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  1. The biggest advantage of FCP X is performance. I edit 4K clips like butter. Fearing Apple prices, I tried Da Vinci Resolve, but in my same Macbook it runs like shit with Full HD files. And price, I bought FCP X when it came out for 180€, I have been using it for five years. Not even 40€ a year for a pro program!!!
  2. But increasing the size of the body so the heating is not a problem?? Ah, I won't buy a $1200 perfectly fine camera if not for the overheating, I will buy a $6000 FS5 to avoid heating!!!
  3. If you use FCP X you won't have any problem. I use it with a Macbook and it cuts through those 100mbps 4K files!
  4. The a6500 will put stress on Panasonic to do an incredible GH5!!!
  5. Smooth propellers, you must love italian bureaucracy!!!!!! ;-DDD
  6. If you want to be legal 100% you have to take a course, pass an exam, get a license, pay an insurance, etc. DJI Phantoms are sold everywhere and nearly nobody do all those things to be legit. So the problem is if they catch you, I would prefer to be catched with a Mavic, than one of the others. Living in Italy forces you think how to force the law, amico!!!!! ;-DD
  7. As I see it the Mavic is a perfect add-on for people who never flew a drone before and that doesn't need pristine 4K quality (who really needs this??). I would get the cheaper Mavic with no remote for someone to start. The Karma or the Phantom, both offer better IQ, are more for people who want's to give weight to drone takes and don't worry about bringing more things. I would get the whole package with batteries, remotes, bag, etc. In Italy with the legal situation, I think a Mavic is better suited for a videographer.
  8. Artist in general are the less respectful of other artists work, but musicians are the worst of all!!! Most of them just know more drug dealers than chords!!!
  9. We need an "Adobe DNG" kind of lens mount. The GH5 is more limited by the m43 sensor than by marketing, if they keep the m43 sensor. That Veydra post could hint to great things!
  10. Narcos drone shoots are made with a GH4 (read so in IMDB) and they look gorgeous.
  11. Broadcast is a concept that now is dead. (Un)fortunately, most tech people at TVs are engineers and they want to have a say. But if your docs are properly graded and delivered on a decent codec, they probably can pass the technical tests. Truth is that for how much we masturbate our minds about cameras, once you watch the final video, nobody can tell exactly which camera it was recorded with in the beginning.
  12. The question is how much money you will make with the camera?? If you return it, will you make the same money??
  13. Raw interviews?? Your budget goes on hard-drives!! A GH4 has been good enough for the aerial shots in Narcos.
  14. I started for art, at some point I made money and now it's neither. So I want to restart with love for art!!! What I love about videomaking is that you can convey a message or a story controlling every aspect of it!
  15. I read the actor (who is brazilian) took 20Kg+ for the series. Camera Panasonic GH4 (Drone Footage) Red Epic Dragon Zeiss Ultra Prime Lenses
  16. In fact I forget about everything technical and get caught, but then there's a night scene and I miss grain!!! Plata o plomo o ruido!!! ;-D
  17. I got Netflix recently and, for example, watching Narcos, I miss the grain. Mostly on night scenes. Clean 4K night scenes remembers me we are watching actors on a set!!!
  18. Bought it, I hope to reuse my 7D!
  19. Or use really shadow DOF. If the screen behind is out of focus it won't show moire!
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