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  1. I'll go against the current grain here and say it's a very nice camera with a ton of cool options. The 1080p120 and 10-bit are appealing for sure. However it's still a "quarter size" sensor that only does CDAF in video mode, doesn't have a built-in ND, does not AF that well at all with the Metabones, still not great in low light, much tougher obviously to get wide and fast (7-14 F/4 is like 14-28 F/8 on FF), dynamic range less due to sensor size, 20MP might be a bridge too far. Don't know - if this was a native S35 sensor with PDAF in video mode I'd be much more excited. I thought the GH3 / GH4 footage all looked pretty good, and I haven't really seen anything that much better or different IMO on the GH5. On the stills size even the .64 Speedbooster isn't going to get you that FF aesthetic no matter the FPS, and there's really no way possible to get anything to match what a 300 2.8 on a FF body (like a 1dx) will give you. They'd need to release a 150mm F/1.4. I personally thought the size of the GH2 made more sense - after all, this is micro-four thirds, right? But hey, to each their own. Just doesn't do much for ME. Would I take one? Sure. Am I going to fork out $2k? Nah.
  2. My #1 beef was shooting longer takes - you could view the video through the EVF or rear LCD - but never toggle between them. Drove me freaking nuts. I would have to stop myself and say "Do I want EVF only video monitoring 10 minutes from now?"
  3. Yes I am aware of the MLV audio - I shot RAW for 2+ years on the 5d3. Shot it in the very beginning and spent countless hours syncing audio in post - remember the "beep" when it starts recording, and the scratch camera audio time not syncing in post? I went through all those headaches - later builds were much better of course. Any camera might lock up with a 3rd party battery; not sure what the point of that is. I think you can find used C100 II's for under $4k - I did. Just have to be patient.
  4. That's strange - with fast glass I found the C100 II to be better in low light, or darn near impercetable. Please don't compare a 18-135 STM @ F/5.6 vs. the 5d3 raw @ 50 1.2. We're talking 4.5 stops of light here - I'm sure most of the footage you've seen out of the c100 was with much "slower" lenses. The c100 II was usable up to about ISO 8000 IMO, and the 5d3 raw perhaps 3200. All depends on if you're exposing for the shadows, highlights, applying NR in your raw workflow, etc. Just my opinion, but the c100 II is really, really good in low light. Not A7s territory of course, but man.
  5. Properly exposed C-log on the C100 II looked to me, with the right lens, every bit as good as the 5d3 in raw. I shot the latter for 2+ years (started in about May of 2013). At the end of the day there's just way too many compromises with the 5d3 raw - tedious workflow (comparatively speaking), camera lock ups, audio sync headaches *if* ML raw even decides to record audio (yes I've used modern nightly builds). Reliability? Don't even compare the two. No instant backup, no ND filters, no XLR audio, no Autofocus, shorter record times, more expensive (1000x or faster) CF cards, super dodgy 3x zoom mode that locked me up often. If I'm shooting something I can do 10 takes on the 5d3 would be a good choice. If it's a bride walking down the aisle, 100 out of 100 times I'd grab the c100. If I need continuous AF, good audio, long battery life, long record times, quick turnaround, (you see where I'm going here) I'll grab the c100. With the Sigma 18-35 1.8 it's like 27-54 2.8 of full frame, and you can still throw that 85 1.2 and blow the hell out of the background on both cameras. Hell in the summer I had the 5d3 OVERHEAT shooting ML raw. Never seen the c100 hiccup ever. That image does have the magic sauce, but so does the c100 in C-Log. I prefer it over the 1dc due to all the headaches. No reliable 1080p30 or 1080p60 raw on the 5d3; c100 II has this. I hate looking at sports shot in 24p, don't you? I can go out with the 10-18 STM, 18-135 and 55-250 and shoot just about anything. Dead silent AF with face tracking, great audio, great image and reliable. No menu diving to toggle the WB, ISO, F/Stop, better focus peaking and punch in while recording. An actual EVF instead of strapping on a damn loupe! But hey...if you must have static shots with the FF DOF and raw, the 5d3 is the only thing in this price range.
