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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to jonpais in Samsung NX1 vs Fujifilm X-T2 vs Nikon D5500 vs Sony a5100 shootout   
    I'm not seeing the Samsung battering the X-T2 at all. At 2:26 and a couple of other spots, the NX-1 outshines the X-T2 in detail and DR, but even though they were both shot simultaneously, the X-T2 appears to be out of focus for one thing. I don't own the 18-55, but it can't be that blurry, no way. I say this because although i don't own the 18-55, I do own at least a half dozen other Fuji lenses, and they are all tack sharp. I've also seen footage shot with the 18-55, and nothing I've seen looks that soft. 
    Edit: I will say however, that if I could buy the Samsung and 16-50 in Vietnam today, I'd do so in a heartbeat. The footage of Nepal shared by another forum member the other day blew my mind.
    Maybe I'm mistaken, it's happened more than once! Is the DR of the NX1 really that much more than the X-T2? I won't be able to sleep tonite.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Inazuma in Samsung NX1 vs Fujifilm X-T2 vs Nikon D5500 vs Sony a5100 shootout   
    Ever since I gave up my Nikon D5200 a few years ago for the Panasonic GX7, I've been dearly missing one lens. The 17-50mm f2.8. I tried the 12-35mm f2.8 on the Panasonic but didn't like it. Then the Samsung NX1 came out along with the 16-50mm f2-2.8. At the time, it was way above my budget. So I've since considered other systems such as the Sony but for one reason or another, they didn't fit my needs. But now, over 2 years later, I've finally been able and willing to pick one up. Luckily as well, the camera body is entirely unused. The manufacturer sealing was still in place. 
    One of the first things I do when I get a new camera is to compare it to my other camera(s) for things like colour, dynamic range and noise. I've made many such tests before but never usually post them. This time I've taken the time to do it properly and edit it together for all to see. 
    First up is the X-T2 vs NX1 shootout. The main point of this was to see the differences in colour and tonality. See the video description for all the fine details on settings.
    And next is this high iso comparison with two other cameras I currently have. Again, you can see the video description for all the setting details.
    Some thoughts on the differences between the X-T2 and NX1:
    AF-C and focus pulling with AF works much better on the older NX1 than the X-T2; in video anyway.  The 16-50mm f2-2.8 is a ridiculously good lens, image wise. And the focus rings works just like a classic lens. The grip and button layout of the NX1 is far better. I've always felt the retro styling of Fujifilm were a detriment to their functionality. The downside to the NX1 is that it is far inferior to the XT2 in low light. The last shot in the shootout was shot at ISO 800 on the NX1 and 1600 on the XT2, yet the NX1 shows less detail and more muddiness due to the noise reduction.  Also the NX1 is far sharper in 4k and HD but has more aliasing and moiré in the latter.  
    Anyway, I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the difference between the images I'm yet undecided of which system to keep, even though the NX1 would finally fulfil my want.. or need of a 16-50mm f2.8. 
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Kisaha in NX500 with ELECTRONIC shutter - best combo for RAW timelapses?   
    @Parker Excellent! Seem like its own film stock. Do you care to elaborate a bit (or preferably, a lot!).
    The NX500 is so small, with the same NX1 sensor, that is a complete steal (if you own NX lenses anyway). I have the same exact use as Parker does, also a tiny silly Manfrotto tripod that fits even into my regular bag pack, or at the top of my camera bag (a big camera bag, not a huge one though) and I always carry it with me, as a B cam combo, or back up combo. I also have a small rig with a matte box and rails and stuff, recently I just used it as a B cam for interviews on a serious documentary shooting (I was doing the sound, and I joked with the DP, which of course we work together since the beginning of time, that I could pass the NX500 as a second cam and no one would even comment on it, and I did! Actually I saw the finished product and the NX500 is more in the interviews than the JVC LS300, but the JVC with its 4:2:2 broadcast ready codec performed slightly better in Resolve.)
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Parker in NX500 with ELECTRONIC shutter - best combo for RAW timelapses?   
    This is exactly how I use my NX500, the small, compact size and silent shutter make it an awesome stills camera, very easy to put on a small travel tripod and just shoot away on location. It is also my main vacation/walkaround stills camera for the same reason. The dynamic range of this camera is truly awesome; as long as you can protect the highlights, at low ISO's, the shadows can be raised 100% in Lightroom with no visible noise of any kind. 
    In this video here, one of my NX500 timelapses starts at 3:52, and there are two more starting at 5:08.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Marco Tecno in NX-1 vs 5D4 vs GH5 Test series   
    Incredible how much sharper the nx1 is... without being oversharpened.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to IKSLIM in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Dear Luca,
    I’ve received the parcel. NXL-0055 is awesome. Incredible conversion factor on top of super optics. It looks like NXL-Optics is better than Metabone Speed Boosters)) I tried many original Metabones when i was m43 user, but finally quit from them.
    I have two manual Samyang lenses: 24mm/1.4 and 16mm/2.0
    Both get a new live with NXL… 16mm/2.0 becomes close to 11mm))
    Well done, Man!
