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  1. Sample 8k, 24p RAW footage. 15 seconds. 5.12 GB https://drive.google.com/file/d/1puJviism7-VlEgq3QHc1M-vx26LTQifU/view?fbclid=IwAR1T5usi4w20J7Db6B-NE0DE4MoAGMiqDCOLIQ7S7TygIhrGt3sSVak9JSk
  2. I use it all the time on my S1H and slo motion mountain biking. Its nice to have some background noises of tyres, movement in slo motion, especially if you apply a speed ramp.
  3. Peter Mckinnon confirmed overheating issues on 4K 120 at 7:55
  4. Yeah - I moved over the Gordon from Camera Labs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvU4WNb6-J4
  5. Wex have already got all the details here: https://www.wexphotovideo.com/canon-eos-r5-digital-camera-body-1744939/
  6. Its a Mondraker. The battery is indeed integrated into the frame. Here's the finished video that I was working on that shows it in a bit more detail: (PS, I'm one of those pesky youtubers that you might not like 😂!!)
  7. Yeah, thats an ebike 🙂 Thanks, seems it was an issue with some settings on the `atoms and also I'd overexposed a but on the cam. I did manage to rescue a bit. No one noticed in the final YouTube video!
  8. In Final Cut Pro - not that I can find, but I will have another look.
  9. Hi all, Have been very happy with my S1H for my MTB footage. Run and gun, VLOG and 10 Bit paired with IBIS have been a great combo. I just started using the Atomos Ninja V, and I seem to be getting clipped, unrecoverable highlights and its destroying my footage. I updated my Atomos and S1H to the latest firmware recently and have been using the new 'Legal' range toggle (as I read I should be). I am exposing just as I would have done that has been successful in the past. But most of my footage from the Atomos has this weird highlight clipping Settings: S1H - Vlog, manual everything, updated to latest firmware Atomos - Latest FW, legalise option that was just added selected. Screenshots of unedited footage in Final Cut Pro X from my Atomos I'm not amazing on camera formats and settings, but between these 2 updates, somthing has happened and I cant work it out! Did I just totally screw up my VLOG exposure? Thanks in advance, Rob.
  10. Did you ever get this workflow? I use FCPX also and would like to understand workflow.
  11. Ok thanks. I won’t be speeding up or slowing it down, so not too sure the benefits of shooting 4K 60? I will be loosing light due to higher frame rate also? Unless I’m missing some other benefit of shooting 60p I will have a second camera / drone operator trail side.
  12. Thanks all, Would 60p make much difference if even if i'm conforming to 30p on the timeline? So not slowing down by 50%?
  13. Hi. Looking for some help for an upcoming project. What would be the ideal setting / profile for my XT3 for some low light (covered forest) and mixed lighting with harsh contrast MTB action footage? Im filming in 4K 30 and will try using a 90 degree shutter, as my previous results at 180 degree were quite blurred frames with the bike movement Would it be better to film in FLOG to my Ninja V or use a baked in profile like Eterna? Looking for best dynamic range I have 18-55, 16mm F1.4, 50mm F 2.0, Atomos Ninja V and Ronin SC to use here’s an ideas of a (big budget cinema cam) look:
  14. I got the lens and put it on the Ronin SC with my Fuji XT-30. Quite happy with the result.
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