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  1. I don't think hdds configuration makes that much of difference. Yes you can get less jumps between different clips if positioned distant on the HDD because it needs to seek on the platters. SSD removes that problem. BUT I don't think you will humanly notice any difference. For these applications where the CPU is always the limit hdd speed is negligible considerand that most reach 100MB/s at least.

  2. 11 hours ago, shanebrutal said:

    Yeah try DIS with OIS on, it's very smooth on the 16-50 S. Tripod like if you hold still. I personally wouldnt use DIS without ois turned on if the lens supports it.


    But I'm a fan of DIS turned on with vintage adapted glass too.

    How much is the focal length multiplier with DIS on?

    I wish the higher bitrate would also allow a better low light performance. At least a ISO3200 without those horrible lines.

  3. 16 minutes ago, outerbeat said:

    Well, IDK yet dependences between real record algorithms in NX1 and any of tested parameters, maybe I'm totally wrong, but for me it seems that random 4kb write tests shows far more consistent results to actual allowed bitrate, than vendors "write speed ABC Mb\s". It is just theory proof test, I might be totally wrong on that.

    But again, vendors write speeds is total BS for NX1 4K record imho. Maybe it is a NX1 thing, yes, but Blackmagic's document actually provides some proof of that not only NX1 have this troubles.

    I see, you could try with this tool https://www.attotech.com/disk-benchmark/ and check if you see a pattern. There must be a block size used while writing files that could explain the "slow" speeds.

  4. 19 hours ago, Pavel Mašek said:

    Kino Seed just posted video of 2.5K video without noise reduction - http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3990893?page=2#forum-post-57632926

    Noise grain is very visible here, but we should realize that it is quite high ISO (6400). I think it would be more usable and subtle in 4K.

    It is proof that noise reduction is not built-in the codec - really great news I think.

    Vasile/Otto - is there any chance if 4K could be inserted into slot for VGA? Maybe then 4K would be without NR.

    I am wondering how it would affect 1080p modes which suffer with high NR above low ISO.

    I'm not sure how he turned NR off on the nx500? I'm downloading the video file now...

    UPDATE: I've seen the video, well the noise is definitely there but it's there in a way that makes me think it's the sensor design that it's not good in low light. Agreed that it's 6400 but isn't the a6300 clear at that ISO? Even the Nikons at 6400 don't look that bad.

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