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    Danyyyel got a reaction from tfraser in Nikon Z6ii and Z7ii are to shoot 4k blackmagic Raw 60 fps   
    (0% of usser including me are expecting and complaining about 10 bit h264 internal not RAW. I don't understand that obsession about size unless you want to do spy shots. I mean I can shoot RAW video with cameras that is smaller than my last dslr Nikon D750 and a flash on it. In fact I prefer and camera with an external recorder than one with all internal WOW spec that will overhead. In a any narrative, high end commercial and documentary filming where I think RAW can be warranted, those size a ridiculously small. I mean the z6 + ninja V might be barely bigger than a Canon 5d mark ii.  So what has happened those last decade, everyone has become so much older that they can't hold less than a kilogram. 
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    Danyyyel reacted to Marcio Kabke Pinheiro in Nikon could leave camera market   
    Any one ever saw a iPhone teardown?

    It is a battery, a tiny mainboard, two or 3 camera modules, screen module and some connectors. The BOM cost for this in the iPhone 12 Pro is US$406 (https://www.gsmarena.com/apple_iphone_12_pro_bom_come_up_to_406-news-46442.php), probably much less, since Apple could get massive discounts buying it in bunch. Let's say it goes to US$300.

    Almost no mechanical adjustments needed, the assembly might be very cheap. Easily the profit is around 300% per unit.

    Now get a Nikon camera, see the immense complexity of it, the much higher price of a much bigger sensor (made in fractions of quantity of smaller smartphone chips), the amount of mechanical adjustments needed, which translates in much costly labor.

    Probably the profit is MUCH lower, with more complexity, and in 2019 Nikon sold around 1.73 million units between DSLR and mirrorless. Apple sold around 37,7 million units of the iPhone 11 in the FIRST HALF of 2020.

    My bets is that they don't give a damn to the traditional camera market.
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    Danyyyel got a reaction from Joacim Schwartz in Nikon could leave camera market   
    WOW at lease one poster who has some insight. Panasonic and Fuji are at 4-5% of the market, 4 to 5x lower than Nikon and Nikon is neck in neck with Sony. Guess what its Nikon that is going to die. Then they tell you, but Canon Sony Panasonic form part of bigger companies.............. While Nikon forms part of the Mitsubishi Kieretsu, the biggest, bigger than Sony, Panasonic, Canon etc group in Japan, with one of its investors being the biggest bank in Japan. Nikon has been positive until last year and was sitting on more than 2 billions in cash in 2017 at least. They even have been bullish about their 2021-2022 numbers predicting profits for their imaging division as this big loss is a one time write off so as to make the cmpany leaner as they want to adapt to an ever declining market. They also have invested a lot into new field like lidar technology.
    The fumy thing is people using market share as a metric of progress. Tell that to Sony who where selling 5x more cameras in 2010 with 5-8% market share than today with about 20%. How much time do people think Sony corp will be happy as a non historic camera manufacturer to continue to invest and surely incur loss in a camera business. Is Nikon in great shape, definitely not, but they are in much better shape than other manufacturers like Panasonic, fuji and even Sony. One has only 5% at best, the other one is now stagnating at about 20% since Nikon and Canon have launched their Mirrorless lineup. Even more, because it is in an ever smaller market.
    Olympus the perfect example of the non sense about Nikon death. While for the last 3-5 years we are hearing how Nikon will die soon, Olympus who no one predicted, just went out. Nikon has always been positive until last year. Their profitability or even loss started in the imaging division started last year but with massive investment in R&D. What people here don't know as they concentrate on only camera bodies. Nikon has released 18 outstanding lens during the last 2 years. They have another 6 until next year, that will be 24 lens in 3 years. This is an investment on the next decade to 15 years, those lens are so good with the advantage of the bigger new mount. They also have build 6 bodies during that time and are heavily predicted that at least 1 if not 2 pro bodies next year. Meanwhile what has the likes of Sony produce. My simple guess, is that we will see Panasonic, then Sony and then the likes of Fuji, and I would put Nikon just before Canon to quit the camera industry. The likes of Canon, Nikon and to a certain extent Fuji are historic camera manufacturers. Sony was just opportunistic on a booming market, now that it is going down and down, they will soon quite, by selling it to stop the loss.

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    Danyyyel reacted to IronFilm in Nikon could leave camera market   
    Going early into mirrorless gave Sony an advantage initially, but it also means they made the mistake of APS-C as the basis for their mount. Which they're trying to shoehorn a FF sensor into, which results in limitations in terms of the lenses they can design and what they can do with their sensors. 

    With time, this will become more and more apparent to even the average consumer.  Nikon has better camera body IBIS and "better" (in the sense of one of: size/price/performance/value/speed/etc) lenses than Sony.

