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  1. I bought a "mint" 1dc (my 2nd one) this week. From the original owner. Here was the deal - $3300, less than 28,000 clicks, included a 2nd OEM battery plus 3 32GB CF cards. Original receipt from where he paid $14999 in 2014 for it. I know they are $5k now new, but. Anyway, I get the camera and it's mint EXCEPT for this damage to the rear LCD. I call him and he states "Oh sorry, that just happened and I forgot to tell you. I can knock a couple hundred bucks off it the price, or you can return it (we had worked out a 3 day "right to rescind" anyway, so I'm well within the time limit. I know re-selling this as is down the line as I buy and sell a ton of cameras I will take a hit for the damage. However, other than that, the camera works perfectly and the sensor is even spotless shooting at F/22! I called Canon CPS and they told me they cannot quote anything over the phone and as a CPS member they can send me a prepaid shipping label to send it to them - the repair is optional based on the price. The seller has offered to kick me $200 back. I think this might be a $800 "repair" from Canon since I'm sure because the "C" badge is involved they will charge more. I told the seller I was just going to return it, but considering how much I love the C-log look and the 1.3x crop in 4k, I am torn. Another option would be to pay around $5400 to get the 1dx Mark II and get the sweet DPAF and 4k 60 (and 120FPS 1080) as well as the improved dynamic range. What do you guys think? Shawn
  2. If I see ONE MORE Canon marketing piece mention you can grab 8MP stills from 4k my head is going to explode. Yeah no shit - that can be done in post with any 4k camera. It's just a freaking JPG (not raw)...Sigh.
  3. Actually this shows SPECIFICALLY your "hit" - $550 bucks. Used was $5k a month ago, now $4450. Once you factor in the $50 or so shipping, it was a $500 "hit" - could you rent one for a month and take out of the country for $500? No. Did you make more than $500 using it for the month? I have said my piece. Part of his argument on why it was ok was the fact that Adorama is a "huge company". That should have 0 bearing and you know it.
  4. Well let's see - had he bought a NEW one I certainly could see that - but he bought a used one for $5k a month ago. It's not a $3k hit by any stretch, and B&H (and Adorama) both show their used 1dc's as "unreturnable". Unless there are $2k used 1dc's out there, I highly doubt he took a 3k hit. But, clearly none of you work on the business sales side of things - what did Adorama do wrong here? They sold him a product; he used it for professionally and mentioned several times how much he loved it. We all make gambles buying used gear as far as price. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. But, we all have our own set of principles. Carry on... So it's ok because they're a huge company? You sound like a typical Democrat. To reiterate - they didn't see any usage because he only took video, which doesn't register on the shutter count. B. No $5k hit; he bought used. C. Adorama sold him a good working camera that he took out of the country twice and got paid to use for free. If this is fine by you to "stick it to the man" then that's fine. I just don't do things like this, big company or small.
  5. I am too, just in different ways. More of an asshole than a dick. You are a dick though for sure.
  6. We must live on different planets Dave - I've bought and returned $1000 used cameras from B&H after using them for maybe 75 clicks and felt extremely guilty about returning them. Not take a $5k camera on two international trips and then openly discuss returning it to Adorama on a popular website. Clearly doing paid work and then returning the gear used is a dick move IMO, but then to mention the details in a public forum is even worse. But what do I know.
  7. I owned the 1dc. The 108060 is softer than the 5d3's 1080p24/30. It looks like upscaled 720p to me. So you took the camera on two international trips and used it extensively and still returned it for a full refund?
  8. Kool-Aid glass...drank. Complete.
  9. Wasn't this the same spiel Jones said to people to get them to move to Jonestown? I kid. Amazing skin tones / gorgeous.
  10. I might be one of the few who's owned the 1dc and still owns the c100 mk2. in my honest opinion the c100 mk2 is slightly better in low light; 12800 ISO appeared to have less noise on the c100 mark 2 in very similar lighting conditions. C-log (to me) appears much cleaner as well on the c100 mk2. Yes the 1dc has a larger sensor, but it's a 1.3x in video mode vs around 1.53?-ish for Super35. Native ISO is 850 vs 400, so you tell me which camera is more sensitive.
