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  1. You know... you can use different lenses or filters, or unsharpen in post. I find it funny that people contain a camera is too sharp.. I have seen plenty of films with a sharp picture that are very cinematic by the way.
  2. nobody is suggesting that all reframing should happen in post. The point is 4k has many qualities besides pure resolution, including (occasional) reframing. Therefore this camera also has a drawback (like all the other cameras mentioned have other ones). If this camera had come out with 4k, at least through recorder, at that price point, it would have been fantastic. Now it is not THAT great of a deal.
  3. Tell Fincher that. I'm guessing he is a tad more successful than any of us on this board ;) If you are purists, you should also not want a camera with high DR as it would be a no no to adjust exposure in post. Heck, why shoot digital? Good photographers/videographers don't need to do anything in post except maybe the dark room. :)
  4. I think your response is based on the assumption that all we want is the highest resolution/sharpest image. There are plenty of other reasons why shooting in 4K is great, most of them for outputting in 1080p (cropping, reframing, stabilization and so on). That said, I'm sure this is ergonomically great, and has a good setup for sound/nd filters built in etc, it just seems to be a camera Canon should have announced 4 years ago or so.
  5. Maybe you can rig a pinhole setup - then it will shoot *something* out of the box for $6K :)
  6. well.. For one, I think his math is a bit off.. and woohoo, frame rate increased to 60p (in 1920x1080..) "requires an external recorder to get the most out of it) - yeah I suppose at a mere $5995, it is too much to ask for it to deliver this internally..
  7. i don't own either, but based on everything I have read, the v1 does not exhibit the issue that the v2 has in terms of micro jitter.
  8. There is no reason they shouldn't have the same issue. I have it on my 35-100 with gh3 as well by the way. Vesku just posted some testing regarding mercalli v4, and I tested it a bit myself - it is a way to save stuff you shot that you need fixed, but paying over $200 for software to correct something Panasonic should have taken care of in the first place kinda sucks. If you use Premiere, you can try warp stabilizer, your mileage may vary.. I did some quick testing but didn't get anything really great out of that. The Mercalli demo seemed to work better. You mention Olympus, and of course the work around for those are to disable OIS on the lens and just use IBIS.
  9. in your situation the gh4 is a great alternative, unless you plan to shoot handheld a lot.
  10. I couldn't tell you, but pretty sure the GH4 does 1080/96fps
  11. Rather than Twixtor, download the latest software for GoPro. It is free, and apparently they own Twixtor and included that technology into their video editor. "GoPro Studio Flux": http://cheesycam.com/gopro-studio-flux-slow-motion-option/
  12. Depends on what you want to use it for of course, but if you have lenses for GH4, that out of the gate would be a great advantage... While A7S is fantastic for low light video, it requires an external recorder to do 4K, so add up that camera, a recorder and lenses..... If I started fresh, the Samsung looks mighty tempting too, but still not convinced about their lens line-up, and I believe speed-boosters are out of the question for the NX1?
  13. I have not tried much with the LX100 but I think both would be similar, and not great, since they are fly by wire focus both of them (I believe). OP who mentions training videos mainly my recommendations:: Personally (and I own a LX100 myself which I love), I would probably go for the fz1000. If they are novices, and plan on shooting training videos/simple stuff, the camera has some advantages: a. in controlled lighting, the smaller sensor shouldn't be much of an issue. b. the fz1000 will have a deeper DoF, which is a good thing so they don't get stuff out of focus more than necessary... In fact, lighting permitting, they should stop it down to have it as wide as possible, and turn off continous auto focus (just be smart with placement of people, and set the focus point at the beginning of the recording) c. it has audio in. I can't imagine these guys want to do audio sync in post, and an internal mic is not sufficient for recording training videos d. the zoom range can come in handy, depending on setup. M100: For you, I think the LX100 makes more sense, with the bigger sensor, and possibly less need for audio.
  14. Not sure where to start with this topic... I guess as others have said; 1. Technology is cheap and here to stay (and get even cheaper). So you have to live with that. 2. I am a proponent of sharing info. Granted, in this area I still learn more from others than I teach, but I try. When I get very good at it, I will still want to share. There are wonderful examples of people here and elsewhere that do this already. It is also good to have friends/contacts. Living in a vacuum is never smart. It tends to choke you to death. 3. Nobody can take your creativity away from you. If you however always follow a recipe, sure someone can emulate that, though maybe not 100%... If that is the case though, maybe you don't really deserve to be in a position that is different anyway? If what you do is so easily replaced by amateurs with a "script", well... At least you don't have to worry about your job being outsourced to a low cost country on the other side of the globe... 4. I find it particularly worrying that someone who admitted benefiting learning from others on the internet, now suddenly wants to keep what he picked up along the way to himself. If you had been sitting and contemplating on the perfect technique all by yourself on top of a mountain for years, I would have more sympathy for being protective.