  6. It's the art version, but the E mount lens is far different than the EF (Canon) mount version. E-mount won't do you any good but the AF is silent. The AF is pretty noisy on the art Canon EF mount version though.
  7. We may have a different opinion of "modern". The 28 1.8 USM was released in 1995. On a side note, I have the Sony E-Mount Sigma 30 1.4, which is different than the EF mount, but it's a nice little lens. The Sigma 18-35 1.8 SINGS on the C100 IQ-wise. AF is a bit noisy, but shoot MF or use external audio and you're golden.
  8. "LOG mashes skintones together, with very little separation between distinct shades, so that when the 150Mbit/s data rate is applied to the final H.264 file, the compression becomes the important factor (mushing the tonality and blending blocks of colour together as one)." Not sure if I'm missing something, but exposed properly even the lowly 35 / 24 megabit c100 II in C-Log doesn't appear to "mash the skintones" for me. Perhaps the V-LOG is just that much flatter? Don't know.
  9. That VG900 was a sales disaster IIRC. When released there were no FF E-Mount (FE) lenses, so it had to be shot in crop mode with native glass. Or you could use the LA-EA3 (MF only) or the LA-EA4 which would AF your A-mount glass, but limited the AF points and stuck at F/3.5 (as usual). Had Sony made that a 12 MP sensor with a 4k readout with 1080p oversampling it'd have sold in droves. It tried to be too many things - a 24MP E-Mount camera and a FF video camera. Does the a99 II have the silent shutter mode a la the A7x series? Also there is no better camera (for stills) IMO from an ergonomic perspective than the Sony a77/a99 series. Just perfect in that regard.
  10. Not to argue with myself, but IMO that looks better than the a7s footage I shot. You ever really look at a99 original footage? It's the softest pile of horseshit ever.
  11. Watching that Subaru video makes me very angry. Angry because the a99 ver 1 looked about 1/1000th as good in video mode. This camera looks spectacular, and Sony pissed me off with the version 1's video. Still bitter 5 years later. I am going to knock my a6500 off the end table now. Oh wait, I won't, it'll break and I'll have to wait a month for Precision Camera to fix it. C100 Mk2 gets it pretty good - I assigned a button to quickly toggle AF on and off - I can track my son's baseball players running down the first base line and it'll track all the way. Of course there is, of course, no perfect camera, and I am limited to that damn center box for AF. The 1dxII I thought was worse in AF mode - but it could have been the extra anchor point of the EVF stuck on my face vs. holding the camera (1dxII) at arm's length.
  12. Well using AF in video mode isn't for slackers; sometimes you just need to. Especially if you want to shoot things that move. I might want to be at F/8...or F/1.4. Don't know if it's changed, but the biggest problem is you can't even "PUSH" focus in Manual exposure mode - you have to toggle back to the damn Program Auto settings (i.e.F/3.5). Even the 5d3 that wouldn't AF in video really at all I could "Push AF" to my actual "in use" exposure settings and begin rolling. It's a problem, period. With my A99 I I had the 24/2 lens and was able to put a piece of tape and hold the aperture wide open - it would AF all day in live view / video mode. It's a self-imposed limitation that makes this one, for me, simply out of the question. Not everyone is shooting controlled shots with their gear. People rock back and forth with interviews, and you can forget tracking a bride down the aisle unless you're sure you want F/3.5. P mode AF only SUCKETH, period. But 11 FPS @ 42MP is pretty damn impressive. Yeah it's a disgrace that it overheats. Just unacceptable.
  13. I think the big downside to that and all SLT cameras is the "stuck at F/3.5 in AF mode" issue. You've proven you can work around it, and man does it look better than the original a99 I had (which looked "VHS-like"). Shot well and nice use of the slider or panning in post. Not sure most cameras today with a large (s35 or larger) couldn't have done this however, and I know based on the cost of the body and those 3 lenses you probably had $6k in just camera/body gear.
