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  1. ​No point in stooping to a common tactic like that - I have great MFT lenses and would like to utilize those.. I also know a lot of people wanting to run Speedboosters etc - it opens up light gathering abilities and DoF possibilities, compared to whatever the built in zoom on this thing can do. Also, that way, the glass is separated out, so you don't pay for it when all you need is a camera, you can get better quality lenses, and if you want a better camera, you are not locked into spending more money than necessary again.. Not sure why you take offense with a simple comment about having two versions being preferable, but maybe you are just having a crappy day.
  2. Why not make two versions? Fine, sell this to ENG - then make a slightly different version with a mft mount for filmmakers that want to swap out lenses..
  3. ​can you provide a link? I did a search and only came up with $3K+ recorders with screens. Thanks
  4. It seems my disappointment regarding lens mount was misplaced. It is indeed active mft cameras, both of them! Definitely super interested now. Combined with the new monitor/recorder, it could be a nice solution, though with that recorder 4K is out of reach. Still nice upgrade-able path, in my view.
  5. Well, I miss the ability to use my growing library of mft lenses with any of the new cameras, unless I missed something.. First of all, some of my best glass is mft, secondly, nice to have electronic contacts for exposure, third, occasionally it would be nice with AF. I do think their Video Assist looks interesting though - it doesn't look like it has peaking though, which would be too bad since my GH3 is missing that too.
  6. Does not seem interesting at all to me - especially at that price...
  7. ​Haha, good catch! Wonder though if they are there for the rehearsal for some purpose, but could definitely be what you say - that the performance is taped that way as well. Anyway, pretty neat to see this rehearsal video - it really gives a good glimpse into how it's done :)
  8. it's even worse than that. She has to turn around to follow the camera so at times she has her back to the audience. I guess the priority is the tv audience.
  9. cr4p, I found a behind the scenes that answered my questions. Pretty neat
  10. Hi, this performance seems to have a couple of tricks involved. I almost suspect the first part of the trick is that the performer is standing on a piece of the floor that rotates, but at the latter part of the spinning, only the camera seems to move around. Is this some kind of elaborate crane, wire etc? It would be cool if someone has seen a set up like this and can explain or show pictures/vdeo of it.. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  11. When used correctly, I think it is great. Of course, it can be abused too... On a sidenote, I don't know why the GH4 doesn't have a little bit more fps for 1080p, and a lot more for 720p. When GoPro4 and Sony x1000v can do240 fps in 1280*720, I would think the GH4 could pull it off too...
  12. Seeing what Canon did with the 5DS, I don't think Panasonic/Sony etc are very worried about them in the lower price video segment either.
  13. ​I think the problem I that Canon have shown themselves to be very cynical with lower priced cameras in the past.. Withholding features to protect their own high end equipment won't win them any favor with the majority of visitors to this site. By all means though, if the can come out with a price competitive camera for once, that would be great!!
  14. I think the main thing to think about for Sam is, what else has he budgeted for and what does he need? Is he planning on using external audio equipment? Does he have a decent pc/mac and the necessary editing software? How about lighting? Lenses? If he wants to run really bare-bones, he needs to make sure he has a mic-input on the camera, and then can use a cheaper lav or shotgun to get some decent audio. 4K is fantastic for reframing and get better quality out of footage, when outputting 1080p, but it does require some horsepower and the right software. If the Canon is enticing for magic lantern, keep in mind the only way to get picture that matches or bests the gh3 etc, is to use raw. That is very space and time-consuming. One of the reasons the GH3 has a good reputation is that it out of the box (stable) has a good codec that doesn't break up easily. I also have the LX100 that some people recommended. Great quality, but the two caveats for your purpose is: a) no mic input, and b)to get really good quality you need to use the 4K mode, and that again requires a fairly powerful pc/mac (not crazy much, but you'll be happy to have a beefy one..) and the software that can handle 4k input files. The FZ1000 (with 4k as well) or Rx10 is probably a better filmmaking kit, but not quite as good in low light as the LX100
  15. You probably need to think about what things are most important to you. As people have mentioned, the D5300 is probably the best budget solution to combat moire. I'm not so convinced there is that much practical difference in terms of low-light compared to the GH3, unless you shoot very specialized, demanding scenes. You may prefer the colors from the Nikon. I think that's the positives for the D5300, except possibly AF speed if you plan on using that a lot. In all other regards, for video, the GH3 will win hands down. (usability, features, codec, stability, robustness, weather-sealing etc). If you prefer to use manual glass, the m43 cameras are great for that, and you can even get a speedbooster (maybe a cheaper one first, and save up for a good one!). Some people feel using this and say Nikon lenses gives a less clinical look than using m43 lenses, and it will allow shallower depth of fields for when you want that & equalize any low light advantage the D5300 may have. The Panasonic G6 could even be a good alternative. Think about how you want to deal with audio. The Gh3 has headphone jack, which is hugely helpful if you plan to record audio straight into the camera. If you plan to use an external recorder and sync in post, not a big deal, of course.