  11. Yes, when most ebay'ers list their used 5d3 for $1950 they are falling over themselves to take my offer of $1400 and have the hassle of ending the auction early. B&H and Adorama (and KEH) sure do deal on their price a lot as well. I would like you to show me just 3 examples of decent 5d3's under $1500 on any site listed in the last month. Yeah wow I thought we were just having a friendly discussion. I am the king of cheap and low ballers; always looking for ways to spend less on GAS. I bought a like new sectional last week (in store was $2799, seller had a 1 year old one and was asking $2100). I offered him $1200. Perhaps he's talking about some other currency than US dollars? They are now way below $1.5k and closing in on $1k? Prove it.
  12. I was about to link to this. Keep in mind Gordon himself will tell you he has very shaky hands, so take the "shakiness" with a grain of salt.
  13. Mattias seems to have better search engines than I do for his 1dc and 5d3 pricing. Everything I've seen is the 5d3 is holding onto the $1800k US mark (Plenty of people tried the Sony route and are buying back in; tired of adapters, poor ergonomics and fiddly adapters). Hell it may have gone up a bit price-wise in the last few months IMO. I'm on my 3rd 5d3 now having owned the first one for 2+ years. They never stopped working; I just buy and sell too much gear.
  14. This is one reason I sold my a7r2 (plus the unreliability factor). The a6300 does 1080p120 and the a7r2 only 720p120; I found the slow-mo much better on the a6300. This little a6300 has S-LOG3 and is damn good in low light, and has less of an overall crop in 120p mode than even the a7s2! (I think, or it's close). To the poster than says the a7r2 can be used in FF mode for video - I agree, but I'd put my cutoff @ ISO1600. Image goes way downhill after that, but it's pretty damn nice footage at low ISOs.
  15. I have offered to sell my LCDVFE by Kinotehnik to Dave - it's a must have for this camera. Can't wait to see future pictures of the entire setup if he decides to buy it. Here's a screen grab from a guy using the 1dc + the LCDVFE (and a mic): From http://www.hkarlsen.no/2013/09/the-canon-1dc-and-kinotehnik-evf/
  16. Here's some screen caps from the C100 (shot in C-log) with either the 300 2.8 IS and/or the 100-400 II. Just for reference's sake. For reference, here's 2 framegrabs from 2013 from the 5d3 raw: (first is the 300 2.8 I think and the latter was the 135/2 wide open with a vari-ND. At the end of the day the image quality with properly exposed c100 C-log and the 5d3 are very, very close. c100 has more detail and resolution and the 5d3 raw shallower DOF. However the c100 just makes sense to me as it's more reliable and easier to work with. Much faster to setup and I can record for hours on end. With the 5d3 I was having to sync audio in post, unpack the mlv raw files, worry about screw on ND filters, would not continually AF in video nor could I punch in while recording. You can't go wrong IMO with either option. I'm in my mid 40's and I prefer having the EVF as it's tough for me to read the back of the screen (everyone's vision starts to suck after age 40)..:) But hey, I'm not a filmmaker. I have shot weddings and short paid documentary, but my primary focus is video of my family - I don't want the typical shaky camcorder "everything in focus / handycam look" typical of most home movies. In years from now when I'm dead my kids will appreicate the hard work when they show this stuff to their kids. At least I hope...
  17. According to what I'm reading, "Slow west" was shot digitally with the Alexa: "Curiously, one asset New Zealand didn't have was a laboratory for developing celluloid. "We were told we'd have to send our negatives to Thailand," the DP remembered. There went the production's hopes of shooting on film. Yet using the ALEXA Classic camera with Panavision Primo vintage and Ultra Speed Z lenses had its advantages; and that's to say nothing of the giant mushroom sequence with Jay, shot with a Frazier lens. "With digital you can see all the detail," said Ryan, which might be a part of why it looks a little 3-D. Nothing is falling into the background; it's all in your face." http://www.thalo.com/articles/view/1037/cinematographer_robbie_ryan_on_shooting_slow_west
  18. Have you shot both in C-log and color corrected / graded? The C100 is top notch IQ wise. Having a tad more DOF and quick push button AF, built in ND, zebras, waveforms and the ability to punch in while recording are very important. In fact, I'll bet if you shoot the same scene and downscale it to 1080 you'd never be able to tell which camera took what. Focus and better exposure tools IMO always trump everything else. I have 4k sets here - unless you plan on cropping/panning quite a bit I personally don't see the point of having the hassle of huge 500 megabit files, large memory cards, no EVF, no ND, poorer ergonomics, poorer battery life (if you get the larger Canon battery for the c100). The 1080p60 from the c100 KILLS the 1dc's soft 1080p60 mode. I hope whatever you're shooting doesn't move much, as holding focus at 1.3x crop is pretty tough. For DOC work I'd throw on a STM lens (10-18) or even the 18-35 Sigma stopped down a bit. But hey, to each their own. c100 has MOJO for days in C-log mode (and Wide DR is pretty damn nice too). Just my opinion of course.
