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  1. Sample 8k, 24p RAW footage. 15 seconds. 5.12 GB https://drive.google.com/file/d/1puJviism7-VlEgq3QHc1M-vx26LTQifU/view?fbclid=IwAR1T5usi4w20J7Db6B-NE0DE4MoAGMiqDCOLIQ7S7TygIhrGt3sSVak9JSk
  2. I use it all the time on my S1H and slo motion mountain biking. Its nice to have some background noises of tyres, movement in slo motion, especially if you apply a speed ramp.
  3. Peter Mckinnon confirmed overheating issues on 4K 120 at 7:55
  4. Yeah - I moved over the Gordon from Camera Labs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvU4WNb6-J4
  5. Wex have already got all the details here: https://www.wexphotovideo.com/canon-eos-r5-digital-camera-body-1744939/
  6. Its a Mondraker. The battery is indeed integrated into the frame. Here's the finished video that I was working on that shows it in a bit more detail: (PS, I'm one of those pesky youtubers that you might not like 😂!!)
  7. Yeah, thats an ebike 🙂 Thanks, seems it was an issue with some settings on the `atoms and also I'd overexposed a but on the cam. I did manage to rescue a bit. No one noticed in the final YouTube video!
  8. In Final Cut Pro - not that I can find, but I will have another look.
  9. Hi all, Have been very happy with my S1H for my MTB footage. Run and gun, VLOG and 10 Bit paired with IBIS have been a great combo. I just started using the Atomos Ninja V, and I seem to be getting clipped, unrecoverable highlights and its destroying my footage. I updated my Atomos and S1H to the latest firmware recently and have been using the new 'Legal' range toggle (as I read I should be). I am exposing just as I would have done that has been successful in the past. But most of my footage from the Atomos has this weird highlight clipping Settings: S1H - Vlog, manual everything, updated to latest firmware Atomos - Latest FW, legalise option that was just added selected. Screenshots of unedited footage in Final Cut Pro X from my Atomos I'm not amazing on camera formats and settings, but between these 2 updates, somthing has happened and I cant work it out! Did I just totally screw up my VLOG exposure? Thanks in advance, Rob.
  10. Did you ever get this workflow? I use FCPX also and would like to understand workflow.
  11. Ok thanks. I won’t be speeding up or slowing it down, so not too sure the benefits of shooting 4K 60? I will be loosing light due to higher frame rate also? Unless I’m missing some other benefit of shooting 60p I will have a second camera / drone operator trail side.
  12. Thanks all, Would 60p make much difference if even if i'm conforming to 30p on the timeline? So not slowing down by 50%?
  13. Hi. Looking for some help for an upcoming project. What would be the ideal setting / profile for my XT3 for some low light (covered forest) and mixed lighting with harsh contrast MTB action footage? Im filming in 4K 30 and will try using a 90 degree shutter, as my previous results at 180 degree were quite blurred frames with the bike movement Would it be better to film in FLOG to my Ninja V or use a baked in profile like Eterna? Looking for best dynamic range I have 18-55, 16mm F1.4, 50mm F 2.0, Atomos Ninja V and Ronin SC to use here’s an ideas of a (big budget cinema cam) look:
  14. I got the lens and put it on the Ronin SC with my Fuji XT-30. Quite happy with the result.
  15. Great thanks. I just took delivery of the 50mm f2.0 and on the Ronin SC it works perfectly. I’ll try it with the focus motor too.
  16. I know that the XT3 may not be able to create it exactly, but what kind of lens would you recommend. It's got a nice shallow DOF. I have a Ronin SC so doesn't necessarily need to be stabilised. I'm thinking a Fuji 35mm 1.4 but worried about the sound abilities. Thanks in advance!
  17. beem using my G85 to VLOG / Youtube. Having a manual lens is a PITA! What good wide lenses would you recommend? Would like wider than my current 17mm for handheld vlogging.
  18. How are folks getting on with this profile? Any more examples of it in action? Still searching for a set and forget profile to use and noticed this has quite a magenta tone to it.
  19. Look great. Have you tried the EOSHD colour profile yet? Would be interested to see it on this type of footage with lots of skin tones.
  20. Looks great. I'll definitely be purchasing this. Is it recommended to shoot in Cinelike D or a particular profile?
  21. I already posted this clip in another thread, but this was shot on G80 with Leeming LUT.
  22. As a previous owner of the GH4 I purchased the G80 as a stop gap until the GH5 is released, intending to sell it once the GH5 is released. The G80 is everything I need in a camera right now and unless there is a really compelling reason to get the GH5 I think I will stick to the G80. The only I think that I'd really use is the 4k 60 for slowdown. Will wait and see if the GH5 is ~£1k 'better' than the G80.
  23. Looks great. I really considered this camera. What do you think it'd be like for a bit of run and gun? The only thing I don't like is the lack of stabilisation. But you gotta give it to this camera, the colour is outstanding.
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