How many babies they kiss!
  21. Might get a better ROI out of owning an Easyrig too than a tripod?
  22. Literally so! Is @Kisaha EOSHD's Nostradamus? O' Wise One, please tell us of when the date of the a7mk3 will be announced!
  23. "Hate"?? I think you're missing the picture in terms of the usual proportions and intensity of debate. Usually for every dozen people you get saying "MFT is unusable" you'll see one person saying "FF is unnecessary", a big difference in both their type of arguments and the volume of them. Sometimes it is good just to bring balance back into the discussion.
  24. IronFilm

    Fuji X-T4

    Fuji still has a loooooong way to go before they get the wall to wall coverage Canon/Sony/Nikon does, but they're playing the game and catching up! Which is good to see.
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