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  1. 12 hours ago, tugela said:

    The aperture adjusts as you zoom to get the correct amount of light for a particular f value, since your angle of view changes. This does not happen immediately since it is controlled electronically. It happens in stills mode as well, you just don't notice it because by the time you take your picture the adjustment has been made.

    One of the prices you pay for a purely electronic lens. They likely all do it, not matter what manufacturer makes them. The only ones that won't are those that adjust the aperture mechanically through direct gearing to the zoom.

    I meant I don't see in still live view. It's almost unbelievable that even the $1500 S lenses basically make zooming during video useless due to these shifts.

  2. 5 hours ago, chauncy said:

    About the NR jump. Yes. It happens to everyone from 1600iso to 3200, it's weird, it's a bug or just the way they handle it with the hardware of software. There's no way around it. It's a limitation

    Try enabling half stop ISO and see if you see a jump from 2000 to 2500. I believe the jump is there exactly. Seems completely software though... It seems like the jump also affects exposure.

  3. 39 minutes ago, ttbek said:

    I'm struggling to think of many examples for any system that cover that range.  24-70, plenty, 24-105, a decent number, 28-135 they're around, 24-150!?!  There are some 18-135 lenses that would hit that as an equivalent range, but you say you're looking for that as the APS-C range... so we're looking for a FF lens that's 42- 225ish.  The only things that come to mind are the other superzooms, none of which are optically stellar.  I guess there is the Sony 24-240 FE lens, only a 10x zoom rather than the more typical 20x+ of 18-200.  Fun fact, the 18-200 is the only NX lens that saw production in Japan, makes one wonder if there was any foul play, lol.  It's not missing focus so much in the bright sunlight as it is just that soft at the longer focal lengths, manual focus it, it isn't any sharper.  At 18 the lens is quite decent, but if you only needed the wide end then there's lots of other options.  Go with two lenses, even like the 16-50 PZ and 50-200 combo work out well and are cheaper together.  If you're using it for video it's quite decent, and I guess it's video where having that range in one lens is most useful.  Anyway, the 18-200 is the only lens I have bought for which I'm unsure why I still own it.  Sometimes I think I'll avoid the hassle of taking more lenses and just take the 18-200, give it another chance on a walk... 10 minutes later I'm back home to take two other lenses instead. 

    OK it would have been fun to see a cheap Tamron for the NX :D You're right no super zoom is steller but no one is ad bad as the 18-200mm...

  4. Even here they noticed there's a strange jump in noise form 1600 and 3200 (@ 17:40), I actually noticed it from 2000 to 2500 but I guess it's the same thing using half stop ISO. I don't really agree with line skipping, I'm positive something is hardcoded to jump the NR above ISO 2000.


  5. 2 hours ago, Kisaha said:

    If the S lenses are out of your league, I do not understand your constant complaining about the NX line. Do you know how much the NX1 plus S lenses cost? If you can't afford that, there is no chance of you to upgrade in any other system (Fuji/Sony A7s-rII/Canon 5DmkIII with L lenses etc. Even a6300 with the new Sony lenses are double the price).


    Other systems have third party lenses, Samsung never allowed any to develop. I'm not changing system anytime soon...

  6. 40 minutes ago, cojocaru27 said:

    but you have it, you just have to switch it to manual focus from the lens i guess. What i find really anoying is that when you have the single AF and you put your focus on something it doesn't stay there, it starts focusing on whatever come's in the frame. Bothers me. Have to use manual focus all the time now.

    Not on the kit lens (pancake) it's all electronic and there's no switch. Every time you stop recording it goes back to AF... that's why I asked. 

  7. 55 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

    IIt is almost a 28-308 lens, not a 24-150.

    I have a NX500 and I use both cameras, NX500 is so small, that you can have one of the cheap.zooms or small prime ot even The fish eye on it. Cheaper tham A 18-200 zoom lens, and a second body forinterviews or live/events videophotography.

    t is alnost

    Sorry for the "retarded" typing, blame it to been near The beach on southern Grecce, and terrible forum/android cooperation.

    I actually meant that range 24-150 (not 35 mm equivalent). The 18-200 is the only lens available close to that and with AF.

  8. I don't know if this is connected but I'm getting micro exposure changes when I zoom in and out with the kit lens. If doesn't really make sense, is this normal? I set the aperture to f/5.6, shutter speed 1/60 and manual focus. How do you explain this change in exposure while zooming? If the lens maximum aperture is 5.6 why and how does it get darker/brighter?
    IIRC it also happens with the 18-200, is this a "bug" of electronically controlled lenses?


    Edit: it doesn't happen in still mode so it's a software issue...

  9. 11 hours ago, ttbek said:

    For Sandro, the 18-200 is the problem.  I think f/6.3 is perhaps too dark for the on sensor PDAF points to be effective. 

    It misses continuously even out in the sun... if an adapter with AF comes out I would gladly sell this shitty lens! Problem is that you if you need that range=24-150 that lens is the only way :(

  10. 57 minutes ago, Marco Tecno said:

    You must use S lenses to get the most out nx1 af: 50-150 is outstanding.

    If they made more S lenses it would have been great. They're not even available anymore... that's why I said it's not a good system for pics also.

    Anyway back to the topic I'm also interested in knowing that happens to the quality.

  11. I'm not talking about quality and the sensor. As you may know I worked on ski slopes for a season and it was an absolute nightmare. I needed a versatile lens so the 18-200mm was the only choice too bad the glass is just below average, it misses the focus so often that it makes you wanna smash the camera. Sometimes it won't even find a point to focus! And this happens with kit lens as well, so this mirrorless system it's not ready for photography (used this way). My 550D even in low light it just focus the NX1 don't even know what to look for.
    Change lens? No one ever produced lenses for the NX systems with AF so...

    I love it for video and stills but for that kind of work (sports) it's absolutely not the right system. Also because the native and third party lenses selection is poor and now non existent. But yeah if you do any other kind of photography nothing to complain. The thing is when I see "professional work" (not that the result is anything professional, as GOOD) they all rely on AF and speed, the NX1 just can't keep up.

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