    Canon meanwhile has made the deathly mistake of splitting up their mirrorless across EOS M & RF Mounts, they can not possibly support both forever! Nikon has already long ago killed their Nikon 1 experiment, that mistake is gone in the past now. 

    Out of the "big three" I see Nikon the best set up for the long term future, they just need to keep on doing what they're doing. Release another couple of DX Z Mount bodies to get the mainstream average buyers and attract new blood to the system, plus Pro FX Z Mount body and keep up that stream of new Z Mount lens releases. 
    (and purely in my dreams.... release a FX6/C70 competitor with a Z Mount!!)
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    Danyyyel reacted to EduPortas in Nikon could leave camera market   
    Nikon is not a video company. Their forte is and will always be photo gear.
    They make very good products in that respect.  A bit more expensive than the usual players, no doubt. But the quality is there.
    Let's be honest here guys: Nikon = Japanese ethos. Failing for them means being bought by another Japanese company.
    Since they are a part of the umbrella of the massive Mitsubishi group, I HIGHLY doubt we'll ever see a dramatic shift.
    At least not as dramatic as Pentax, which by the way still make a very good photo cameras.
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    Danyyyel reacted to stephen in Nikon Z6ii and Z7ii are to shoot 4k blackmagic Raw 60 fps   
    Every camera has pros and cons.
    BRaw external for Nikon Z6, Z6 II is great. Problem for me is not the external recorder. BMPCC 4K, 6K have BRaw internal but can you use them without external monitor ? Not really. Nikon Z6, Z6 II with Blackmagic Video Assist 12G 5'' will be a smaller and lighter setup, not to mention that you get also a great photo camera, Full Frame out of the box, in body image stabilization, very good and compact EVF and much better auto focus in video.  Can put the recorder in a bag on  my side and have a HDMI cable  hanging from the camera. No such big deal if want to be as much unnoticeable as possible.
    Problem is that Z6 with Ninja V line skips in ProRes RAW. And will most likely do the same with Blackmagic video assist. According to initial reviews Z6 II line skips as well. Another problem was that when recording externally you loose EVF on Z6. If Nikon solved those problems in Z6 II and with Blackmagic recorders, I am in.
    Agree that 10bit 4:2:2 is perfectly OK for most. But it has it price too. Usually it is x264 encoded, which is more difficult to edit in Resolve, while BRaw cuts like butter. So am willing to use a recorder anyway. It saves me time in post and it is nice to have 5 inch monitor. Prefer this setup most of the time.
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    Danyyyel reacted to Anaconda_ in Nikon Z6ii and Z7ii are to shoot 4k blackmagic Raw 60 fps   
    Rightly or wrongly, having Braw as external only means Blackmagic still get a cut of the sales because you need the Video Assist. If it was internal, they wouldn't get as much. The 3rd party would probably pay for the rights to the codec, but I'd imagine there's a bigger margin with the VA hardware sales.
    It also means people are less likely to go that route. If you don't want the put a monitor on your camera, or want Braw internal, you need to buy a BMD camera, so either way they're getting extra sales.
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    Danyyyel got a reaction from zerocool22 in Nikon Z6ii and Z7ii are to shoot 4k blackmagic Raw 60 fps   
    I understand your point fully, but I think this a bit less true since BMRAW. When you look at the bitrate of Braw and from feedback of some friends who work with it and Davinci Resolve, it works very very well. At 12.1 which I saw some test footage is just slightly less sharp than other less compressed version, we are clearly less heavy than normal PRORES. We are closer to H264 compression rate!!!

