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  1. Eric your dedication will pay off!!! Thanks a lot!!!
  2. I am often right in my predictions, but never tried to make money from it! GoPro should have made a GoPro PRO model, but long time ago.
  3. I saw it several days ago, italian dubbed, 2D, in a nice theater choosed by the sound system. The film was too loud because several people complained about it. I think that's what marketing departments are good at, fuck things up. The louder the audio, the happier the people?? Make their ears bleed!!! In Italy most theaters project films in two parts, to sell pop-corn during the break. So I had a 10 minute break in the middle to complain about this really absurd costume!!! But in any case I loved the film, even if there were a couple of moments where I didn't understand very well. (Spoile
  4. Hello! I was contacted to make a recording of a musical which has two one hour long parts. I need to rent a 4K camcorder which wont give me heating or other problems. I would appreciate a lot some recomendations, mostly if they come from people who have tested it! Thanks!
  5. I used to VJ on a 20" iMac I carried around as a notebook. Good old times! It better be fast, at 5000$ the new iMac Pro!
  6. Let's hope Panasonic is talking about h265 so Apple supports it properly in FCP X.
  7. Macs make only sense if you go FCP X. If you use Adobe/Resolve, it's better/cheaper to go PC.
  8. FCP X doesn't seem, RUNS much faster than any other program. I tried to Macproof myself learning DaVinci, but it makes my Macbook run as a Commodore 64!!!
  9. Like in any Mac vs PC debate, people mixes things. I paid FCP X 180€ when it got out, several years ago. I edit 4K h264 with FCP X in my 2013 MacBook Pro and I find it a very pleasing system to work with. And yes, it gets warm. Macs are normally well made (I didn't have any problem with keys). And I don't have any problem paying a premium price for these vantages. I can use any Macbook to be in a Starbucks. My complain is the premium has been increasing year after year. First it was a 50%. Then Macs costed double. With the new Macbook Pro with options, I feel that you can get the same po
  10. Apple hates pro users. It's the only explanation. The new Macbook Pro is a joke. We don't need thinner, we need more power. It's true that FCP X is so well written it compensates a lot. But they should think about power users, every once in a while.
  11. The interest about reviews is mostly which is the drawback of a new product. Years ago cameras where simpler and it was easier to choose a camera, mostly pointing to IQ. Nowadays with factors as heating, codec, color rendition, battery life, memory type, etc. There are so many factors, most cameras are good in some aspects and worse in others. But as Andrew say, you must read 20 pages of marketing blablabla to (not) find the answers we need. Integrity is not easy. That's why we have to support those who at least aim at it!
  12. OMG, that is MY life!!! ;-)) When you talk about being honest or a contract, I would invite you to Italy. I have lost clients because in the briefing for the first video I tried to make them understand basics like "you can't put a Michael Jackson song on your video for YouTube"/"you can't ask infinite revisions". A contract is sci-fi and hourly pay hard sci-fi. Here everything is flat-rate which barely covers your expenses. Then another thing that irritates me is when the client gives you zero briefing/ideas/support. You came with a nice concept, build the whole video on it. And whe
  13. Calvin, I would love to test your LUTs, but have none of the cameras you worked on! ;-)
  14. Maybe your unit is faulty. If Sigma worked an adaptor for their lenses, it should work at least as other adapters out there??
  15. I arrived at my conclusion a long time ago. After several months using Photoshop in english, I tried it in spanish. I couldn't find "Blur"!!! ;-))
  16. Programs must be used in english. It's a limit that helps everyone!
  17. I searched and found 51.6% of people with the right to vote in US were women. And Trump won. Humanity embraced masochism.
  18. The biggest advantage of FCP X is performance. I edit 4K clips like butter. Fearing Apple prices, I tried Da Vinci Resolve, but in my same Macbook it runs like shit with Full HD files. And price, I bought FCP X when it came out for 180€, I have been using it for five years. Not even 40€ a year for a pro program!!!
  19. But increasing the size of the body so the heating is not a problem?? Ah, I won't buy a $1200 perfectly fine camera if not for the overheating, I will buy a $6000 FS5 to avoid heating!!!
  20. If you use FCP X you won't have any problem. I use it with a Macbook and it cuts through those 100mbps 4K files!
  21. The a6500 will put stress on Panasonic to do an incredible GH5!!!
  22. Smooth propellers, you must love italian bureaucracy!!!!!! ;-DDD
  23. If you want to be legal 100% you have to take a course, pass an exam, get a license, pay an insurance, etc. DJI Phantoms are sold everywhere and nearly nobody do all those things to be legit. So the problem is if they catch you, I would prefer to be catched with a Mavic, than one of the others. Living in Italy forces you think how to force the law, amico!!!!! ;-DD
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