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  1. 3 years ago called - the FS700 could do all of this then. Unless this sensor is simply light years ahead (and I don't think it is from the footage I've seen) then the advantages of the FS5 form factor are quickly mitigated. Giant honking Odyssey 7Q+ with multiple drives probably weigh as much as the FS5 itself (with power) and now you have SDI cables hanging around. IMO the FS700 is far better bang for buck USED (You can find the entire rig for around 5k with the O7Q+) vs $5500 + another $3k. Short of the superior ND on the FS5 - what's the point really?
  2. I must not have explained myself clearly; my fault. The 70d has the flippy screen, great AF, will allow them to see themselves in the LCD. Nothing new in that regards concerning the 80d was my point. Same video with slightly better detail, but same exact functionality. 80d isn't any more groundbreaking to v-loggers than the 70d, which was my question why anyone would say suddenly "this is going to be big for v-loggers". Plenty have been using the 70d in the exact same manner since the end of 2013.
  3. I have a 70d and immediately wonder why people are saying "Oh this will be so popular for v-loggers". The 70d was what, chopped liver? Same body and same basic function. No log mode, only now do we get 1080p60, no 1080p120 (but the 6300 does) no log mode (6300 has multiple plus a LUT for easier focusing). I can throw on my ultra speed booster with the a6300 + some Canon glass and it will look damn near like a FF camera. (I think 1.05x effective crop). Can't do that with the 80d, ever. No focus peaking, no EVF, no silent shutter mode (a6300 has 3 shot silent burst now!). Sony colors are much improved now over the original a7s. That came along with the a7r2. Still not as good as Canon. To Andrew's point - I have 3 Sony lenses - kit 18-55 / 55-210, and the 28/2 FE. The AF in video mode is as good as the PDAF on my 70d. The AF in stills mode with the Metabones is vastly improved as well. At the end of the day I am not giving Canon $1200 for a camera that won't do UHD or 1080p120 in 2016. I'm just not. I have 3 4k TV's. Sorry Canon.
  4. Shield3

    Sony a6300 4k

    LOL that dude sure did look like Al Bundy...:)
  5. Is there a hack yet for the NX1 that allows me to toggle between the EVF and the rear LCD after I've hit record? This was my #1 dealbreaker for long outdoor shoots.
  6. I keep this camera around coupled with the Sigma 18-35 as a backup body - shot some video today and my goodness - this cannot even be true 720p can it? The 1080p24 mode? I had forgotten just how bad the video IQ is on this thing. Shame as I love the handling, flip out screen and PDAF. Throw a Sony a7r sensor in this and I'm all set. ISO 3200 and above are basically unusable too IMO....
  7. "A7r ii nothing but headaches". Hasn't been for me. I'm sure I am clearly in the minority here not hopping on the anti-Sony bandwagon, but having owned the a7r / a7s I find the colors of the a7r mark ii noticeably improved over the first series a7's. Are they as pleasing as the 1dc or the 5d3 raw? Of course not - just different. I don't shoot Slog-2 often and leave the picture profiles completely off, and I make sure I manually set my WB first every time. I'm loving this little camera, and in s35 mode + the Metabones speedbooster I'm getting great footage with it and my Canon glass. I shot the 85 1.2 II handheld the other day and was amazed by how steady the shot was. Shrug. There is no perfect camera yet. I think the UHD downscaled to 1080p from the a7r2 looks stunning, and I shoot people and landscapes mostly.
  8. Just curious if anyone on here knows pretty much the cheapest priced monitor I can find with some sort of LOG assist or that allows me to load LUTS - to make shooting Sony's SLog easier. Even if I need to look at a used SmallHD or Marshall or something else. 5-7 inch is fine. Thanks, Shawn
  9. Let's just say the 7" one I've been using had an accident. Looking for one that includes multiple zoom / punch in abilities that I can map to a function key. Would love something equivalent to the Canon bodies with the 10x magnification. i just watched a video on the Assassin where you can touch-move the screen around while punched in. That would be cool, but price is the top concern. i am shooting with the Sony a7r2 and I am annoyed that even recording video from the stills mode once the record button has been hit I am limited to 4x punch in. I also have no idea why the video feed goes black on the camera body but the overlays are still present. Thanks to all who respond. Shawn Also if I ramble I just had a surgery Wed and heavily medicated....
  10. There is some for sure. I wouldn't call it severe - this was the 85 1.2 II @ 2.8. Closer to wide open it gets worse. Just went back into Lightroom - I didn't even have the "remove chromatic aberration" box checked. But IMO this lens is known to exhibit purple fringing badly. It's not a defect that bothers me that much, so who cares. I like lenses with character more than the sterile "sharp" image. IQ and what is best is always subjective.
