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  1. Thanks! I'm looking to get a new camera fairly soon, and owning the gh3 (and a crapload of m43 lenses), I am mainly looking at m43 cameras. Obviously the gh4 is high on the list and if I get it, I will be getting your bundle. I did buy your shooters guide for gh3 also, and that was very useful too!
  2. oh, and I know it may sound counter productive to use a long tele with a speedbooster, but it would still have further reach than any m43 lenses, and it would gain a stop in speed, making it relatively fast for those focal lengths..
  3. Good point but the GH4 seems pretty rock solid, so it reflects badly on Canon if they are not able to do something similar. Heck my LX100 is limited by Panasonic to 15 minutes due to overheat concerns, but at least I have never had an issue shooting for 15 minutes straight, and I usually stop after a few minutes, start up again etc many times. I can handle a birthday party just fine with that camera even
  4. Would it work with this setup? I like the picture from it, but so far found it too cumbersome to use much: Moller 32/2x Anamorphic lensRedstan Clamp Russian lens helios 44Thanks!
  5. sounds really interesting! I am tired of Panasonic not taking advantage of longer focal length benefit of small sensor cameras, so I am probably caving in and buying a Sigma 150-600 with OIS (canon mount), and a metabones speedbooster ultra, plus perhaps a metabones active adapter as well, provided this combination works well on cameras like gh3 (what I currently have) ,gh4 or g7 (both candidates for purchase..). Any feedback would be great. I like the idea of the 18-35 sigma as well...
  6. I must be missing something. The DoF does not seem very small to me in this trailer. At least that is one argument that something as spectacular as this trailer can show, that you don't need super thin DoF to make cinema.. Of course, larger sensors have other advantages, like low light gathering capability, which would be very useful in environments where light cannot be controlled.
  7. I'm not sure anyone can give you the perfect advice for you. I own the LX100, but not the GX7 (though I have a GH3). Since getting the LX100, I find that the GH3 is left home a lot more, whether I want to shoot video or take pictures. There are obviously limitations in zoom range, but I find it sufficient most of the time, especially since if you only plan on outputting 1080p, by recording in 4K, you can crop in and get more zoom that way. The LX100 is the best camera purchase I ever made (but that's me and my preference in terms of quality, usability and portability) just my 2 cents.
  8. I don't think anyone expects that this camera will take customers from Nikon/Sony/Canon in terms of it's stills quality. However, it is a much needed progression for people already using m43. It may possibly tempt some hybrid users from other formats, but it's not cheap so who knows. They did hobble its features quite a bit on the video side unfortunately. I will wait and see what GH5 brings, personally. I hope they include (real) video Ibis (and for 4K..) in that. It will be interesting to see if we are going to see a departure in sensor resolution though. I wonder if they dare go to say a 12MP sensor for GH5 to optimize video. That would leave me a bit in a sticky position though, as I like to do both, so I have to determine if a loss of stills resolution would be worth it.
  9. If you need 4k, consider the g7 and a speedbooster. Natively there is not THAT much difference in low light and DOF between aps-c and mft sensors, and the speedbooster will get the g7 pretty close to ff practically speaking. Then buy some lights etc.
  10. I thought I read somewhere that they have some technology to "eliminate the jello effect". Whether it is Global Shutter (maybe switchable?) or not remains to be seen. This looks like a very interesting camera for sure. I use my m43 equipment for a mix of video and pictures, and I sometimes wish I had better resolution for pictures. My other gripe is lack of IBIS. This would satisfy both counts. I have some a-mount lenses that I have not used in a while, maybe this and an adapter would get new life in my interest for Sony.
  11. ​Very nice article!! As with many things, there is an extreme where very large DoF seems "video-ish", but one doesn't necessarily have to go extreme in the other direction to make it "cinematic" either (as I think your example shows).
  12. ​A larger sensor will give you less DoF at a given f-stop than a smaller camera. At F5.6 more will be in focus on a Panasonic GH4 than a Sony A7RII for instance. If separation is imperative, you either go for a larger sensor, or really fast lenses on smaller sensor cameras. If you want extremely shallow focus, you can combine the two and get a super fast lense for Full Frame. Personally, my Nocticron 42.5mm at f1.2 is as shallow as I would EVER want even on m43. I cannot imagine using something that offers a more shallow focus. Back to the discussion though - I agree, I think the perception has become that shallow focus is more cinematic, but as you and others point out, it isn't REALLY so. It's a combination of many factors, and to some degree, it is subjective.