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    Danyyyel got a reaction from zerocool22 in Nikon Z6ii and Z7ii are to shoot 4k blackmagic Raw 60 fps   
    I was stunned to see this from this article that the two Zii models are to shoot 4k BMRaw at 60 fps with a future firmware upgrade in February for the z6ii and perhaps at launch for the z7ii in december. One thing to remember is that the z6ii shoots with a 1.5 crop (DX) but the Z7 shoots with only 1.1x crop.
    https://*banned URL*/nikon-z7-ii-and-z6-ii-raw-support
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    Danyyyel reacted to Hanriverprod in Panasonic S5 Entry Level Full Frame seems to be real...   
    Do you know how many movies and dramas are shot in Korea every year? You mentioned two korean directors every redditor wanks off to. I just spoke to a Korean Producer who has a studio film in the korean theaters right now a couple of weeks ago about shooting long scenes with af lenses to keep track of the actors. I personally know dp's who have used sony and canon cameras the past year on all types of shoots using af. Why are there so many people on this site who think they know everything about what everyone is doing? And why are you interrogating me? But I'll play along.
    No, I don't mean Bong joon ho or Park chan-wook.
    They are using c300 mkii and fx9's and canon and sony lenses.
    It's not for the whole production. Specific shots where they know they can save time and get the shot done. So yes most of the shoots are of course done with an ac/puller.
    I personally know and have worked with these people. I have worked in the Korean film industry for over 12 years now and worked in film and tv in NYC since the early 90s. I am very aware of how productions work. I have done everything from tape dubbing to dping indie films to directing short films and theatrically released feature films.
    And no I won't share people's names with you. Just deal with the fact the world is bigger than what your perspective might be.
    Here's a rental house a few blocks away from me. A lot of productions in Seoul rent from houses like this. Go to the cine camera section and then the lens section and then draw your own conclusions.
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    Danyyyel reacted to Geoff CB in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    The 1080p 120 is so good I'd be happy with that if they gave me it in 10-bit log.
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    Danyyyel reacted to gethin in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    someone in the nikonrumors comments said the sensor can only do 40hz in full frame.  Not sure if this is true but if so, rules out 4k 60 FF.  I agree, they shouldn't give it the ii moniker if its a minor update. Urgh! 
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    Danyyyel got a reaction from deezid in ProRes Raw and Davinci Resolve   
    My only hope is that the big studios put pressure on BM to implement Prores RAW as Resolve is the number one grading tool.
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    Danyyyel got a reaction from Kisaha in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    I don't feel sorry for my 2 z6 purchase at all, when I bought the first one it didn't have things like eye AF, much better autofocus and even raw video. Sincerely the Z have always been full featured while the Canon where really underwhelming. It's not because Sony and Canon just released there first 10 bit camera than Nikon did not offer that 2 years ago.
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    Danyyyel got a reaction from Simon Young in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    Personally I hope they stick to h264, h265 is a nightmare to edit. They should add higher bit-rate also, same as we have different jpeg setting. High bitrate 10 bit h264 would be a dream for 90+of jobs. When I see what you can already do with their 140 mbit codec, it would be both practical and lighter weight.  
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    Danyyyel got a reaction from Geoff CB in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    Personally I hope they stick to h264, h265 is a nightmare to edit. They should add higher bit-rate also, same as we have different jpeg setting. High bitrate 10 bit h264 would be a dream for 90+of jobs. When I see what you can already do with their 140 mbit codec, it would be both practical and lighter weight.  
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    Danyyyel reacted to MrSMW in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    I agree and unless you absolutely need in camera 4K 60p or twin card slots, these cameras are still as good as the day they were launched.
    It’s not like anyone had a gun to their head to buy them or anything else.
    They will make superb used options for a lot of people also.
    I do think the Z line has been the most underestimated and over-criticised system of these last 2 years.
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    Danyyyel got a reaction from IronFilm in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    So by the rumors it seems that it will definitely have a second card SD slot. The first objective in these new camera was to fix what most have been complaining about, that is dual card slots and true grip. I think these will sell very well at least to Nikon users that have not moved because of dual card slots etc. I am very encouraged since the z6 launch they have added so much to the Z6 in firmware update.
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    Danyyyel got a reaction from IronFilm in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    I am in the same boat as you, I hope they pare with black-magic to be able to use their recorder. This situation of the BM vs Atomos is a bit ridiculous, I also don't understand how what can be called the industry standard grading software cannot use PRORES raw. I hope big studio's start to put some pressure on BM. As for Nikon they have devised all there Z lens for video from the start, so no noise and breathing, but linear focusing at least in the very good 24-70 F4 is not as with manual lens. Now all there lens are firmware up-gradable, perhaps in the future. They are somehow stellar, Nikon is showing how using the biggest mount and shallowest flange distance is paying dividen. Even the kit lens are phenomenal.
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    Danyyyel got a reaction from IronFilm in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    So Nikon has launched a timer and in two weeks we will know not about mid life upgrade in the S designation but a second Gen Nikon Z6ii and Z7ii. I post below what Nikon Rumors posted as possible specs. So it was before Nikon confirmed a 2.0 model and not S. It is quite interesting because as an S update the changes where quite big, so now it is more in line. For video we see 4k 60 fps 'More new video features'. My guess as it is 2.0 version, I am a bit optimistic that we will get 10 bit and log internal. Even if they are using same sensor, which is debatable as same megapixel doesn't mean necessarily exactly same sensor. As they state faster shooting speed it could be a faster version which would be good in video for less rolling shutter. 
    Now what I would like them to do for the z6, without being out of this world spec, is to give the full sensor 6k raw video readout for external recording at least for 24 to 30p. It would put the z6 again at the top of the ML cameras. Because it already has great IBIS, viewfinder and tracking for video. Some more and higher choice of bitrate would be great. My guess they will at least double the bitrate from 150 mbit 4k 30 p to 300 mbit for 4k 60p. But at least these 300 mbit are also available for 24 to 30p 4k and any slowmotion mode. Those 2x Expeed processor is also a strong indicator that they want to be aggressive for AF etc. If they do all the above they will lack only 4k 120p compared to the A7s3 and Canon R5 but for 1000-1500 less, which would be very competitive.
    The new models could be called Z6 II and Z7 II instead of Z6s and Z7s (still not sure)
    Incremental update to the current Z6/Z7 models
    The camera shape is almost the same as Z6/Z7
    Same sensor as in the Z6/Z7
    Same EVF as Z6/Z7 (previous rumors indicated EVF with 5.76 million dots, the current Z6/Z7 have EVF with 3.69 million dots)
    Improved AF (Face/eye/animal detection)
    Dual EXPEED processor
    Will use the new Nikon EN-EL15c battery
    USB power
    Dual memory card slots: CFexpress and SD (XQD/CFX type B, SD-UHS-II)
    Faster frame rate
    More buffer memory
    4k 60p video
    More new video features
    Improved user interface
    Support for vertical grip with release button/controls (optional accessory)
    Improved functionality expected with firmware update after release
    The expected announcement is around October
    The Nikon Z6s will be the last Nikon camera with a 24MP sensor
    Higher prices than the current Z6 ($1,797) and Z7 ($2,497) models
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    Danyyyel reacted to IronFilm in Nikon will announce Z6s/Z7s updates, with dual card slots and 4K 60fps   
    Good points! 