  16. Hi, has anyone been able to first hand compare footage from the gopro 4 black edition, and the Sony x1000v when it comes to their 240fps modes? I know both do 1280x720, but unsure about which one offers better quality and bit rate? Are any of them pretty decent? It is hard to tell from the YouTube clips I found..
  17. ​Looks interesting, but can't find anything about pricing, availability etc?
  18. I get the possible issues that people bring up, but have to say for most purposes, this seems to cover what I would need. I'm not doing theatrical productions, so the minor quibbles about the feeling of the motion in the picture, or the fact that it is 8-bit not 32-bit, as long as I see that really impressive footage could be made, that's really what's important for me. Maybe small pistol-grip form factor doesn't offer the ultimate in stabilizing, but the results seem darn good, and in many cases, having a gimbal like CAME or the other bigger ones, will be off putting to people, or impractical in certain locations. I do small time hobby-stuff, like filming for my local church. If I were to come with a full setup GIMBAL, or running a tripod with a matte box for that matter, would scare the church goers. It's already hard enough to get them act naturally with a gh3 with a prime lens. . Now that I have the LX100, I think this combo will be great and fairly unobtrusive. That said, I will probably wait a few months to see what is coming - it IS a quickly moving field. In fact, I know a Chinese guy that has manufacturing capacity in China, and tried to convince him to work on one, about 18-20 months ago, but couldn't get him onboard. Oh well. I do have a prototype that I bought off ebay around that time (3 axis 32-bit), really rough around the edges, but will probably tinker with it until I feel strongly of buying one that is more polished. The Nebula 4000 is the exact form factor I would like. Maybe 200-300 grams capacity would be great for my heavier lenses, but, not bad as it is I think.
  19. anyone know how this with work with the lx100?
  20. Ok, I got to try it out. There is DEFINITELY an improvement, though on my copy, not eliminated. I would say doing a quick test, that it is still not as good as the other lenses I tested originally, but in normal mode, I think it is acceptable. In tele-ex, while improved a lot, I would not want to shoot hand-held still, so keep a tripod around for that use at least. Still, nice to see Panasonic trying to fix the issue. It is probably the best that can be done via a FW update alone.
  21. ​Well, most anyone loves Arri, but hardly comparable to a GH4 in pricing. I don't necessarily agree the 5D has a more filmic image than GH4 other than that more people may prefer the color science for people shooting, and unless you shoot Raw, which is a lot of extra space/work, the image simply doesn't hold up. At that point the workflow isn't that great for a 5D either. Again, if you think the GH4 is just too sharp, the choice of lens would have a lot of impact, and if you want to level the playing field against some of these other cameras, I suppose you may get different results with the Shogun (looking forward to Andrew's article on that!). I'd venture if filmic is what you are after, you are better off getting a Blackmagic camera than a 5D. They even have versions with global shutter. I agree though, if I were making really cinematic stuff, Arri would be near the top of the wish-list, and if I were doing documentaries, the C100 would be high on the list due to controls/features. Global shutter is very nice too of course. I still think, especially since they have a 4K sensor, that Canon is as usual, holding back features. The Sony A7S is great due to low light capability, but if you want 4K, you are talking $4500 vs $1500 for a GH4.
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