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  1. The correct answer is:  who cares?  The only thing I want to know is:  will it have a flip around screeen?    I need to get content out the door as quickly as possible, and the Sony screens with the exception of the A6400 are a stumbling block that just slows down the entire operation.

    i dicked around with the a7s for the first 3 years of my show, then switched to the GH5.   ...a far more practical camera for YouTube.  Would love to shoot on Sony again, but not if it’s going to be a pain in the ass!




  2. 2 hours ago, Dan Sherman said:

    Based on the videos on your channel, you don't need a flippy screen! Since your footage is so static, you would be much better served by an HDMI cable, and the cheapest monitor you can get your hands on.


    Static shots, yes.   But still have to get the camera into tight spots in the studio around drummers and whatnot.  A monitor needs cabling & power.  That's extra work.   
    Dealt with a Sony A7s for three years and various "solutions."   ..all of which required extra work.   Got a GH5 last year & wondered how the hell I managed without it.   Mainly because of the flip out screen!

    Never switching back to a non-flipping screen, I don't care what the specs say.  Practicality trumps specs.


  3. No articulating screen?  PASS!

    Specs are meaningless if the body isn't practical.   I've had enough of dicking around with "solutions" that just add complexity.   If I can't flip the screen around the camera is useless.

    I do over a million views a month on Youtube and need to get shit done.


  4. Just tried it out:

    The Good:   I can add dissolves to my A7s footage and it doesn't turn to a stuttering mess like 12 did.  Honestly, I like Resolve's edit window & it seems like it might be a contender.

    The Bad:   Audio plays back in preview window.   Disappears & reappears occasionally in timeline.   Ok, let's get that fixed, shall we?   Doesn't matter the source, video files, wav files, nothing.    Obviously a bug.    

  5. 18 hours ago, Jonesy Jones said:

     My understanding is that the majority of the issues would not be if users worked within the cameras known strengths and weaknesses.

    By the reviews, it sounds like there's an awful lot of weaknesses.  Like not being able to shoot without noise.  Like the damn thing breaking after 3 days.   BM had better step the fuck up,and quick.

  6. Well, this is a pleasant surprise!   I do a YouTube show that averages 800,000 - 1.5 million views a month, and shoot roughly 3 episodes a week, all on the subject of music production.   The A7s has been my go to camera over the last 16 months.    "Autumn leaves" mode gives great color & skin tones right out of the box with minimal dicking around.   I simply can't afford to waste time grading.  (more power to you guys who are great at it)   I've been looking for a B-camera for the A7s for the last little while, and the A7rii was looking like a serious (but damn expensive) contender.   The Blackmagic Micro even looked pretty good too, although I'm none to impressed with vaporware.   But the a6300 is a total game changer!   I really need a multi camera setup, and for this price, I might just buy two!

  7. Schneider super cinelux surgery.
    I was tired of those big lips in front of my Schneider super cinelux version 1, so today I managed to do a little surgery. I did it because now it can go all the way down the FM, this mod allows me to use an 85mm lens with my 5D without vignetting. It worked great inside the FM with his lips too, but I was limited to use a lens from 100mm to above. So you don't need to this mod, I DO NOT encourage you to do this as you may damage your lens. Better be safe than sorry!



    ​Did you dremel that?  What was your procedure?  I've got one of these & might be interested in taking it down, too.

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