  19. Well in this case he does have the c100 (if it's version II or I with the upgrade) he can map a button to AF enable and problem solved. IMO I'd make the c100 in his case the "A" cam due to much easier to work with video-centric functions.
  20. I was like you - I switched Canon to Sony (a7s, a7r, a7rii, a6300). I have a small handful of native Sony lenses but heavily invested in Canon glass. The Metabones adapter works ok but many times it'd lock up and I'd have to power the camera off and on again. Some compatibility with Sigma EF mount lenses (it didn't work at the time with the Sigma 150-600 C for longer than 1 minute of video). Random error codes, et al. Twice this year my a7r2 had an issue that required it to be sent into Sony for repair. My 5d3's never had this issue and I ran Magic Lantern. Despite all of this, I never liked the Sony colors esp. skin tones. So I started going back to Canon - got the 1dc and liked it, but didn't really shoot C-log nor understand how to grade it that well, so for me it wasn't worth keeping it. So I shot pics with the 1dx for a while (I have since changed my mind about the 1dc now that I'm shooting C-log. I will admit I was wrong there!) Then I bought a C100 Mark II. I figured out after reading and teaching myself how to expose and color (well, getting much better at it) C-log and I'm super thrilled with the results. Built in ND, proper XLR audio, waveform, 1080p60 that isn't soft (a la 1dc), in camera over/under crank, quick access menus, good EVF. Specs won't blow you away but the image is stunning. It's like the 5d3 with Magic Lantern in C-log (provided you get close on exposure) and I love the battery life, form factor and reliability. My son's spring travel baseball ended last week, so I picked up another 5d3 (and sold the 1dx). So I've come full circle after 4 years ago buying my first 5d3. At the end of the day it may not have everything (lower dynamic range, no 1080p60 or faster) but it's plenty fast enough for casual use, has gorgeous colors that need little tweaking in Lightroom. All I have to say is if you shoot people, stick with Canon. Landscapes or something else perhaps not, or the 5dsr. One more thing - the c100 is really, really, really good in low light. In my eyes as good as the Sony a7s original or pretty close. The Sony can crank up higher with less noise, but man, up to ISO 12800 the Canon retains a shit-ton of color detail and the Sony doesn't.
  21. I am no stranger to market forums (this one, Fred Miranda, DVXuser, Photography on the Net, Sportsshooters.com and a couple others. Cheapest one I'm seeing is $4250 with an unknown shutter count (I do not count the water logged $3k one on ebay a valid option). PM me if you can be more specific. Thanks, Shawn
  22. I've owned this camera before so I'm very familiar with it. I miss the 1.3x 4k C-log and need another one. PM me if you have one for sale, or email (clayssc@gmail.com). Thanks! Shawn
  23. I thought your name sounded familiar - I've been following you on Youtube for quite some time. Question for you regarding the video "5 Reasons to Buy a Used Canon 1DC" You stated your used 1dc "cost less than a Sony a7r mark ii". Where did you find one that cheap?
  24. I am holding onto my a6300. It's my camera of choice for quick snapshots, 120FPS in camera slow-mo, good static 4k of landscape stuff (not people) and my most used feature? Taking photos of things I'm selling on Craigslist / Feebay. The popup flash tilts. Plus it's very light. I cannot just set it on a tripod and let it roll in the heat though. For sure not 4k. It is what it is, but that with the 28 FE F/2 is a nice little combo. Yes I realize the 28/2 is for the FF bodies. Sorry to hear you're having bad luck. It's pretty good in low light - but the c100 Mark II smokes it handily noise wise - shot my kids letting off some smoke bombs last night - the c100 was very clean @ ISO 10,000; much cleaner than the (don't dare move it else you'll get rolling shutter) a6300 was @ ISO 6400. But hey, for the money? The a6300 is smashing for what it does. I'm sure you TURNED IT ON WRONG. That's my assumption. Did you eat chicken that week? I'm sure that did it...:)
  25. Sitrep - UPS just dropped the a7r2 back off. Sony documentation read "replaced C board, cleaned and checked". Was put in the mail priority on Friday 06/10 and returned to my hands 20 days later. Considering shipping was easily 2-3 days each way, I'd say this isn't awful. It's awful that's it's broken twice in the last 3 months, but the turn around isn't terrible.
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