    Keep Going.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to cojocaru27 in Your ideal NX1 Settings   
    hey guys, please let me share with you my last project shot on nx1 entirely. I have spent a month in Africa and this is what i got left of it, hope you'll enjoy it. Any comment is more than welcome :
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Enna Park in Samsung's boss Jae Lee may be in jail - but I have some great camera-related news for him   
    I love my two NX1 (and NX500) and it works perfect.
    NX1 is two years old, but it has best hardware under 2000$ until now.
    If there's NX2 or high sensitivity version of NX1, it would be best filming camera.
    President of Samsung Kun-hee Lee thinks camera business is very important. Even though it did not make money. But he is unconscious.
    And he's son vice-chairman Jae-yong Lee thinks camera is just a toy. He sells everything for inherit.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to 김형희 in Samsung's boss Jae Lee may be in jail - but I have some great camera-related news for him   
    Samsung removes camera department. The department was integrated into the cell phone division.
    Camera business needs patience for years or decades to come. But Samsung think it is a worthless business if they do not make profit right away. samsung can only wait just a few months.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Hi Ikslim, the crowdfunding is close and the crowdfunding email do not work. write me by message here.
    Take it easy, I ship your NXL today (fast ship for Eoshd Friend ;-) )
    This is your NXL with serial number and new front flange with 6 screws!!
    In your private email I send you the tracking number.

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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Arikhan in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    As reading out of your postings, you are making a living out of filming Kisaha. So, you want to earn money...Jumping into the "every year a new camera" race doesn't contribute to making profit. The NX1 is a very nice cam with flaws, as other (much more hyped and expensive) cameras too...So you have to ask yourself, if your clients/audience will see a difference between the NX1 and a "NewestHypedCamera". Probably not. Review forums (like DPReview & co.) are a kind of parallel universe, having nothing to do with reality of normal Joes (as audience) or with getting payed jobs. It's a world in which gear guys film some months with camera A, get tired of it, trade it and buy a new WOW-cam. After maximum 5 months they get tired of it, trade it (with loss) and buy another system. Content wise? Mostly ZERO...Only (oftenly) exagerated gear talk, pixel peeping, armchair expertise and so on...
    I invested 65 Euros some days ago for a survey under 461 Facebook German participants (all relevant age groups, men/women, etc.) on Facebook. You know what? 78 % of them watch video on their smartphones/tablets, another 17 % watch on PC / laptop, only 5 % watch videos on TV. The best one is: from the 17 % watching videos on PC, a vast majority not even has a FullHD resolution... ;-)
    So the pixel peepers live in a parallel world and dream about the 16K future and numerous Hollywood jobs - they will never get...The reality is max. 1080p. Same for corporate clients...
    So...Get your money in good promotion for your business and keep on your work with the NX1, if you like it. Stop living in the parallel world of gear heads...You will never get a paid job from gear heads. It's simply losing time, energy and money.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to لطفي بوعكاز in NX1 Block Artifacts & ISO   
    I just want to share my experience with getting rid of the blocks artifacts especially on a sky, I've found out that it's all to do with ISO value! when using the gamma DR profile and a low iso this introduces very ugly blocks or artifacts on the blue channel so I tried with a high iso either 500 or 800 and turns out it reduced this by a large margin if not completely.
    however high iso means overexposure, so ND filter must be used, if you're shooting a talent then you'll need to reflect light on your subject too.  The picture shows you the difference, look at top left corner, I've maximized the color grading to be able to see it. I also tried adding grain to the 100 iso image but that still didn't fix the blocky image.
    The blocks are due to the compressed 8bit only video quality and the nature of h265. 

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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Marco Tecno in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    I totally agree, Kisaha, I didn't mean to undercut Luca's awesome work. He is actually a great fan and supporter of NX system and with his speedbooster he gave new life to NX1 for those not needing AF. It's actually because I trust his work, that I made that "bulleted list". I'm sure he can accomplish most of those points.
    The size, TO ME, is a big plus. I actually went mirrorless for the size in the first place. Now, if you tell me that the size of metabones is impossible to achieve, I could buy the adapter anyway, if it does all the rest, but it hasn't to be too big (the Canon that you mention is actually on the big side, IMO).
    As to ttbek, I also think he should set some marks for his "reward", and the questions fired by Luca are very interesting. I mean...perhaps, with those funds Luca at his disposal NOW, he could do the real thing, while he couldn't do it without them.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to ttbek in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    I have been working with a digital logic analyzer and an Arduino nano.  Via this setup I can set the aperture and move the focus to min and max so far.  So the setup is
    For gathering data: Canon Camera + EF extension tube with AF contacts + lens, I have wired the extension tube to sample the data via a USB digital logic anlyzer. 
    For testing my control: Arduino Nano + EF extension tube with AF contacts + lens (no body for now).  So the aperture and focus max and min are working as controlled by the nano. 
    Next step: NX camera + NX extension tube with AF contacts + Arduino Nano  and use the digital logic analyzer to find the focus commands from the camera, also spoof the lens data.  Here is where ihkim's work will be a big help with the lens initialisation, to hopefully successfully spoof the lens in a way the camera accepts. 