  14. And the dual record feature for instant backups, or relay recording, or the punch in while recording ability, the fact you can set the EVF to B&W only (or both it and the LCD). I have my punch in set to enable peaking. I wish they would have set the waveform in the viewfinder as well, but that's really the only downside. For me personally in high contrast scenese I overexposed C-log by about 2/3rds to 1 full stop and get really nice results in post. I do try to stick to the native 850 ISO and use the built in ND whenever possible. I love my little A6500 for quick snaps and a much smaller footprint, but man do I ever have to think when I'm using that thing. Sony has got to copy Canon and come up with a quick menu of the most used settings - the C100 I have my framerates, media record mode (AVCHD/MP4), metering options (spotlight etc) and the APS-C mode all quickly accessible. I'm not sure I'd get that much more out of a 4k C100 unless it oversampled like 5k/6k and then I'd worry the rolling shutter would be a problem. The C100 is just amazing. If you're getting one, I highly recommend the 10-18 STM and (believe it or not) the 55-250 STM. Both of those are cheap and punch above their weight, even if not "fast" lenses.
  15. My pick is the C100ii used if you can find one for $3k. Part of the image is FOCUS, and it has the DPAF. Part of the image could be 30p/60p, which it has (and the 1dc does not in 4k). Love the 5d3 raw image as well but man it's just too flaky and I don't trust it 100%. Audio is part of the overall image too, as well as built in ND's - so to me XLR/ND, Canon C-Log, reliability and gorgeous 1080 24/30/60 make the C100 the winner. Battery life, great EVF and EF mount (and face tracking with some EF-S lenses) just add icing to the cake. Add a cheap recorder for more flexibility in post. Skin tones too. Also long record times without overheating, and the simplest damn joystick to instantly toggle between ISO/WB/shutter/F-stop. I don't really have to think that much when I pick up the C100 II - I like that. But I haven't shot the BMPCC or some of these older Sony/Red cameras - so what do I know?
  16. The codec on the 5d3 isn't what killed it. It's the shit pipeline Canon put in between the 14 bit data coming off the sensor and before the data is written to the card. The codec itself is fine; it's doing a fine job lightly compressing the crappy "baked in" data its getting. Case in point, the 1dc in 1080p24 mode didn't look any better, and neither does the 1dx II (and they are using MJPEG). Whatever Canon does to that image (going from 14 bit raw to the 8 bit output) is what kills the image. Codec is the least of your problems - the c100 original had a puny 24 Megabit AVCHD file and walked all over the 3 aforementioned cameras in 1080p24. The lowly XC-10's 1080p24 does as well; same codec I believe in 1080p mode (ALL-I or IPB). Moral = line skipping / binning is not your friend.
  17. $550 with free shipping to CONUS for everything below. Ships from 43085. Used with the 1dc and 5d3 for daytime sports video shooting. Everything works great; condition 9/10. Email me - clayssc@gmail.com if interested. Verified Paypal only. I am archiecomics4me on ebay (since June 2000). Kinotehnik LCDVFe Electronic Viewfinder + Extras Includes the LCDVFE Electronic Viewfinder plus the USB remote control cord (PN LCDVFEREM) and some other extras: HDMI coiled cable, 90 degree (worked with my 1dc), 4 ENELOOP Batteries, plus: Electronic Viewfinder Description (LCDVFE , $798 at B&H) Focus Peaking Zebras False Color Multiple punch in ratios while recording Universal EVF with Retina-Like TFT LCD 24-Bit 3" Screen / 800 x 480 Resolution Real-Time Image Processing Supports Jitter-Free Panning 6 Hour Run-Time on 4x AA Batteries Double Element Achromatic ULD Glass Lens 1.5 Second Boot-Up Time Focus / Exposure Assist Features High Resolution Audio Level Metering 5 Fully Customizable User Presets Remote Product Highlights (LCDVFEREM, $155 at B&H) Compact Joystick Remote Control Replicates All Functions Except ON/OFF Moves in 4 Directions and Pushes In 15mm Outside Diameter; Fits 15mm Clamps
