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  1. Come on, there will be an app. There is an app for everything!!! ;-D
  2. If there is a field where 4K makes sense 100% is in drone work. I wouldn't loose time with the BMMC, imho.
  3. It could even end in a preset, in between the Beach Sunset and the Autumn Leaves, the Welding in Workshop!!!
  4. That's the reason people make tests. First stick to rules, then go wild. First WB manually, then try going over/under. Nobody makes art with a preset.
  5. Cameras can cost from $20 to $200.000, can you be more precise on your question?? How much money you want to spend?? What kind of shooting do you want to do??
  6. I have the same problems/ideas. I am more oriented for a VA 7 or a Atomos.
  7. Yo no necesito una versión Cinealta, yo quiero una versión Cinebarata! ;-DD
  8. You are right, I am for light/cheap equipment because my fees doesn't allow for more. But with 4K I realize that you need a nice LCD monitor to get focus right.
  9. Thanks to everyone! And the https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicmicrostudiocamera4k ??
  10. In the "flame" (pun intended) of cheaper/better external recorder, which is the cheapest way to feed them with a 4K/10bit camcorder??
  11. The Craft Camera is a great promise, let's hope it turns into reality!
  12. Rich you are an optic information infinite resource!
  13. Apple not supporting Quicktime in Windows is nearly criminal
  14. Check the new Flame Atomos, tell us if they really look good in person. I would be interested to know the cheapest option to feed them a 4K 10bit signal!
  15. Your problems could be easily solved with this. The G7 should be more than sufficient. Learn to use it.
  16. Ammazza con Amazon! Buy direct, if it comes from UK you don't need to pay taxes!
  17. My impression is the exact opposite. Low end YouTubers denoise like there is no tomorrow. If you watch a blockbuster on a movie theater there is noise (or grain if you prefer) most of the time. Not all noises are the same, color noise sucks, that is true.
  18. BM never seems to provide the whole pack. They always seem to fail in something. It's a shame, they produce the better images, but without reliability, who wants a camera?
  19. Italy is a disaster as you can immagine. There few really talented people have jobs all over the world or in the north of Italy (lot's of industry). To work in Rome os south you have to accept low wages/peanuts even for broadcast work. In fact I quitted faking that I work and started a personal project!
  20. Didn't they showed something similar that cost like $30K?? It's a son of a A7S and a GoPro!!! ;-D
  21. What the duck! ;-DD Unfortunately there is no way to make this record RAW.
  22. I remember a video with some ducks which showed a nice DR!
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