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  1. Can a USB battery pack (those used to recharge your mobile) e connected to the USB port and power the camera or at least recharge??
  2. In LOTR a hobbit was a hobbit. In The Hobbit a hobbit is an actor dressed with make-up to look like a hobbit.
  3. Rc, you are not making wedding videos for us, you are doing them for your clients. You are showing some progression in those links you posted. I liked you used more live audio, you edited better (in the first one you cut a lot of times to a similar frame, in the second the fades "fade away" the attention) and you are improving. One recommendation, don't get too fixed on flares, color correction or a cool wipe. A plug-in won't make you a better videomaker!!! Those are just the icing. I don't do wedding videos, so take my advice with a grain of salt! ;-D
  4. If you don't need too much zoom Panasonic LX100. If you are more into nature or other subjects which need a long lens, then a FZ1000. Both are 4K and give more IQ than any HD camera can...
  5. Thanks Andrew for your review, which always considers real life usage issues (like storage space needed and battery life) instead of just pixel peeping blablabla!!! With what lenses?? Panasonic has no APS-C or Full Frame lenses??
  6. Hi! I live in Rome, but have no m43 cameras nor lenses. I googled and got this (it seems they have one on stock and can pick it up), you should better call before: http://pixellphoto.it/fotocamere-compatte-a-obiettivi-intercambiabili/2843-panasonic-lumix-dmc-g6-eg-k-body.html Via Eurialo, 41/A - 00181 Roma Tel. 06 97 61 57 49 - Email info@pixellphoto.it
  7. A big rig will probably do it for the "bigger is better" clients. If it's not enough, the Sony FS100 is a very nice camera!
  8. Is there an alternative to the expensive 12-25mm f2.8 lens?? Not manual lenses, something with autofocus. I never had a GHx camera, the autofocus is more about focus points like Canon or face-detection like Sony?? Thanks!
  9. Wow, Panasonic really wants my money!!! It's so positive not only from a features/price ratio, but from the fact that they are finally listening what people wants!!!!!!! :P :lol: :D ;) I had the LX100 in my radar, but this could change everything!!!
  10. AVCHD and movement are really enemies!
  11. What they said! First a projection, but if you must send it, low resolution, big watermark! Good luck, it's good news they are interested!!!
  12. I have had computers for a loooong time now and I have invested in just two good monitors. A Sony 19" CRT (like nearly 20 years ago) and a Dell 23" LCD (from 2005). I am writing this on the Dell, it's very hard on video, you have to work to make things look good on it. The nice thing is that if I get things to look good on it, they look good everywhere else!!!
  13. The 4K Photo Mode seems oriented to get good pictures from the video stream, not so much to have good video. My doubt about the LX100 was more a weight over the lens concern...
  14. That question is good, is the LX100 up to have an anamorphic adapter attached or it's not strong enough?? If the GH4 goes multiformat, it is THE camera to go anamorphic though!
  15. The Century Optics I have works a lot better with wide-angles than with normal lenses, on a big sensor camera. I would love to try it on the new LX100 at 4K... Never had a 7200!
  16. They probably did the wide shot first and then the close-ups. For those close-ups they probably used something a lot higher than 50fps, but you could always try with the ingredients you want/need and test to slow it down on the edit.
  17. Yeah, I would love the CM1 could hackintoshed to run iOS!!! The new iPhone Plus looks nice, but it is a $1000 brick!!! I should buy a hand bag to put inside. I don't intend change sex orientations to have a phone with OIS!!!
  18. Unfortunately is the most needed lens for m43 cameras. So they put the price according to it!
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