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  1. Not only that, but almost all the stills shooters put tape over the Canon logo so they aren't giving free advertisement. All I know is I shot in 95+ heat for hours Monday night with a 1dx + C100 II (both doing video) and neither camera even blinked. Meanwhile the Sony a7r2 I sent in for repair finally came back after the 2nd failure since March. I'll keep mine Canon or Nikon or pro Sony, not "mirrorless" when it counts.
  2. Here's some reasons I won't be getting a GH5: 1. I am invested in Canon EF and EF-S glass. 2. Colors (esp people) not up to my 1dx/C100 ii combo 3. Speedbooster is nice, but bad AF (very slow). Adapters suck, really. 4. No adapter exists that will give me that full frame aesthetic. But after owning a few GH2's I really respect and admire what Panasonic is doing. If I were invested in m4/3rds glass it'd be a no brainer (this would alleviate my #1 and #3 reasons. Still can't ever get away from FF stills and/or Canon colors.
  3. I shot some C-Log (aka CP9 Cinema tonight) and did some light grading. One really needs a Ninja with this to push the grade around quite a bit, but the skin tones are just stunning. If Sony could only adopt Canon's colors (ducks out of the thread now)...:)
  4. To Mattias's point, I would rather have really good 1080p than less than stellar 4k. The c100 C-log looks every bit as good as the 1dc downscaled to 1080, and the c100's 1080p60 is far superior. No ND, proper audio, faster workflow with smaller files means for me the c100 is a better fit for my needs. But that c100/300/500 sensor has all the voodoo magic esp. with skintones that the 4k 1dc gave me.
  5. Ben, what CP do you use for the c300? I have been using Wide DR on the c100 and just adjusting contrast basically in post and have been thrilled so far.
  6. I noticed in the "champagne" celebration room folks with c100's. Then I noticed out on the court the same thing...Makes you think about how important pros value reliability over high Sony specs...:) Keep in mind I am biased as I have a c100 mk2 due here today and have been burned twice in the last 3 months with 2 Sony a7r2 failures that required the same camera to be sent in for repair.
  7. Years ago I had the AF100 - the built in ND's as mentioned plus the ergo's far trump the Sony FS100 - I can't imagine dragging that rectangle brick around. I prefer the skin tones from the Panny vs. the Sony as well. With the 60p firmware update both will do 1080p60 and the Panny has some very cool over/under crank options and you can shoot 1 FPS timelapse with it. Obviously the Sony has the advantage in low light but IMO that's it. Maybe dynamic range also. The AF100 was a great camera and I got some amazing shots with it.
  8. ...which is why I left ISO off of my point. I was simply stating all things being equal, 12mm 1.4 on a 2x crop = 24mm 2.8 on full frame.
  9. Wait, what? A 12mm F/1.4 with a sensor with a crop factor of 2 is the same as a 24mm 2.8 on a full frame. Period. You can't multiply the "effective 35mm focal length" without multiplying by the crop factor. It *is* just that simple. While lenses have different looks, the basic principles remain true - 2x 12mm @ 1.4 = 1x 24mm @ 2.8. How is it "not right to go around multiplying apertures by crop factor? Just because this is your forum doesn't mean you can suddenly change the laws of physics. The hole *isn't* as big as the micro four thirds lens doesn't have a 24x36 sensor to cover! The light INTENSITY is the same, but the light GATHERING is not. Big difference here. Next time it rains, put a small bucket outside next to one 2x the size. Which one gathers more rain? Oh, right. The larger one. This should help you out Andrew.
  10. I would vote C100 Mark II for run and gun. No fiddling with adapters if you use Canon glass, built in ND, very quick turn around if you shoot in Wide DR mode. Plus class leading AF, push button AF/auto IRIS (not found on the C300/500 I don't think). Remove the top handle and it's barely bigger than a 1dx. Face tracking and IS with the STM lenses; excellent battery life.
  11. At the end of the day I am mainly curious if the new a7x II models are less reliable due to the IBIS being built-in. MACK sent me a notice stating the body is being sent back to Sony / Precision for repair. I have lost so much confidence with this being the 2nd failure in 5 months for my a7r2 that I am just sticking with Canon for now. 2+ years I beat the hell out of my Canon 5d3 - while I did have the SD slot fail (repaired under warranty) I was out about 10 days due to CPS. I am looking at another full month with the a7r2. Fool me once, shame on you....fool me twice...bye Sony.
  12. Shield3

    A7SII Error

    Seems plenty of Sony issues going on lately with the latest a7x II series....sigh.
  13. It's a hell of an assumption to assume I'm "regularly using the USB to charge the camera" based on the fact I stated it stopped working. I had the camera for a while before I'd even tried it. I have about 14 batteries and 2 dual chargers and 3 single chargers. No, only tried it once as I had my phone charging and was curious how long it'd take in a pinch - this lead to noticing the failure, and then seeing if it would still sync on my pc (which it didn't). I could play devil's advocate and remind you Sony lists in the manual that USB charging is fine but I won't bother. In fact Rich I only cared that the USB worked in order to get the much needed firmware updates. But, feel free to continue to make all sorts of assumptions.
