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  1. Dear Sony, you can also do Hoshin planning to find a break through. Then Kaizen events can be used to brainstorm and find solutions for the next level break through. Please visit Toyota in Japan, they are the experts in LEAN.
  2. Hi, found this on NL marktplaats (not mine) : https://link.marktplaats.nl/m1411574920 but he is asking too much....
  3. Yesterday filmed in 4K the korfball Play Off - Sports Event + 720p livestream to youtube with the "DEV" hacks to disable 30 mins limit and lens check. Camera NX1 proofs to be stable, even in stress conditions of the sports event! Camera: NX1 Lens: Canon Broadcast J17ex7.7B4 Record: 2160 25p on Komputerbay SD card Video out: 1080P for Youtube livestream Great work and many thanks :-)
  4. Hi, One of the "issues" with the NX1 is time to convert HEVC. So using a LUT will speed up, thanks for helping the community with this. But I was thinking differently: can we get a setting out of the box, straight from camera and still have a cinematic look? Here are my settings: Settings:Gamma DRSaturation -2Sharpness -5Contrast +5 yes, it is really plus 5Hue 0Hand held HEVC convert with ffmpeg script: echo start > ff.log date >> ff.log for F in *.MP4 do OUT=`echo $F | sed s/MP4/mov/ ` ffmpeg -i $F -c:v prores_ks -strict -2 $OUT done echo end >> ff.log date >> ff.log Straight from camera, no color grading, only stabilized in FCPx Cheers, Jorgen :-)
  5. Found some youtube video's showing issues with version 1.30, but I can not reproduce. My NX1 is stable so far. However I do not have any Samsung lenses, all are old MF lenses via adapter. Wish list: -Also clean HDMI out with 1080p while record in 4K internally. Now 1080p out is showing the "display". This would enable streaming to youtube in HD while record in 4K. -Real s-log
  6. I would expect next: -Sony will announce A7R II with 50MP sensor very soon -Canon waits for NAB to announce the 5Dc for video, with good low light performance and maybe only 12MP sensor similar to A7s -Sony strikes back with A7s II at NAB and will beat Canon again...
  7. Here are some grading examples based on the footage of ChristieEnglish, thanks Christine for doing this . Examples are a bit extreme, one "normal", "moonlight" and old 1980's look.
  8. Happy new year to you Andrew Let's hope 2015 will deliver us the perfect camera - and your best review
  9. Hi, If you open terminal, you can use ffmpeg for free. If you do not have a Samsung, but want to experiment with HVEC, you need to type something like this (encode to H.265): ffmpeg -i input.mov -c:v libx265 -preset medium -x265-params crf=28 -c:a aac -strict experimental -b:a 192k output.mp4 More info: https://www.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-codecs.html And if you have a Samsung 4K TV, it can play the H.265 files directly from USB or NAS, which is very nice.
  10. Hi, in some shots the anamorphic lens is not 100% horizontal aligned, happens to me also some times. You can fix it in post, but a trick I use lately is very simple: put a little marker on the taking and anamorphic lens to prevent it.
  11. How will Canon 5D hold against 4K UltraHD Video? Watch this: Magic Lantern RAW video, 3K vs 4K vs 1080P vs Anamorphic test http://youtu.be/DH5nKNedyNI Camera: Canon 5D mk iii Lenses: Kowa 8z lens Canon 85mm lens Settings: Anamorphic x2 settings: 1536x1290 24p 3K cropped: 2880x1206 12p 4K cropped: 3584x1320 12p The Komputerbay 64GB card does not go beyond 112 MB/s (debug mode), this is why in 4K and 3K framarate has to be lowered. Enjoy!
  12. Hi Recently I upgraded from 50D to 5D. On a aps-c like 50D the kowa 8z works great with 50mm taking lens, no vignetting. But the same 50mm shows a lot vignetting on the 5D, because FF. So I go for 85mm on the 5D. Workflow: With ML 5D3 you can go 1600x1290 or 1536x1290 and do the processing in MLV Mystic or RawMagic. Then import DNG in Davinci resolve, set clip attributes to cinemascope in pixel aspect ratio and you're ready to go. Cheers, Jorgen Gerstel
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQFnzuHguhU&feature=share&list=UUlf5U99GbelM7qTqJB4sdAA     Camera: Canon 50D Caonon 50mm lens ML build 11th July 2013
  14. Buildings in Eindhoven http://vimeo.com/70886798   Camera: Canon 50D Caonon 50mm lens Magic Lantern Raw - 1080P filmed in zoom / crop mode (exept for evoluon intro clip) ML build 11th July 2013
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