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    Emanuel reacted to markr041 in DJI Pocket 3?   
    4K 60P Holiday Video at night (for all audiences):
    Looks spectacular in HDR, when YouTube gets around to showing it. Looks good in SDR.
    Nothing beats a gimbal for nighttime video with movement.
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    Emanuel got a reaction from kye in iPhone 15 Camera Update - Released   
    The neorealist filmmakers brought the cameras to the streets. There is a joke told about Rossellini when Ingrid Bergman wrote to him (they would form a family and a team later) that he asked "who is she?" : D Hollywood was made indoors and Italians wanted to shoot the real life with real people (not professional actors as much as possible, etc.). Light equipment all the way where the French took advantage from their aesthetics proposal. French New Wave filmmakers had all been fascinated by their precursors, those Italians who had left the artificial construction out of their creation. That focus on the true portrait of the real conveyed from there. The light setup, yes.
    And the natural light source as exposure method too.
    It is famous the story often told as anecdotal note about Rossellini when he would have submitted all the crew to wait for the sun exactly to match the sun movement in the middle of two buildings around noon...
    In 2023, we celebrate 100 years of 16mm film introduced by Kodak. There are a lot of movie reels shot by amateurs since 20s of a century ago. I have a few of them, well, dozens or okay, hundreds LOL : ) in my private collection I am organising to say it more explicit as of now. Also trying to save those pictures with other professionals of same field. I am involved with a couple of labs. Part of my business today.
    French New Wave shooters were kids, young cinephiles, film critics (Cahiers du Cinema their Bible) their Italian neorealists their parents.
    While Italians brought Hollywood method to make films to the real life, FNW left the tripod.
    The film language was not anymore something necessarily stable, stuck on a few rules determinated by the need to look like or adopt a professional look. The shots didn't have to be lovely and carefully on the spot. As the industry had been so severe to put limits.
    Italians had opened the pandora box.
    French said why not to take the option to disrupt the whole thing with an amateur 16mm format, besides already used professionally for news reels, as for instance?
    And that's it!
    Came from their obsession with the real which popped up after WWII in Italy. No more fake, as mantra. Seems Orson Welles (F for Fake ; ) would have said that Rossellini was not a real director but all Italians great actors! LOL : )
    The influence of neorealism is beyond the technical side of this craft, not so far from their approach to the way the technology should be adopted though.
    Here is a list of a few examples earned in the American cinema for example.
    John Cassavetes, one of the most influential filmmakers of the History of this medium (here's another link which can help to render better understanding of the relevance of the contribution of these people who were able to shoot "on grainy 16mm film stock and set over one night" as BFI tells the story here on Faces and the American Cinematographer here for Shadows), has his part of this route for sure, not only the case of someone I am proud to have had the luck to have personally met and associated to my curriculum and work with, even today, Jonas Mekas.
    Lars von Trier, also one of my dearest ones, did his course with his Dogma 95 movement when digital video had just arrived.
    Gilles Deleuze, a French thinker I've studied for decades and praise a lot and one of the most important individuals of the XX century, is the philosophical expression of all this.
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in GoPro Hero12   
    You might benefit from the Voice Isolation feature in Resolve.  I'm not sure if this is a paid feature or in free version, but it seems to work pretty well in some situations.
    In general though, having something on the microphones to block them from wind is essential.  You can't side-step the laws of physics 🙂 
    That's true of almost every camera.  The closest you get it right in-camera the better the output will be.
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in iPhone 15 Camera Update - Released   
    Just got around to watching this - interesting stuff.
    One thing described as a key element to the French New Wave was the availability of affordable and portable 16mm film cameras, allowing the available-light, hand-held shooting style.  I see from wikipedia that the Italian Neorealism was a precursor to the FNW, with Italian Neorealism in full swing from ~1945-1955 and FNW not really getting started until the late 1950s.
    I couldn't find any good timeline about when 16mm film became affordable - but I did note that wikipedia said "The format was used extensively during World War II, and there was a huge expansion of 16 mm professional filmmaking in the post-war years." so maybe the Italian Neorealism was the first movement to really benefit from this technological advancement?
    I was also under the impression that the FNW was the innovative movement that took the new tech and developed new techniques that fully utilised it, but maybe that's not the case?