  15. It is annoying to me because these games with hypothetical scenarios (some of which are highly unlikely), have no place in this thread, or most threads on this forum. If you want to discuss viability of companies, there are plenty of financial sites for that. I tend to believe most visitors to this site wants to find out what the best equipment to get at the moment(for the advanced amateur/professional on a budget), and to exchange experiences on how to utilize this equipment as best as possible. The topic of this particular thread is that Canon may have some good stuff on the horizon for us in 2015 (which I hope - the more, the merrier, and the better quality equipment we get for less money). PS: Panasonic shut down Plasma's because THAT PARTICULAR TECHNOLOGY was not viable anymore. Similar to why it makes little sense to have cameras with Mirrors in them for Video (though there are certainly areas of photography where these are still the best).
  16. Yes I did, and the scenario does not in any case excuse you throwing out some of the comments you did put out there. For instance, feel free to list all your sources that have stating that Panasonic's camera division is going out of business... I follow a lot more than "videography" sites, and I have not seen much to indicate this. You can also check back quite a few years looking at shady analysts and their predictions, and figure out how many good cameras the likes of Panasonic, Sony and Olympus has delivered since then. Some of you guys remind me of those "The end of the world is near" people. Japanese companies, while looking at the bottom line of course, also have a different culture than some western companies, and there are other things that matter to them as well. As always, things are a bit more complex than it appears. (Whether it is a prosumer that points to Panasonic and Samsung for the best video for the money, or it is the business minded person that thinks all comes down to money and predicts everyone but Canon and Nikon will go under)
  17. Over time, our perceptions may slowly change, as more and more of the material we are bombarded with every day will be high framerates. Right now though, I agree for a cinematic experience that is supposed to be something different than reality, 24 fps does it best for me. Movies where they go for a reality type look (i.e. "someone is taping while a monster is chasing them in the woods"), 60P would probably be great, even now.
  18. I think some of the dynamic range discussion was telling, where it seems some of the negativity comes from the fact they feel they lose ownership. They don't want someone changing the look a few years down the road. I can understand that argument, just like painters wouldn't be happy if someone used some chemical to brighten up a painting. However, being an amateur a-z guy, I would find it very useful to shoot it to the best of my ability, and then have a chance to try different approaches in post and find a look that in the end I like the best. I guess I don't have the confidence of these guys that I do it right the first time :)
  19. Talk about overreaching on your predictions about Panasonic... As for your "Samsung...who knows", I could easily say that about either Nikon or Canon (unless they wise up soon). Things change, who knows who will be on top in a few years. I think you fail to take into account that several Japanese companies like Panasonic, Olympus, Sony sees prestige in the camera market. These are companies that people have predicted would get out of the camera business for several years, yet they still exist and keep coming out with more innovative products than Nikon/Canon. Oh well, I will keep buying the cameras/lenses that fit my needs and budget, and in the video business, that is currently m43, samsung or sony it seems...
  20. While I agree, if people keep asking how to shoot cinematic footage, Jax is highlighting (no pun intended) an important area. Sometimes it can be as simple and cheap as proper positioning or using reflectors. I know that at least myself (being an absolute amateur) want to start paying more attention to lighting as well.
  21. you bring up a good point, and in my view this closes the playing field.
  22. seriously?? Panasonic has not responded to the fact they have real issues with their power ois, and this has been widely complained about for months. Do you really think they will turn around with good news about lx100 hdmi in.a couple of weeks?
  23. Ebrahim, I take it you do not have a lot of background in sensor and processing technology. There is no given that a simple firmware update can unlock a variety of features, and 4K would be probably about the hardest thing you could think of "unlocking". The sensor needs to be capable, the bandwidth needs to be there, the processor must be powerful enough, and programmable to do this. Doug Laurent, do yourself a couple of favors; 1. Try to realize that Canon is not God, and that defending a camera that costs almost 10x a camera like the GH4 is plain silly. 2. Using blue font is just annoying. Just because you highlight/make it bold or change colors doesn't make you right or cause anyone to believe you are.
  24. well,well. Andrew you are bound to step on a few toes (not that many anymore though...). I think your article is spot on. I think defensiveness on the part of a few commenters trumped them paying attention to the segment you were addressing.
  25. Well, we decided it was best to break it to our daughter that Santa isn't the one bringing presents. She is 10 and more and more of her friends started saying he doesn't exist. She was a bit shocked and quickly deducted there is no easter bunny or tooth fairy either. I hope you are not similarly shocked ;)
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