  11. Oh, and the stills? Here are crops all from one picture.
  12. When this was announced (I formerly owned the a7r and a7s) I was very skeptical. I laughed at the overheating issues since I shot the 1dc at the time and had no issues. After using the a7r2 all day today...it's for real. Video is *BETTER* than I thought in FF mode (I was expecting $hitty a99 line skipped / soft binned footage). AF is BETTER than I thought it'd be with the metabones. Contrary to many videos I've seen online, the 70-200 II has no issues focusing from 70-200 mm in good light. I'd call the AF with the metabones and firmware 3.0 on the body is about 75% as fast as a 5d3. Video footage is gorgeous. I have to eat crow here - but IMO this is the best all-arounder unless you're shooting sports. Color science seems improved too. No overheating either; it's been fixed. I shot the 85 1.2 L II today handheld and it didn't suck. When you trigger the IS on the 70-200 it auto-kills the in-body IS. If Sony could make this body a tad bigger, allow APS-C mode to be assigned to a button and completely re-do the menus, it's be about perfect.
  13. Picked up a lightly used A7r 2 for about $2500 today with some extras. B&H had the Metabones Ultra adapter used for $499 so I had to hop on that as well. The tipping point for me was the 42MP, the PDAF, and the fact I can go FF in good daylight and get nice results. Speedbooster for shallow DOF manual focus fluff stuff. Thanks for the links; been watching comparison videos for like 12 hours straight now (first day off in like 19 days).
  14. Yep was going to suggest that the m4/3rds lenses won't natively cover a s35 sensor. Be cook if they could implement a speedbooster sort of thing to use their old lenses.
  15. Is the binned A7r2 footage as bad as say, the Sony A99 was? Also which would look better- 1080p60 on the a7r + Metabones Speedbooster + S35 mode vs A7s2 + Metabones non SB ? Assuming Canon glass here, like say a 16-35 F4 IS. If anyone can give me a link with how the SB + S35 + a7r2 auto focuses in video mode that'd be great. Seems to AF fine with native glass. Thanks
  16. Anyone who has owned or used both of these cameras - I realize the specs and the differences. For stills obviously the a7r II wins resolution wise. Regarding the UHD video - is the a7r II "that bad" in low ISO without using the s35 mode? Both cameras have dropped around the $2500 range used and I have money burning a hole in my pocket waiting in the 1dx II. I owned the a7s and really liked it, but the Metabones IV didn't play well with some of my lenses (Sigma 150-600 C shooting sports). Is the AF speed with Metabones EF significantly better on the 7 II? Or should both bodies be basically considered MF only for video AF with adapters?
  17. FantasticEbrahim! I just came on here tonight to find out of the HFR modes worked with the PDAF. Think rolling smooth AF for a bride walking down the aisle in 4K 60 on a 24p timeline. I can barely stand it.
  18. Thanks. I am saving up already. I shoot 50/50 stills and video so it will be perfect. What it lacks I will just throw on my LCDVFE for peaking and histograms, though I doubt I'll use the former much with PDAF touch screen. Sorry I am still just too excited - finally a camera I can own and use for years. 4k60 and 120p 1080, 14 FPS and Canon EF mount and colors. CPS support. DSLR stealth vs a big rig. Take my money already!
  19. My remaining questions regarding the 1dX II: In live view mode - 16fps - apparently it locks focus on the first shot. What if I scaled that down to a slower framerate; will it then continuously AF in live view mode for stills? What is the max video framerate on CF cards? Can I do 1080p120? Is there a s35 mode like the 1dc? Or even a 1.6x crop mode? Live view - object tracking or just face tracking? I'd love to shoot video of my son playing travel baseball, but his face isn't always available. Thoughts?
  20. I hate to give this guy free press, but he's a simpleton. Says the D5 "slaughters" the 1dx II. Sigh.
  21. On a 1d series camera it's the first. Just sayin'.
  22. Well Andrew you say you're not ready to sell your 1dc yet - but let's compare this to the 3+ year old 1dc. I hated being stuck at only 24p for true 4k. Sometimes I shoot things that move somewhat, so the DPAF will be light years ahead. Lest we not forget 120 FPS in 1080p mode and the bump up in dynamic range, stills speed (at the sideline of a game I can get 16 fps in live view mode? What? Used 1dc's are still at least 4k. Since I love the Canon portrait colors and don't care for the very limiting C-Log mode, at $5999 this is a bargain. Going to have to sell my FS700 and pick this up. Unless of course, a 5d IV with 8 FPS + 4k + a tilt/swivel touch screen + DPAF + 28MP is released. Decisions, decisions...:) Hey wait a minute - where's the 120 FPS 1080p mode???"? Not if you shoot 50% stills and 50% video. Nothing can touch this as an all arounder. Nothing. B&H lists this as "touchscreen". Can that be right? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1220852-REG/canon_eos_1d_x_mark_ii.html
  23. Considering much of the footage was stock footage from 1986-2005, how can you say it was shot like poop?
  24. You mean Milc, right? The 1dc is still an ILC and it was out before then. The 1dc is a 1dx that shoots 4k video. It's no more of a dedicated video camera than any other Canon body (no XLR, no peaking, no ND, etc). How that became a "dedicated video camera" is beyond me. The "C" badge does not tell the story.
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