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    Emanuel got a reaction from kye in iPhone 15 Camera Update - Released   
    A dream come true of the Italian neorealism... think about it : X
    To those who are used : D to complain on crappy YT entries, here's something... (Marty @PannySVHS, this time, starts with my beloved Rome found now right after when arrived to that earlier Lisbon clip of before ; )
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    Emanuel reacted to androidlad in Fuji GFX 100 II... had a play   
    Every single stacked sensor has reduced DR compared to their standard BSI counterpart, for example, X-H2s vs X-T4
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    Emanuel reacted to MurtlandPhoto in iPhone 15 Camera Update - Released   
    FWIW, I found the 50Mbps HD from the GH3 to be far better than the GH4 with the same settings. In general, I found the GH4's HD modes to be very poor compared to its own 4K or the GH3's HD. 
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    Emanuel reacted to BTM_Pix in Panasonic S5 II (What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?)   
    Its secondary to its stills use and hence there isn't that much example footage from it, but the Q3 has 8K video.
    Which is the expected nod to it arriving in an arguably overdue refresh of the S1 range in the not too distant future.
    My guess is that is what this gathering is for rather than a GH7.
    Unless its the bi-annual meeting of the Shocked Face Clickbaiters Association. 
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    Emanuel got a reaction from markr041 in New Insta360 action camera on 21st Nov   
    LOL You look like a tough poster as you probably already know but in the end, you're one of the most valuable contributors with your real footage posted over these pages... You know something?
    I'd like to see your tests as you've usually offered us every time there's a new one just arriving to the town.
    Pity my subjective entries on this one don't incentivate you to go and bring us your street videography on low light shots BTW as usual coming from your NY walks.
    Osmo Pocket 3 is also welcome, speaking of devil : )
    As well, your thoughts on your findings to compare the most sainted trinity to my view nowadays:
    Z8 (you already have) / Osmo Pocket 3 / Ace Pro :- )
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    Emanuel reacted to markr041 in New Insta360 action camera on 21st Nov   
    I can't argue with subjective opinions, to which you are certainly entitled!
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    Emanuel reacted to BTM_Pix in iPhone 15 Camera Update - Released   
    Not sure what you mean here but in my post I was just gently pointing out that you had posted a link to a FedEx package tracking page rather than a link to what I presume you meant to of some footage from an Ursa12K ?
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    Emanuel reacted to MrSMW in Hey, KODAK Super 8 Camera is out there!   
    5k? It's not even 6, never mind 8k 😜
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    Emanuel reacted to kye in New Insta360 action camera on 21st Nov   
    Here's a BTS and sample footage of a music video shot on the Pro model...  
    It shows some temporal NR ghosting in this footage (which admittedly is a bit of a torture test in this regard) but still worth noting (linked to timestamp):
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    Emanuel reacted to BTM_Pix in iPhone 15 Camera Update - Released   
    They shot a parcel tracking web page in 12K ?
    Thats some resolution overkill right there.
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    Emanuel reacted to Tim Sewell in Hey, KODAK Super 8 Camera is out there!   
    It's hipster heaven. Will look great sitting next to my wooden headphones!
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    Emanuel got a reaction from PannySVHS in iPhone 15 Camera Update - Released   
    Can't wait to have the pleasure to watch it! : ) You know you're one of the most skillful shooters over here I invite everyone to find BTW :- )
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    Emanuel reacted to John Matthews in Panasonic S5 II (What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?)   
    I think it's 1 to 3 months.
    There's a possibility that it's a high-speed shooter of sorts, just in time for the Olympics, a common release version for manufacturers in General. Then again, it would seem rather late for that as photographers and videographers would want ample time with the camera to see any bugaboos.
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    Emanuel reacted to John Matthews in Panasonic S5 II (What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?)   
    It's a spec war; they'll have to, regardless whoever says what. Of course, the same argument could have been make about PDAF and it too them how long? I guess we'll soon find out if they learned something from all of that.
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    Emanuel reacted to Davide DB in Panasonic S5 II (What does Panasonic have up their sleeve?)   
    About 8K, from Camera Beta:
    The news about the previously registered Leica new machine has been updated: it is rumored that the new machine uses a 60 million pixel sensor, which can achieve 240 million pixels, equipped with 6.5 levels of anti-shake, equipped with phase focusing, a continuous shooting speed of 9 frames per second, and supports 30 Frame 8k video shooting.