  14. So my a7r2 has had to go into repair twice now. First time the USB port didn't work at all (would not charge or connect to a PC). I bought this used with the MACK warranty. Turnaround time for repair (MACK had to get a part from Sony) - was about 1 month. Thursday night I was headed out to a game to film - my a7r2 would make a strange noise and only turn on and off for about 1 second (no menus). It would do this repeatedly 4-5 times then shut off. Almost sounded like it was trying to initialize the IBIS system upon startup but couldn't. Leaving the battery out overnight, removing the lens / battery off for hours (and trying 5 different batteries) made no difference. What is scary is I didn't drop, bang or even slightly bump it - I was testing some picture profiles and had it mounted indoors in A/C. Since I could not find a way to do a hard reset online and the fact it's under warranty, I sent it back in Friday 06/09. This is making me very nervous about continuing to buy $3k Sony "disposable" cameras. While the Canon C models are expensive and don't have the ultra slow mo or dynamic range, they certainly take care of their customers and make much more reliable bodies. I had 3 cameras I had prepared for the shoot - a7r 2 + Metabones, a6300 for some 120p and an alternate angle, and a 1dx for stills. I had to rig up the 1dx quickly for the "center field / pitching view shot" and it didn't miss a beat. 0 problems. Sigh. Please share your experience with any NEX / A7 series bodies. I strongly suspect my IBIS module went haywire on my a7r2.
  15. Well Andrew my $1700 out the door 5d3 raw is one hell of a lot closer than your $3k pound title for your c500...:) No, I would not film anything that cannot be re-shot with the 5d3 + raw. Just too flaky, even 3 years later.
  16. Sounds great, but I can shoot the 5d3 raw with one hand if I wanted to. $1700 for a nice used one. You'll have $8k+ in this (US dollars) with the c500 + 7q + SSD's + all the other rigging.
  17. A misleading title - you are not shooting 4k anything until you strap on $2k+ external recorder. Last week you were dumping the FS5 because "I just like smaller cameras". Lugging this boat anchor around with the 7q+ is anything but that. Still, an interesting choice.
  18. I want to hate the XC-10 for all the limitations: No raw stills / No 120 FPS slow motion @ 1080 or higher / No histogram / No electronic level / Slow lens / Small sensor / No PDAF / no XLR / no separate viewfinder / 4k to CFAST 2.0 only / not great in low light (compared to a7s ii or even a6300 from what I've seen / insufficient ND Out of all these the only 2 real bummers for me are the lack of good slow-mo and a lack of a level (my vision sucks and I'm always slightly crooked for sports / field shooting). Everything else I can deal with. The image is fantastic and the price is steadily coming down. Canon log, light, good bitrate, clean hdmi out, built in IS. Re-do this with a s35 sensor and add slow motion and I'll take a couple. Here's a fantastic video that demonstrates many of the features. Seems strange that the new firmware that reduces rolling shutter disables face detection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eb4EAicr8Ec
  19. The slow motion from my video was the a6300 + Sony 55-210. I thought it looked easily as good as my FS700 and it fits into my coat pocket.
  20. I had a little bit of time tonight so I threw a 2 minute video of some slow mo shots of my 9 year old son's baseball team. Couple of things before you click - this was 100% all handheld, some slowed down in Twixtor, some will only make sense to the parents' of the team. This is not meant for Cannes film festival. The beginning shots, believe it or not, were the a6300 with the 55-210 lens in AF mode, PP off, stopped down to about F/8. Oh yeah most of this is straight out of the camera. So having said that...
  21. Wait, what? There is a 3rd version already? I will have to go look. Man Sony kicks out those bodies don't they?
  22. Mark041, I like the look of the slow-mo from the RX100 IV and the RX10 II, but I am planning on shooting my son pitch/bat from behind a center field wall (10 U travel team). I should have specified something in the interchangeable lens range - I normally need my 100-400 II Canon near the long end to get good framing. The a7s ii seems pretty good, but is the 1080p120 really any better than the a6300 for 1/3rd the price? I would *love* for their to be a full frame camera that did 240 fps, or even 120 fps without a heavy crop. Closest I can think of under $8k is the FS700 / FS5 plus the ultra speedbooster to get me to 1.05x crop. The 1dx II does not appear to crop the 1080p120 though does it? Andrew I think the c500 might be more than I want to carry in my wagon to the games with my 1dx + long whites. But I will look into it.
  23. As a former a7s user I found the 120p mode on the original A7s to not be too bad. The 720/120 on the a7r2 I find unusable. Please rank these as far as usability (from a pure IQ standpoint; ignore the crop, DOF, etc.) The 120 FPS for: a7s ii Sony FS5 (hell the 240p as well) rx100 IV Canon IDX II a7r2 Any other camers (Panasonic, Samsung NX1) I was disappointed as well by the 120 on the a6300 - it turned into a one trick (super sharp 4k with too much RS) so I dumped it. Thanks! Shawn
  24. The a7ii does not shoot great video, and you must try the a7r2 in s35/cropped mode. Hell it basically almost has the same 4k crop (1.41x vs 1.5) and I think you'll find the Sony sharper up to it's limit @ ISO 25600. I'm of course talking about the a7r2. Now, skin tones? They will be much worse of course...:)
  25. Well incoming aircraft should be pretty predictable and easy with manual focus, no? Had a smart adapter been introduced so I could have used my Canon whites I may have stuck around longer. Also for video you never addressed how annoying it is once you start rolling to be unable to toggle between EVF and LCD. I could not reconcile with that, period. Look, the NX1 is a hell of a camera; it's just more of a jack of all trades master of none. Certainly not what anyone will ever see on the sidelines of any professional sports and for good reason.
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