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  1. I wonder how these compare to say B+W that has filters with same qualities (UV + IR CUT). These are much more reasonably priced, and I may get one even if the benefits are marginal. I would think filters like this have more value on older lenses (with less sophisticated design and coatings (if any))?
  2. well you could get an external monitor with peaking.
  3. In manual mode, focus assist is not available during recording, unfortunately. If you have an AF lens (i.e. use a native m43/43 lens), you may be ok with just using auto focus, but turning off continuous auto focus. Then, during recording, it will only focus when you half press the shutter. Of course, this does not guarantee soft focus changes and even if you can use the screen to pick another focus point, it will hunt a bit when you half press the shutter afterwards.
  4. zzzzzzzzzzzz...... By the way, anyone happen to know if there is a blacklist function on this site?
  5. I won't compare him to Eastwood yet, but there are examples of people that turn out to be good both in front of and behind the camera.
  6. I would love to get a Sony body for my a-mount lenses, but at this point, after seeing what my lx100 is capable of in terms of video, I think I'll hold off until Sony comes out with a a7/8/9 that does internal 4k + IBIS.
  7. Chill out. No need to swear, and you would not save a hundred bucks by omitting having a HDMI and USB port - and it certainly is not useless to have either..
  8. Ouch, I can understand your frustration if you assumed it would have this feature - I haven't had enough compacts to know if this is a feature that is normal (at least some video out). I would think HDMI live out is a fairly tall order for a compact though, so probably should have done due diligence there. We can all wish for features they did not include (I have a few on my list too), but I did take issue with your assertion that LX100 will never be used for aerial images on drones. Obviously not on yours, and maybe many others, but I have already read about people that are willing to live with this flaw and will use a secondary camera for navigation/rough preview, so clearly it will be used on drones :)
  9. I think this is a bit of a circular discussion, but I don't agree with your #1 (though I wish your #2 happens). I think Andrew's main point is that it is the lightest camera with the highest picture quality (great 4K plus really good lens), so it is capable of taking the best 4K video from a drone at the moment. For navigation, you can easily purchase a 1080p camera for 50-100 bucks that is extremely lightweight and can be attached to the gimbal where your camera is. I don't think you can speak for ALL drone owners :) It is most definitely valuable to highlight the lack of HDMI/video out in the full review though.
  10. Thanks for the input Cinegain! :) It would be a neat feature to have, but no big deal. Fact of the matter is if you want to see the metering the camera does, it does indeed show the iso on the screen before you press the record button, so you can manually switch the iso to whatever that value is. I would rarely have huge jumps in exposure, so tuning ISO works for me mostly (indoor that is).
  11. I didn't get a response on this, hoping someone knows... Hmm...either I misunderstood something, or I managed to switch some setting that disabled it, but in manual (set shutter and aperture), auto iso only works for pictures. once I press record, it defaults to iso 200. Anyone have an idea? I thought it could still do auto iso measured at the start of the video (and then set for the duration)?
  12. If you use the function ring on the lens for ISO, and adjust that rather than Aperture, you will find it a lot smoother. Set it up to show 1/3 stops as well, and you can do pretty nice smooth changes, both in terms of motion and exposure look. I don't think it will jar the camera more than a press on the ae lock button, though I completely agree that Panasonic should add this feature in a firmware upgrade.
  13. you can change "exposure" quickly by setting iso on the control ring.
  14. Hmm...either I misunderstood something, or I managed to switch some setting that disabled it, but in manual (set shutter and aperture), auto iso only works for pictures. once I press record, it defaults to iso 200. Anyone have an idea? I thought it could still do auto iso measured at the start of the video (and then set for the duration)?
  15. Another example of what can be done with this little camera (by Erik Hecht):
  16. More of a curiosity perhaps, but as most fast compact zooms, the LX100 does have some fairly pronounce flaring - maybe you can use it to your advantage ;) Other than that, there are always filters and post processing to give some character too! - and don't forget, Andrew Reid actually used this camera for some shots in music-video that is in the article that started this thread.
  17. The Panasonic battery is 7.2V so may need a special battery - not sure what connector the dc coupler provides is. Maybe something like this with an additional plug adapter; http://www.amazon.com/Venom-3300mAh-6-Cell-Battery-Universal/dp/B0007U9OF0
  18. Still, couldn't you hook this up to an external battery with much larger capacity then? (unless the hole is also completely blocked by any mounting plate). (wouldn't help if you need to swap memory cards of course, better buy a big one :))
  19. I've got a fairly old computer (but it was good back in the day). If you plan to output 1080p, it really isn't that heavy to work with. You may need to run pre-rendering more, but then it should work fine.
  20. Eric Cote, who runs mirrorlessjourney.com created a really cute video, using the GH4 for tripod shots, and the LX100 for slider shots:
  21. I think SteffenH meant your assumptions about what would happen if sharpness is lowered. SteffenH has seen both this and a C300 and an Alexa (I take it you know of these cameras??). Andrew Reid has probably touched most cameras you can ever imagine, and is very happy about the quality, plus he has shown great footage. You on the other hand are interpreting footage that you did not shoot, and apparently never even used the camera. I think you need to gain some perspective here. Either borrow/rent the camera and try it out, or watch this thread for more footage that will show you that you are way off base with your conclusions.
  22. Too many unknowns - The lens is plenty sharp (on a working copy of this camera) to take outstanding shots. I will take some similar examples this week, so you can compare..
  23. Yes, between 1.7 and 2.8, there is also 2.0, 2.2, 2.5 etc. It's a great picture taking camera that happens to take very good 4K video, but yes, functionality wise, not ideal for video. I agree, I wish they had IBIS too.
  24. No wonder the footage is so jarring. Those values are insane. They might make some sense if you are using 4K photomode and only want to extract a single frame, but for video footage, that is fairly useless to look at. In this case, it would have made much more sense to run at 1/60 (since it is 30 fps), and the aperture should be a higher value to ensure all the footage is in focus. (Again, if it is all indeed on a narrow plane across the frame, and the intent was to look at a single frame for sharpness problems on the side, that makes sense, but looking at this for video quality makes no sense at all). If it is too bright still at say aperture 5.6 or 8 w 1/60 shutter speed, put on some ND filter. It looks like a bright day. It is also clearly oversharpened, so he should experiment with less sharpness for sure. It is fine to give opinion if it is based on a good foundation, I think. However, this clip, once I look at it in Premiere, shows: -Oversharpened due to settings -Corners seem a bit soft, but it could be the aperture chose makes this to be out of focus. In any case, while I have found this camera has good corner sharpness, it is not incredible. It can't compete with my gh3 and Nocticron there.. -I don't see any significant issue with moire. The little I see is likely from the fact that he shot very fast shutterspeed, and did handheld, so the jittering between each frame makes is stand out. -Generally unpleasing picture, but again, due to settings. Conclusion: Don't base anything on this footage. Have you tried it yourself?? Have you seen all the great footage out there?
  25. Seriously, there is no info about this video what-so-ever. Is "Download original" the actual out of camera footage, or is it a edited version that was uploaded to Vimeo? What settings were used? Andrew suggests some settings, and certainly you want to dial back a lot of the settings as much as possible to have more leverage in post. Aperture, Shutter Speed, Iso? Shot seems to move around a bit. A moire test would have been better done on a tripod. The title mentions softness on the left side. I have not yet had time to look at the footage (but will), but if that is the case, it may be a faulty camera to begin with as well. I have not yet done in-depth testing on my LX100, but certainly in pictures corner sharpness is quite good considering this is a fast small zoom lens.
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