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  1. Raw interviews?? Your budget goes on hard-drives!! A GH4 has been good enough for the aerial shots in Narcos.
  2. I started for art, at some point I made money and now it's neither. So I want to restart with love for art!!! What I love about videomaking is that you can convey a message or a story controlling every aspect of it!
  3. I read the actor (who is brazilian) took 20Kg+ for the series. Camera Panasonic GH4 (Drone Footage) Red Epic Dragon Zeiss Ultra Prime Lenses
  4. In fact I forget about everything technical and get caught, but then there's a night scene and I miss grain!!! Plata o plomo o ruido!!! ;-D
  5. I got Netflix recently and, for example, watching Narcos, I miss the grain. Mostly on night scenes. Clean 4K night scenes remembers me we are watching actors on a set!!!
  6. Or use really shadow DOF. If the screen behind is out of focus it won't show moire!
  7. Without a proper CPU it will never be able to properly work with 4K files. Of course an SSD helps. But it's worth throwing money on your Macbook??
  8. Eric you'r music is great and your tenacity will bring you far!!! Keep going!!!
  9. For those that think FCP X is not a pro app, this guy edited a 2 hour long concert with like 50cams with a MacPro and FCP X. Good luck to those wanting to do that on Premiere!!! The only smart alternative to FCP X if you don't want to go Mac or don't like magnetic timeline, is Da Vinci Resolve, imho.
  10. Maybe too low, in Amazon Italy it costs 3300€
  11. The problem is that watching a movie doesn't have a price. A Whopper, a Coca Cola can or even a Sony A7S has a price. Watching a movie goes from zero to ??? And the fact that for years it has been free hasn't helped, imho.
  12. In theory is a very good camera. It's MUCH better to use a 4K cam for drones. But if you are money tight and can't fail, I would search the gimbal+camera combination in YouTube. Too many anti-vibration systems can conflict instead of help!
  13. They probably sprayed something to keep you sleeping. Most important thing is that you are OK, but having things stolen sucks!
  14. So the "metal soldering in a custom bikes workshop" video is over?? I will miss it!! ;-)
  15. I am digging Resolve to be able to leave Macs. You either buy the powerfulest iMac that will suit you great in FCP X and really good in Resolve. Or with half the money you buy an already assembled Dell/HP that will only run Resolve equally well or twice better once you add a GeForce 1080. About monitors, Dells seems to offer best bang for buck.
  16. I think the Pelican case is great, specially if you can open it and work. About little speakers I don't know, but maybe a little bluetooth speaker, so you don't have to wear headphones all the time in a long editing session.
  17. Yes, there is too much tension to focus on the anamorphics! ;-)
  18. You can get more business only if you work more on selling yourself and your business.
  19. Probably! Yesterday I heard that Fujifilm was saved by Sony, Nikon, Canon on the condition to not produce DSLR. True?? Who knows!!
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