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  1. 7 hours ago, Trek of Joy said:

    How does the rolling shutter, 10-bit, 4k60p, log profile and lens selection with the NX1 compare to the XT3? Are you really focusing on the 120p crop and not looking at the entire package? You can shoot 30 raw still images per second with the XT3 and 4k 10-bit internal with a true log profile, come on.

    The NX1 was a nice camera, but the XT3 is a NX1 that goes to 11, with a much better ecosystem.


    Isn't 4k60p cropped also?  I was just saying that I was expecting in 2018 to drop these freaking crop factors for >1.5k cameras that clearly shows they just can't handle the data.

    So did you check the ISO?

  2. I wonder if those features (still) missing and crippling are because they're really not able to do it technically or is it the trend CanonSony started? = "since others won't innovate that much let's just do little to no upgrades as well so we can get all the money that we can with zero costs".

    Did we get ourselves a new Canon/a6xxx?

  3. The NX1 was amazing until the Samsung marketing department came in and decided to make the image look like their TVs = oversharpening, supercolors and "wow effect" as if this product was the for mass to be sold in stores by people who knew nothing about cameras.

  4. You really seem to forget the horrible ISO performance, really horrible, looking like a handycam above 1600. 
    Lenses for low light? Sure get the premium S lenses, used, and you can just trash them after you decide to switch system.
    Need more low light? Sure buy the adapter for the price of a low end panasonic mirrorless, again that you will trash since it can't be used in the future.

    It was an amazing product no doubt,  anyway let's not forget about its flaws for low light when others were way better already. And fixing those issue by giving away for money for a DEAD system is not something I would advise or feel good about it, honestly.

    However if the NX2 was real........ ;)

  5. On 16/2/2018 at 1:27 AM, لطفي بوعكاز said:

    thanks I know about twixtor just haven't explored it further but how higher of a shutter do you have to be to get it right? at 30P my shutter is 60 in normal mode. 

    Another new NX1 100% video footages, the night shots just 1 small LED light with ISO 400 the rest all natural lighting. 


    Great, lenses used?

  6. 13 hours ago, Matthew Hartman said:

    I'm sure they would glady accept any profits that it would yield. I'm just saying with a company this scale and reach profiteering may not always we the direct catalyst. Keeping in mind there's several ways a company like Samsung could "profit". Clearly, Samsung can afford to play the long game. 

    So why don't they?

  7. 20 hours ago, Matthew Hartman said:

    I don't think Samsung will release an NX2, but I feel like some of you are getting stuck on looking at Samsung as if they're always doing something for profit, as if they need it. This could very well be another pet project with zero intention to recoup investment, just because they can. Even at Microsoft we did the same thing. I worked on a team of designers and we were developing MS's version to Apple's Carplay for about 2 years and a big wig came in one day and shut the whole thing down in a matter of minutes, it's how it is.

    Samsung's 8 of 9 companies could go down and they'd still be insanely profitable. I think some of you are underestimating the scale and reach of the company. It's insane how huge they are.

    Actually we're saying the same thing, that's why I used Google as an example. Basically they could just do it just because they can and they could destroy every company out there just for fun (on performance and tech, of course).

    BUT if they did that in the past and left even while closing down factories... well my friend,  they are actually interested in profit. :)

  8. As long as I wish this was true, it just won't happen. The market is too niche for adding a new product (again), also considering the bad reputation they have, in a niche market everyone knows what they did... abandoned while lying to customers about leaving. wow.

    Anyway Samsung is so rich and big they could invest in something that one could turn into profit someday or not, Google has money to waste with failed projects :) I wonder how much they would have needed to sell for the nx1 to become profitable... 

    And selling the sensor to others I don't think it would yeield something close to the nx1.

  9. 22 minutes ago, omega1978 said:

    Un giorno ci devo andare col camper :)

    Ma è al mare o nei parchi nazionali?

    Majella national park :)

    OT: Auch aus Suedtirol? :) I've been living in Gadertal/Val Badia for almost one year :P

  10. 22 hours ago, kidzrevil said:

    Yeah its pretty clean ! Works great for me. I use the nikon speedbooster to take advantage of all that great AIS glass ! If your not into doing side by side tests between the nx1 and the g80 your viewers will never notice the difference ??

    Is it possibile to use nikon g lenses with full electronic support, auto focus and IS?

  11. 6 minutes ago, noplz said:

    Glad someone (anyone) else appreciates the wonder of the NX1's DIS. It's really quite brilliant. Why has no other manufacturer done that? Can you imagine how good it would be in S35 mode on a full frame sensor? And all with no need for physical hardware to sling the sensor around. My setup has organically gravitated towards a Contax 28-85 with dumb adapter and the 16mm pancake in a pocket in case I need to go wide (or have AF). I don't have any S lenses.


    Once Luca finishes the next batch of NX-L I might ditch the 16mm entirely. He is a one man band and doing this more for love than money as far as I can tell so I see no point in rushing him. 

    Is nx-l still on sale?

  12. Refund denied for the 18-200 cause it's an accessory. What I'll do is try another time with email support explaining my reasons perfectly and then I'll send it to warranty because it actually has a defect (or its made that way, I wrote a post last year about it) and then get a refund cause they won't be able to repair it (probably).

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