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    johnnymossville reacted to hijodeibn in Panasonic GX80 - 5 Axis IBIS works on video!   
    If I don`t see any new small 4K camera at NAB with 10bit 4:2:2 codec, most probably I will get a GX80 with a metabones XL, I just hope it at least shows the same image quality than the G7……and no the killing issues we just saw in the A6300….what a disappointing!!!! 
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    johnnymossville reacted to sanveer in Panasonic GX80 - 5 Axis IBIS works on video!   
    I am surprised, not not so many people are as excited about the Panasonic GX85. It seems to have solved two of the biggest issues with Panasonic cameras, namely shutter shock and in-camera stabilization. It will obviously move all these, and add a lot more to the GH5. But, for the $797.95 price tag, for the camera AND the lens, it's a superb deal.
    Atleast it doesn't overheat like crazy and become unusable well before 30 mins of continuous use, have terrible rolling shutter, and some curious color science. Though the lack of headphone jack is really a bummer. Panasonic would at best have saved $3 per camera. Like seriously???
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    johnnymossville reacted to Cinegain in Canon 80D video quality still atrocious   
    Yeah, I'd rather get three G7 bodies for that! Or just one and a couple of lenses, maybe a speedbooster. Some audio gear and accessories. Good ND filter, etc.
    The only thing Canon can please me with is the fact that the 80D has the proper audio interface, color and dual pixel AF. But that isn't much good if the footage isn't up to standard.
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    johnnymossville reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon 80D video quality still atrocious   
    That they haven't got up to the GH2's level yet after 5 years is where the comparison is.
    GH2's image is still very detailed 1080p and very nice.
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    johnnymossville reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon 80D video quality still atrocious   
    Just had a brief time with the boxed up retail model. I say brief. I sent it back almost straight away.
    I might upload the clips to the original footage thread, but there's hardly any point. You know the score with these cameras.
    Soft, aliasing ridden, huge moire problems, not even 1080p resolution.
    Very sad - they have a brand new sensor in this thing and had the chance to step at least the 1080p up to 7D Mark II levels, or even in line with the rest of the market, or the Nikon D5500, much cheaper.
    This is a 1300 euro camera!
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    johnnymossville got a reaction from jonpais in Panasonic AVCHD viewer/converter for Mac OS X   
    for a nice viewer, just use http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
    works great on mac. 
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    johnnymossville got a reaction from jbCinC_12 in Sony FS5 codec problems and 4K ripped edges bug   
    The G7 actually looks quite good in this test.  Good DR. 
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    johnnymossville reacted to AaronChicago in V-Log L captured in 8 bit vs 10 bit   
    That shot is a pretty extreme DR example. Sun blasting the pavement. It's also 1080 at 96fps which is the worst in regards to overall res/detail. Look at other shots and you'll see a difference. Trust me I've been shooting with the GH4 ALOT since it was released and the highlight rolloff is much improved.

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    johnnymossville got a reaction from Lintelfilm in V-Log L captured in 8 bit vs 10 bit   
    VLOG is going to be a tricky beast to tame.   I was shooting some stuff outside the house last night and some looks super clean, and some looks super noisy.  My emotions went between disappointment and joy a half dozen times in a half hour!   
    People are going to be so frustrated with this until they wrap their  hands around exactly how it all works.    I need more time with it. 
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    johnnymossville reacted to Zak Forsman in CHICAGO - VLog L   
    this looks great!!
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    johnnymossville reacted to dwijip in V-log unlocked for free!   
    Log profiles generally retain way more noise in shadows than other gammas. If you prefer other profiles that's totally fine. It's all up to your workflow and personal preference anyway. In terms of this being not the actual version of the V log gamma, I hardly think that will be the case because its from their official firmware and Panasonic has already admitted that this was a mess up on their part
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    johnnymossville reacted to Zak Forsman in GH4 V-Log $99   
    v2.3 of the firmware is up.
    got a little excited when I saw the V709 LUT labelled as "for GH4" but after unzipping it, it seems to be the same one we have for the Varicam. and I don't see any other features added other than what's needed to activate V-Log L, other than being able to pause a time-lapse recording.
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    johnnymossville got a reaction from sanveer in GH4 V-Log $99   
    I have a question,  Would it be possible to expose using something like the Standard Profile, then switch to V-Log for shooting?  I can definitely see some problems trying to get accurate exposure while in V-Log?    Should I expose using the histogram and meter on the camera?   Never used a log format before so pardon the newbie question.  
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    johnnymossville got a reaction from TheRenaissanceMan in Why recording LOG with an 8bit codec is most probably going to get you in trouble.   
    The more powerful the tool, the more chance people will screw it up.  What it does is makes us have to sift through a lot of crap to find the gems.     I doubt Steve Jobs would want a LOG profile on an Apple Camera.    He'd come up with a half dozen "Insanely Brilliant" color profiles and want you to stick to them.  and 99% would be happy to follow.    
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    johnnymossville reacted to Mervyn in Canon profits down 16% as demand for old-style DSLRs continues to slide   
    As far als I'm concerned the 5DS is shit. I'd rather own a 2nd-hand 5D3 if I'd insist on using a Canon. I tried to explain to a friend why I think Canon is bad,  but he didn't really get it. Most average consumer stores are still mostly filled with Canon and Nikon stuff around here.