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    Emanuel reacted to Andrew Reid in Fuji GFX 100 II... had a play   
    Obviously the price makes this more a dream than reality but goodness me am I impressed with it. Some observations:
    Very light, much smaller than GFX 100, much better build quality and top screen vs GFX 100S, feels like the sexiest camera ever made to be quite honest and really has a beautiful look and finish.
    Autofocus is much improved over prior GFX cameras especially original GFX 100, it seemed closer to X-H2, maybe not quite as fast but MUCH better than before, although I only tried it with the 50mm pancake.
    Video mode has so many crop modes. Rolling shutter in 8K is not great. 5.8K mode is interesting. 4K mode is plenty detailed even though it's pixel binned. There is a 2.35:1 crop mode, which looks like cinema on a stick. Anamorphic modes. Fantastic codec too with ProRes. I was able to try out the Full frame 35mm crop mode, also a PREMISTA one for your 40 grand cinema lenses from Fuji. Didn't see Super 35mm? I don't think I did anyway.
    EVF is still detachable. Very very good view of the action through it.
    Ergonomics and outstanding. The chunky high quality feel of everything about it and that top LCD panel is just incredible. Absolutely enormous and dominates the top plate of the camera.
    I want to pick one up but at 8000 euros, will have to wait.
    The Sony a1 does have a few advantages but I do love the look of the larger GFX sensor especially with vintage glass.
    The a1 has a faster rolling shutter at full resolution, and in 8K. It has a more flexible lens mount with a wider range of adapters including the lovely Leica M Autofocus adapter. In general, it is the autofocus king really, whereas GFX 100 II I would be mainly sticking to just one or two Fuji lenses for autofocus and the rest manual focus Canon FD / Minolta MD / etc.
    You can now pick up a Fuji GFX 100 about 4 years after it was released for $3500 / £3500 and going down further with the release of the new one. This was £10k when it was announced!
    So hopefully in 2 years we can pick up a GFX 100 II for around £4k or something, which is still a lot for most people, but it absolutely will make sense for many, it's just so good.
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    Emanuel got a reaction from kye in iPhone 15 Camera Update - Released   
    No idea if anyone has already found dxomark's evaluation entry on this one, here is:
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    Emanuel got a reaction from kye in iPhone 15 Camera Update - Released   
    On the spot, my friend : ) Reminds me some very recent conversation I had with a customer found online willing to buy both units of a Zenfone 7 Pro I have for sale. The man wanted I could accept some Flip model as trade-in only because it was a newer release and allowed the last Android updates. Struggling to figure out why I don't give a damn. Stuck on phone specs like they could tell me anything sorta my dick is bigger than yours, the year release of the thing, oh God, had the need to be patient... I had to tell him: "Don't piss me off, don't underestimate decades to learn what a device is, part of a whole craft, mine for the record!"
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    Emanuel reacted to PannySVHS in iPhone 15 Camera Update - Released   
    Puh, maybe I am not keen on new tech reviews at the moment, but it was no fun trying to read that test. Their photo sensor tests had been a joy to study, but this one, not for me. Electonics fetichism. Tired of witnessing that.
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    Emanuel reacted to PannySVHS in iPhone 15 Camera Update - Released   
    I am still fancying to do shortfilm with a GH3. I want to find out about my minimum regarding image quality for personal narrative work. It seems promising due to its moderate 50mbit codec and a rather robust image without artefacts. I have a GH4 i bought a few months ago. Should be the same as it has a 50mbit option beside the 100 and 200mbit ones. Just have to stay away from the cine profiles to simulate a GH3 well enough.:) Codec from my G6 back then was ok but not as strong as i wished under more harsh conditions, still pretty good for its time and bandwidth. G7 had my favorite HD image, even lovelier than from the GH5, almost as high resolving but a bit more gentle on textures. By a relevant margin better sensor and pipeline than in the G6, same codec though. I still have it but wanna test a adequate minimum data rate. So a simulated GH3 it will be.😊
    Just saying in regard to kyes and Emanuels posts above.:)
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    Emanuel reacted to markr041 in Thoughts on Nikon Z9/Z8 vs. Canon R3/R5(c)?   
    There is 4K 120P RAW on the Z8/9, but cropped.
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