    Treat the Nikon Z5 as a FF stills camera, but also....  a S35 filming camera. 
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    Danyyyel got a reaction from IronFilm in Nikon will announce Z6s/Z7s updates, with dual card slots and 4K 60fps   
    What a load of crap, as said before this camera won't stay at 1400, it is at 1300 (body only) now on Amazon, price with different bundle has been between 1250 to 1300, with heavy discount on lens ftz adapter, cards etc. And by the way you can also have for 400 more the Z6 with actual 10bit to raw video. This thing is a baby Z6 with same viewfinder that trounce all the Sony camera until the latest A7s3, Beter IBIS, magnesium  body (go and watch how good the construction of the Nikon Z cameras) and I am not comparing it to a 2016 Sony but to the current A73, which the Z5 beats handily. You look like those people that compare cameras on spec sheets. For now their is zero competition to the Z5 in what is a 1300 and by Christmas 1200 to 1250 FF camera.
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    Danyyyel got a reaction from IronFilm in Nikon will announce Z6s/Z7s updates, with dual card slots and 4K 60fps   
    LOL people always look at their needs as something sacred, just to be polite. That Z5 is lower cost than some APSC cameras, rendering the 1.7 crop about same size as APSC sensor size in 4k. Nikon did not go back, they are giving people a full featured FF camera for the price of  APSC ones. Its a primarily FF great photo camera with 4k apsc video for about same price as APSC cameras. A photographer that does some video, it is much better than those apsc cameras,
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    Danyyyel reacted to MrSMW in Z6 II and Z7 II mirrorless cameras   
    I am pretty sure if I had not gone for the Panny S5, I would have gone for the Z6s/Z6ii or whatever they are going to call it.
    The S1’s were/are too big for me and the Sony’s might be competent and the continual Canon shenanigans don’t endear me to their brand.
    Bottom line is the quality of both stills and video does it for me with Panny and any other issues are a workaround.
    I agree though, the lenses are not there yet. At least not from Panny alone plus they are a bit big. The Leica options are beyond my pay grade though there are some interesting Sigma options.
    In November, there will be the first of the new f1.8’s in 85mm flavour and a target for me, followed by I think 24, 35 and a 50?
    But I digress and wanted to say I like Nikon’s 1.8 line up for Z Mount. The 20mm, 35mm and 85mm would have been all I ever needed or wanted.
    What was missing for me with the original Z was twin card slots and 4K 60p internal, 10 bit, preferably 422, but 420 would have been OK.
    Otherwise I’d have gone back to Nikon in 2019.
    I really hope they don’t cock this up as we don’t really need another fiasco, - too much drama in and out of the industry!
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    Danyyyel reacted to Zeng in Nikon will announce Z6s/Z7s updates, with dual card slots and 4K 60fps   
    Have you actually used prores raw in Z6? It has far less issues than presented by some youtubers. And I find AF on native lenses very good in video mode. In fact I was shooting on 2 cameras, Canon C200 beside Z6, and AF is actually tracking better on Z6. Believe it or not. No hunting, smooth transition. They really made those S lenses great for video. There's really little not to like about them. Lack of linear focus is the only thing I can think of. Maybe people judge too much by the looks these days? They might lack solid look (although I dig it), hence they are not good?
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