  18. $125 with free shipping to CONUS. Ships from 43085. Item is in great condition and I have tested the start/stop and power on/off with my C100 MkII. Works fine, but I don't have any powered lenses. Email me - clayssc@gmail.com if interested. Verified Paypal only. I am archiecomics4me on ebay (since June 2000). Item details (from B&H) Manfrotto RC Clamp LANC Zoom/Focus Remote MVR901ECLA Part number: MVR901ECLA For Camcorders with LANC Multi-Speed Zoom/Focus Rocker Wide-Rotation Zoom/Focus Knob Separate Speed Control Knob LED Indicates Zoom/Focus Selection Record, AF, and Power Buttons Reversible Directionality Quick-Releasing Pan Handle Clamp Clamps onto 0.5 to 0.9" Diameter Tubes 55" Coiled Cable with 2.5mm Connector The RC Clamp LANC Zoom/Focus Remote from Manfrotto is for use with LANC equipped video cameras, and can be clamped onto a tripod pan handle or other tubes with a 0.5 to 0.9" diameter using a quick-lock fastening clamp. A single rocker is selectable between zoom or focus, while a knob on the side allows you to dial in a specific zoom/focus speed. Alternatively, you can achieve pressure-sensitive variable speed control by placing the knob at its highest setting. In addition zoom and focus control, the RC Clamp features a record start/stop button, a camera power button, and an autofocus on/off button. Plus there a button to reverse the directionality of the rocker. LEDs indicate whether the remote is set to zoom or focus mode and tell you if the camera is recording. A 55" coiled LANC cable is included.
  19. $200 with free shipping. Ships from 43085. Condition is like new, mint, only used once for about 10 minutes testing it. No scratches or defects, and was not tested in harsh weather. From an adult smoke free home. (Ohio). Verified Paypal only. I am archiecomics4me on ebay (since June 2000). Aputure VS-2 FineHD 7" Field Monitor + extra battery and HDMI cable Includes the Aputure VS-2 FineHD 7" Field Monitor, all original accessories plus a spare Sony 3rd party battery + a HDMI cable for Sony and Canon DSLR cameras. Aputure VS-2 FineHD 7" ($278.57 on B&H, PN VS-2FINEHD) features: 7" 1920 x 1200 LCD HDMI, Component, Composite Supports up to UHD 30 with Firmware 2.4 450 Nit Brightness/1200:1 Contrast Ratio 160/160° H/V Viewing Angle Adjustable Safe Area Guides, Center Mark Gray, Blue, Red, Green Monochrome Histogram, Peaking, False Color, Zebra Built-In Battery Plate
  20. Just bought this 10 minutes ago - thanks Andrew for all the hard work. A6500 will here tomorrow. My pdf is showing "version 2" for those that are interested.
  21. Ebay Auction(s): Up for grabs is my Lexar 3400x and 3500x CFast™ 2.0 memory cards. Both work great, and they carry a limited lifetime warranty through Lexar if one ever finks out on you. I used these with the 1dx II and the Canon XC10 and they performed flawlessly. Bidding starts at $200 with no reserve and free shipping. Those 800 megabit 4k60 files from the 1dx II sure eat through these cards quickly! Links to the auctions: http://www.ebay.com/itm/252736170702 http://www.ebay.com/itm/252736167053 Thanks!
  22. I thought both shot in C-log looked very similar after grading and the 1dc downscaled. I think the c100 has more detail than the 1dc even in 4k though; they are different animals. They both have that MOJO for sure though.
  23. I had no intentions of getting another one - long story short one was offered to me with 4 batteries, a 18-135 STM, the box and all accessories for $1950 cash. All legit with receipts. I couldn't jump on it fast enough - it was the Mark II and the seller was a professional photog - just needed rid of it. I have felt somewhat guilty, but he told me he priced it half off just to move it. Twice in my camera buying career I've gotten very, very lucky - last year was a XC-10 with 2 256 GB CFast cards for $1200. Otherwise, I normally take a bloodbath / beating buying and selling gear.
  24. Threw together a few clips I shot from center field last summer (C-log). I'm sure it could have been graded better but I thought it turned out pretty good.
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