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  1. I dreamt it or Fuji opened their system to third party lenses, allowing AF lenses from other vendors? Any new in this front? 

    I love the kit lens and have a 23mm f2 and 50mm f2. I am very happy with them, but would love more choices! 

  2. On 10/10/2019 at 3:04 AM, Jay60p said:

    I'm happy to report the "crushed blacks" problem with X-T3 H265 files on 2018 Mac Mini (with T2) has been fixed in OSX Catalina. 

    I am back to editing HEVC from X-T3 natively in Final Cut Pro.  I am using a stock Mac Mini i5 with only 8GB memory and get smooth playback with the viewer set to "better performance".


    Thanks for the info! I need to upgrade my late 2013 Macbook Pro and I had the Mac Mini in mind. 

  3. In fact, technology arrived to a point where most of us have cameras that have equivalent or better IQ that the equipment used in our all time favourite films. About the beginnings of RED I remember that a lot of normal videographers bought a RED camera + accesories, thinking they would become either Kubrick or Warner Bros. That was not the case. 

    Cameras are tools, I can't imagine carpenters talking about hammer or nails...


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