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  1. umm stalone has a networth of 275 million. He probably made more than 250k in interest on his bank account in the 10 minutes it took him to record the message. Please go fuck yourself...seriously.
  2. Its not 50mm (58) but the helios 44-2 is cheap and known to play nice with anamorphics.
  3.   That is what I mean. I doubt lugging this thing around for hours on end is comfortable either. I'm curious how it compares.
  4. I would not be an early adopter of this tech unless you've got money to burn. As we've seen the prices are plummeting, I venture to guess within a year we'll have a <2k option. It would be nice to replace the glidecam, sliders etc with this. I wonder if the setup and use is as quick and easy as the video implies.   I'm also looking forward to hearing how it feels to work with one for hours on end.
  5. Have to agree, the lens flares are cheesy. Love the bokeh and squeeze though.
  6. Beautiful footage andrew, great job. I'm blown away by the DR and low light capabilities. Are you doing any/much noise reduction on the footage?   Also I have isco envy, i have a 36 with which my only beef is the 1.5 bokeh is not as nice as the 2x of my Kowa. I did not know a 2x single focus existed, how rare is that thing?
  7.  I assume your familiar with the dual and minimum focus aspects of the kowa that could be causing softness, sounds like there is something wrong with the lens.
  8. Why don't you want to use the helios?   are you looking for a tighter lens to match the feel on FF? Jupiter 9 is a 85mm lens, vintage russian like the helios so should perform similarly on full frame as a helios 44 on m43rd
  9. Great news, I may have to start saving for a isco optimized kit of these. The graded footage is a massive improvement, definitely very deliverance-ey.  I have an obsession with films from this era(badlands, the graduate, mean streets etc),  they were the peak aesthetically in my eyes.   My current attempts to reproduce this look are shooting hacked low contrast gh2, russian glass, isco 36, filmconvert for grain/filmstock. Definitely getting there, but I prefer the image produced by my KOWA over the isco, unfortunately it is pretty un-usable in real shooting conditions for obvious reasons. Some DSO primes might be just the ticket as it would push the bokeh to 2+.
  10. Absolutely bloody superb mate, love the low contrast and the bokeh is spectacular.... actor looks like he's crapped himself when he walks though :P   This is just the kind of aesthetic I've tried achieve with less success, looks almost like 70's celluloid. So creamy, but with bold skin tones.   I heard rumor you might make a suite of lens sizes eventually? is technically possible to do this process to other russian glass like jupiter 9, mir24, mir10a? I'd love to use these for narrative stuff, a kit would be my dream come true.   Awesome stuff!!!
  11. Editing raw footage with 4gb of ram will be interesting. You should be able to cache a couple of frames at time.
  12. I ended up ordering a hd4000 and a couple of weight plates. There is a pretty solid tutorial here http://vimeo.com/15300979 on how to balance it for anyone else who might be interested.   Cheers.
  13. Paulio

    Tokyo city

    Beautiful, what do you shoot and grade with?
  14. Gosling. Studios gonna greenlight anything with him attached.    
  15. The footage has a really nice look to it. Well done.
  16. Ryan, thanks for the info man, I'm shooting on m43rd so it's tighter than your 5d for sure. Sounds like you are glidecams best customer! I was thinking of getting one for narrative work to be able to do tracking shots, more dynamic stuff and even just to give a bit of breathe to some shots. I'm stuck on sticks or slider at the moment and the glidecam seems like the biggest bang for buck as far adding some shooting freedom. Did you find it gave you much additional creative freedom? I assume your using the hd4000 to hold that gear, it's prob overkill for gh2 but I've heard the 4000 is much more stable than smaller models and that you're better off using it and just adding weight plates to the top.
  17. The wider angle reduces the perception of movement etc, its not recommended to go above 50mm. Mathew what size glidecam did you use? The hd4000 can do upto 10 pounds.
  18. Glidecam is about 500-600 bucks and very well proven. As far as I know there are no movi clones in that price range or with any sort of proven field reliability. I'd really love to be proven wrong though!
  19. Anybody tried this? There are almost zero examples online aside from this  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXgvmOkjqrM which looks pretty good to me.   I imagine the main limiting factor is you  need to use wide angle lenses with the glidecam to get stable, and of course anamorphics have limitations in that regard.   I was considering getting a glidecam and  mir10a 25mm and pairing it with my isco.   Thoughts? Warnings?
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