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    johnnymossville reacted to premini in Canon profits down 16% as demand for old-style DSLRs continues to slide   
    The camera market is getting smaller. This in part due to cell ptones and also because of people that are happy with their cameras from 3-5 years ago and don't see the point of getting a new one (i know many of these).
    I think that's the logic behind Sony's strategy of putting a lot of new features in order to allure people that don't see the point of getting the 7d II instead of the 7d.
    That's also why all of the manufacturers , not only canon, are thinking about diversifying. People wont change the camera 2 times in a year. not even once.
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    johnnymossville reacted to Mark Guim in Hands on with the new Metabones Speed Booster Ultra - fast AF with Canon lenses on Micro Four Thirds   
    So happy to find out about this. It also added autofocus to existing adapters. Here it is on my Speed Booster S (Canon to Micro four thirds). Canon 17-55mm F/2.8 on a Panasonic GH4. 
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    johnnymossville reacted to DBounce in It looks like "video"   
    What exactly does this mean? I used to think that it meant that the image lacked depth. Or perhaps the image looked somehow artificial. But anymore what I think it really means is that the image is clean. The truth is many modern cameras produce clean images, and frankly that's okay. My eyes don't see film grain when I look around at my surroundings. So why do we expect cameras to show this when it's not really there? The so-called "organic feel" is nothing more than distortion. My eyes "are organic", and the images I see with them are free from this grain and other artifacts. 
    This whole "video look" thing reminds me a lot of when CD first came out. Many audiophiles complained that CDs sounded too digital, too clean... Sterile. Some producers even went as far as to add noise and hiss to their digital recordings in an attempt to make them sound more organic. I think that many filmmakers are following in these same footsteps. Trying to make the new digital format appear more like the old noisie, distorted, soft format that they are accustomed to.
    I watched the trailer for Revenant... That's the new movie that was shot on the Alexa 65. It looked wide, it looked impressive. But you what? It didn't look like film? And do you know what else? I really didn't care that it didn't. 
    The truth is, if you are attempting to make your video look more "filmic", what you are really trying to do is make your video look more vintage... You are living in the past... clinging on the a memory of how movies looked when you were a kid. It's not bad to look like video, this is what the Alexa 65 has shown us. 
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    johnnymossville reacted to Nick Hughes in Hands on with the new Metabones Speed Booster Ultra - fast AF with Canon lenses on Micro Four Thirds   
    Speedbooster S took the update well. Works fine on the Sigma 18-35 and Canon 24-105 on the GH4 and the GX7. Not lightning fast and sometimes it misses the mark completely, but it's one step closer to being able to comfortably ditch my Canon body for stills.
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    johnnymossville reacted to Brian Caldwell in Metabones Speed Booster ULTRA M43 with AF for Panasonic   
    Hi Julian:
    The 0.71x SB ULTRA is intended as a true general-purpose Speed Booster for m43.  The 0.64x XL is a more specialized item tailored for the GH4 and a few other cameras, particularly for the higher crop factor in 4k.  The ULTRA has incredible optical performance all the way across the field, as you can see from the MTF curves.
    BTW, the Speed Booster XL and all other m43 Speed Boosters for the Canon-EF lens mount can be upgraded to autofocus by means of a firmware download.  So if you like the XL and want autofocus you can have it.
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    johnnymossville reacted to JazzBox in Panasonic GH4 firmware update brings 24p Anamorphic, V-LOG coming in later update / watch footage   
    Last week I met the Panasonic sales-man in my favorite shop, he told me that V-Log should come out in mid August... it's a long wait 'till October...
    They should add the 1.85/2.35/2.39 crop marks and maybe a nice ProRes option via SD card, as my BM Pocket does. It should be not so hard for them.. I would pay for that!
    I love my Pocket, but the GH4 is far more easy to use run and gun!
    V-Log! V-Log! V-Loggggg!
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    johnnymossville reacted to Fritz Pierre in Panasonic GH4 firmware update brings 24p Anamorphic, V-LOG coming in later update / watch footage   
    Glad I just bought my 2nd GH4 body!!....new Metabones speedboster xl Nikon G arrived last night...big difference in the crop factor and the build quality on the adapter seems even better than before...It's good to have a confirmation from a Panny official that they are releasing vlog...now onward to the last step to make this the perfect camera for my use:)
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    johnnymossville reacted to mos in Panasonic GH4 firmware update brings 24p Anamorphic, V-LOG coming in later update / watch footage   
    Cinemascope cropmarks, Cinemascope cropmarks, Cinemascope cropmarks! Please anybody who has acces to any Panasonic members: we need to be able to frame cinemascope/2.35 in-camera. It's just two lines or a 2nd guide line. PLEASE.
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    johnnymossville reacted to Astro in Panasonic GH4 firmware update brings 24p Anamorphic, V-LOG coming in later update / watch footage   
    Umm Yeah...Taken them long enough, better late than never tho...or is it too little too late maybe.
    One thing tho Jordan from the Cam store says he now mainly uses it as his B Cam to his Sony FS7
    He prefers it over the A7S now (his older B cam), judging by some of his posts he seems to really love it.
    So it may hold up against the A7R 11...maybe, obviously the A7R will kill it in a lot of areas, but maybe ease of use,
    price, gradability etc..will give it some air.

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    johnnymossville got a reaction from Fredrik Lyhne in Feedback on food video   
    Colors look great, lighting looks great, the food looks great.    My only suggestion would be for you to get a slider and use a couple slider shots to add some visual interest.   
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