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  1. I can definitely see a use for this. Sure, when you do pro/cinema stuff, gimbals are a better solution, but just imagine how nice it will be to shoot videos of your family with this. Combined with some restraint in movement, and perhaps built in IBIS(?) it could work fairly well with smaller crop. Of course, this would be best with 4K where most people can afford more crop.
  2. Since I'm a hybrid shooter, this is very interesting to me. The EM5ii, is starting to look like a viable option for me now. I just wish they could add at least some time limited 4K, maybe like Panasonic did with LX100. Obviously this would be very useful for filming in certain scenarios, but also a 4K photo mode would be very welcome.
  3. Olympus is coming out with new firmware. Loads of goodies for em1 but also some for em5mk2. Interesting new flat movie profile too. They don't call it log but could be helpful. Em1 gets 24p/25p and image stabilization (improvement?) for video.
  4. Now if a good grip would be constructed you would have a stabilized 4k mft camera that shoots raw..
  5. tosvus

    GH4 V-Log $99

    The GH2/3/4 series definitely earned a place in the hall of fame of legendary hybrid cameras. That there are newer cameras that in some respects are better is irrelevant - they are making improvements, sure, but Panasonic really paved the way, after the hacks of 5d mk2 in terms of making a hybrid camera with exceptional quality for the price, great usability and so on.
  6. I thought it already did that? (I don't own one so certainly not sure about that...)
  7. I would say this is a feature where $99 is a reasonable price.
  8. They were allowed to talk about it but Panasonic put restrictions on footage for a while.
  9. not sure why you are responding to my comment. I am not talking about this rumor. I am talking about Panasonic putting vlog out there and not clearly stating their intentions.
  10. My main beef with Panasonic would be the complete lack of info the provided when starting to let select people test blog out in the wild. The strategy should have been immediately disclosed whether a) hardware changes are required, b) it will be a paid upgrade or c) it will be a free upgrade. It's just really unprofessional in terms of communicating to your customers.
  11. you take The actual lens focal length * 0.71. If you want to compare it with ff you then multiply by crop factor (I.e 2x for mft) so your example 35 * 0.71 = 24 on mft. It would then be equivalent to 48 on a ff camera (24x2)
  12. While I would agree that they are not really screwing anyone over if they decide to charge - after all, people who bought the camera at least before rumors of vlog, could not really expect this to come - however, I think in light of some of the other camera manufacturers, and the hype around them, it would be smart of Panasonic to get some brownie points..
  13. At least they don't seem very demanding or have unrealistic expectations Keep up the good work on the site and the filming!
  14. Haven't had much time to peruse yet, but your promo video looks great, and I checked out a couple of the music videos. Impressive work! Regarding the website, from the little I have seen, looks sharp, though the rotating video ink logo (presumably used for loading), on my fast internet connection is on just a tad too long. If you could cut it down/find a way to make it load faster if it is a fancy hour glass , that would be great, I'd say somewhere along the lines of 15-20% faster load would be acceptable. (people are impatient these days!
  15. Well, you may think it is a "simple" answer - but the fact remains, if free (or what you think is free) software was as good or better as commercial software, the market shares would be very different, wouldn't they.. Please share examples of free software that has more users than their commercial counter-parts. The only one I can think of that has a chance is Google Chrome, which was developed by Google and is used to drive people to their search engine among other things. Having used both Linux (several distributions, and also recently) and Windows extensively, my clear favorite is Windows, sorry..
  16. I'll probably just get depressed if I download the footage (compared to the stuff I can produce), but even the framegrab is very impressive. I have started using the 4k photo mode on the panasonic lx100 a bit, and while it is impressively good as well, it doesn't look as good as this...
  17. Seems to me some of the best open source or free software is given out by commercial companies as a means to make money other ways. (Android, Chrome, Resolve for instance).
  18. Looks great aside from issues already mentioned. Practically speaking, I'd be afraid of shooting with it though - it seems really hard to keep stuff in focus. Would have to be VERY well planned shots, unless you go for some aesthetic where the subjects come in and out of focus a lot.
  19. First of all, I'm sure historically, it was smart to charge (much) more from users that needed the OFX version (i.e. people that paid for resolve and presumably even edit hardware). However, with Resolve Lite now being out, and HitFilm Express (and even Pro which is still reasonably priced) apparently increasing in popularity, I was hoping Neat would do something with their OFX pricing. Alas, they have told me they have no plans to lower the OFX pricing (2.5 times higher than other versions in price..). I am trying Resolve and Hitfilm Express now, so spending 250 on noise reduction isn't very tempting. My question is two-fold: 1. Can something almost as good be had for around $100? 2. If I'm forced to spend $200+ anyway, are there other packages around the same price that match or are better than Neat? Thanks!
  20. Thanks, agreed, but the people helping are very variable skills-wise and sometimes they need set and forget. If I could do it every week myself, it would have been a very good solution! An option could also be to use this as an excuse to buy myself a new camera and donate the gh3. Then they could spend the money on a decent lens instead. Need some agreement from the mrs on this one though..
  21. Thanks Mat, I really like that one! Not 100% sure about low light capability yet, will have to research more, but it does have a lens that is very fast on the wide end. The dual camera function could be very neat too. (close up and wide at the same time). Live-stream sounds really cool too. I have tried to convince the pastor to get a solution that can do that as well
  22. Thanks, I went back and checked, and both have the 30 minute limit. It probably isn't an issue as the most important portion of the service rarely runs more than 20 mins, but something to keep in mind. ML is probably not something we want to mess with. I personally own a GH3 and that would be fine but I know if they get one, they would have to get a decent lens too. Camcorders as far as I know, are out of the question since all I have seen record AVCHD. EDIT: There does appear to be some camcorders that record to mp4 these days, so it looks like it could be an option as well. Not sure about low light quality though.
  23. Hi, Trying to help my pastor find a camera, no more than $800-900 to shoot services at church. The camera will be placed in the rear, so it needs fairly good zoom, and have decent low light capabilities (but by no means super). A Mic input is required to route audio from the sound system into the camera. The output will be 1080p on Vimeo, but flexible on framerates. AVCHD is a no-no as he has problems getting his mac's to play nice with those.. Lower bitrates are probably ok, but of course higher options are good. I think he wants to do as little as possible with the video normally. I don't think there are dslr/lens combos that will do in that price-range, but if you have ideas let me know. (a relatively fast lense will quickly add up..) I'm thinking something along the line of the Pana FZ1000 or the Sony RX10 (not II, that is way out of budget) would be the closest? I see the 4K on the Pana as having some potential for the church later, but get the feeling for 1080p the codecs are better on the RX10 (with latest firmware), and the lens is faster (not as long, but it doesn't really need to be). The Panasonic is a bit cheaper though. I would expect both of these cameras can shoot more than 30 minutes at a time, though I did not confirm this.(?) Any other options come to mind, or any thoughts about the FZ1000 vs the RX10 (mk1)? Thanks!
  24. hmm a slow card shouldn't give you bad rendering, only slow rendering.. Maybe you mean playback on YOUR computer is choppy? With a slow videocard, and maybe some other limiting components,or bad drivers/software, it is quite possible it doesn't work smoothly on your pc, but try the footage somewhere else.
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