    Final case: NX camera signal to contacts on close end EF -> NX adapter, these wired to the nano, then from the nano to the contacts on the other side of the adapter, then to the lens.  Then replace the adapter with wired NX-L for focal reduction. 
    Stabilization seems to work automatically for the lenses I've tried, but I think the EF-M mount lenses don't have physical switches, but these are not among the lenses we're adapting. 
    My 10k offer still stands for anyone that can provide native-like camera driven AF.  The Apurture DEC does not do this, as I understand it doesn't listen to the camera half at all, in which case I'm only a few buttons away from doing the same with the nano (add button to repeat change focus command one way, another the other way, same for aperture).  Wifi would be a bunch of work though, but while nice it isn't on my own wish list.  The nano will allow more programmatic control, 2,3,4, etc... focus locations could be toggled, it's mostly a matter of adding physical inputs and writing logic into the nano code to handle them.  As I look back to your image of the upcoming system, the contacts are going to go just from the Apurture to the lens, I also need to get to the camera contacts somehow.  What I need is camera -> Apurture and Apurture -> lens (but with my nano instead of the Apurture).  With the current NX-L design I'm not sure how to get at the camera contacts, running wires even with a hole drilled through isn't great because of the rotating design, so they can be stressed or break if it rotates too far.  Solutions that come to mind would complicate the design quite a bit further (e.g. concentric rings for each contact on that part that rotates). 
    That would be great, can you PM me the address, I didn't keep the packaging they arrived in so I lost the return address. 
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to hoodlum in Sony Smartphone sensor to support 4k60p and 1/120s readout   
    This 1/2.3" three layered stacked sensor looks interesting for the next versions of s
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    The next step will be NXL EOS lens control.
    My dream is get the Samsung NX1 like a Canon 1D X MKII... Just better!

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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek got a reaction from NX1user in Samsung NX1 - Post Your Latest Video   
    Quite old but maybe still worth of posting here... whole with NX1 and bitrate hack.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek got a reaction from BopBill in Samsung NX1 - Post Your Latest Video   
    Quite old but maybe still worth of posting here... whole with NX1 and bitrate hack.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to lucabutera in Smart Adapter   
    I have reflected on the possibility of building a smart adapter,
    But before working on this project I would like to ask you friends of the forum, which would you prefer:
    1) Aputure Dec
    2) Techart Pro
    Aputure Dec has the advantage of remote manual control, no mechanism on the adapter, built-in battery, open the iris and the display showing the iris aperture values.
    Disadvantages, it works only with Canon EF lenses.
    Techart Pro has the extraordinary advantage of transforming all manual lenses with auto focus lenses, and since the thickness can mount almost all existing lenses.
    Disadvantages, can not adjust the aperture of the iris of Canon EF lenses, no remote control.
    This question is not an official communication to work on Autofocus system to Samsung, this depends on the time and money that I can spend, I just want to do a survey to see what you prefer.
    I look forward to hearing your opinions.
    - write 1) for Apture Dec; 
    - write 2) for Techart Pro.
    Thank you
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Ivanhurba in I need A7s3 !!   
    I have an actual photo of a Sony engineer testing the A7SIII E.F in beta mode.

    Here's a Sony engineer running away from the scene after testing the 4k60p. The battery was short lived and went brightly nuclear shortly after, that's why they call it Elephant's Foot.
    Jokes apart (although Chernobyl is no joke), I love, love, love my RX10II but I rather complement it with a GH5 than a small battery, 30 mins limited, tilty screen and who knows what limitations more, one SD card a7siii. 
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Drew Veeneman in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    For a 150mm or greater tele-photo, I wouldn't use a speed booster like the NXL. The wider field of view would be counter productive to getting longer reach... and at that focal length shallow DOF isn't a problem.
    If you REALLY want the NXL on a long tele-photo with vignetting, medium format lenses would be a sweet solution. To learn more about those, check out this old blog post by Frank Glencairn: https://frankglencairn.wordpress.com/vintage-zeiss-glass-on-modern-cameras/
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Juxx989 in FYI Ifix it has several NX-1 Teardown Manuals   
    I had no Idea... here you go
    Now get to work making an active ef mount!      
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to lucabutera in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    Thank you all! If today some of us have a chance to see samsung nx1 with full frame eye is thanks to your financial support.
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    Pavel MaÅ¡ek reacted to Parker in Samsung NX Speed Booster   
    @sondreg and @Kisaha and others have expressed that I share some of my work with the NX-L. Obviously Enna is probably going to supply us with a sweet review, but I guess I can post some of my work with it so far as well. I've shot tons of stills with it (if people want to see some of those, let me know) as well as several video projects that I can't really release yet since I'm still in post with the clients, but here's one I can realease that I shot entirely on the NX-L (except for the wide angle/gimbal stuff, that was a NX500 and 12mm on a zhiyun crane), but apart from that everything in this video shot with the NX-L and rokinon 85mm. At the very least it shows off the dreamy full-frame look the NX-L provides as well as clearly maintaining sharpness and detail. I'm also happy to answer any questions. Once again, @lucabutera has done an absolutely amazing job with this wonderful piece of kit. Anyway, here's the vid: 
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