  13. This review is less than excited about the adapter: http://hispeedcams.com/kipon-mft-to-ef-adapter-early-review/
  14. ​totally different league on pricing, but I do hope they take notice and stay in front. I find the Panasonics, while cheaper to be far more reliable and user friendly for video than the sonys btw.
  15. As mentioned by others in this thread, I mainly hope this will light a fire under Panasonic to stay on the cutting edge of dslr video. For GH5 I would like to see global shutter setting (like the new micro cinema camera from black magic), higher framerates 10-bit vlog internal 4k, the crop mode from jvc, and preferably an option to store raw (maybe 1080p only) internally. I would prefer a bump in resolution for stills too, though not sure how that would work with video moire/aliasing. ..and IBIS would be nice. I'm sure it has to be possible to do that.. As for Canon, I'm sure they will stay successful in high end video, photo, and some low level video, but prosumers will move away.
  16. They will work fine. Regarding IS, note that Panasonic does not have OIS on any of the wider prime lenses, and not on their own 7-14 either. In this case, the Olympus 7-14 will at least provide an extra stop of light compared to the Pana version.
  17. Hi, First of all, I have no affiliation to the artist, but thought it might be interesting challenge for some. Her name is Karin Park, she is Swedish but has lived in Norway for quite a few years of her life. She wrote the Norwegian contribution to the 2013 Eurovision song contest, which ended fifth in the international final (I think). That song was performed by Margaret Berger. Her latest Eurovision entry in 2015 (which was not picked to become Norway's contribution to the European finals), is "Human Beings". She now wants to create a special video with stories from other human beings, somewhat due to some life-altering experiences she and her boyfriend endured last year. First is a link to her youtube request for help. Second is a link to her performance of that song in the Norwegian Eurovision contest: Btw: I don't think this is an attempt to make a cheap video... She has some really cool videos already.
  18. Looks great. Since it sounds like IS is supported, this may be a better way to go for me, having a GH3 (and probably later a GH4 or it's successor), since I can get really good long zoom/primes with OIS. The Olympus 300 f4 won't cut it...
  19. Great Chart! Maybe a similar chart for one step down in sensor size etc? I'd like to see BMPCC, the new Micro Cinema, the Cinema camera and the Digital Bolex, and maybe others that are more "cinematic" oriented and not in dslr form.
  20. ​Thanks - I was not aware that the resolution of the sensor was actually 1920x1080. Often times they are higher resolutions that are cropped or downsampled, as you know for sure. While limit of 1080p is a bit low, on the other hand it probably will work really well in terms of reducing artifacts, and low light capabilities should be quite good due to the size of the pixels. Definitely an interesting little camera..
  21. I mostly agree with jagnje - if the micro cinema could gain 2.5K through a firmware update, I'd buy it. I like the size, the fact that it can record raw internally, and that it has global shutter + 60p option (rolling shutter). I'd pay more for a cousin with the 4.6K sensor, with internal recording (likely only heavily compressed at 4.6K) and A MFT mount. It would also be nice with some high speed 1080p and 720p modes to compete further with action cams..
  22. depending on sensor performance, the base one seems good enough for me. My main concerns would be lack of (active) mft mount, and current pricing of cfast. And price of viewfinder, yikes.
  23. ​Good - I think it is nice for Panasonic to make this camera as I'm sure many will find good use for it, and I am equally sure the quality will be very nice. I would just like them to also make a camera with this form factor that has a mft lens mount. It should be natural for them to have a new generation replacing such a model that has been out for a long time. It also would compete nicely with cameras like the Sony FS7. While a fixed lens camera is great for many situations, some of us like the flexibility of changing lenses. For instance, I have a vintage lens with an anamorphic adapter, that I would like to utilize. There's no way I can do that with this camera. I don't think Panasonic should receive so much criticism though - after all, while the form factor is a bit off, the GH4 is an amazing camera, and really started the 4K revolution for prosumer/low budget pro's. It would just be nice if they kept innovating more in regards to the mft mount At this point, the new Blackmagic cameras are starting to look very tempting, especially the 4K version one.
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