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  1. Nice setup. Looks like a good commercial spot. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thanks for the response back. Great footage.
  3. Would it work on a G70, and does it have to be the old firmware? Just wondering.
  4. Has anyone tried the Modified Computar 12.5mm /f1.3 c-mount lens? It claims it fits the Pocket. I was wondering if this is legit. Cheers.
  5. Wow, you beat me to it. I was shocked as well. First Samsung, now this?!
  6. I think you're doing an excellent job nailing your coloring down. I do agree, trying to work on skin tones can be a challenge all in itself. Also in agreement with RenaissanceMan and the LeemingLUT, if you're ever with reddit, there's a Panasonic G7 group, and I'm trying out a LUT that can mimic BMCC flat color profile. Lemme know if you're interested. I'm learning too as well, so learning from here at eoshd and similar sites are great.
  7. @ Richie Recoil, you can say that again. I been lurking back and forth about any updates w/ Panasonic, all about HDMI and focus points and such, so... By the way, as promised... here's a little bit of what I did. It's quite short as it's a test. NB: I had to crop at 4:3 at Resolve 12 and had to do trial and error at Virtualdub to remove the black front and back bars, and "resize" 3 times to get to 2.35:1. Not for the faint at heart lemme tell you. P.S.: Richie, great shots you did on your G7 anamorphic. ;-)
  8. Sorry for the lateness of the response. I probably go with the 1.3 for the 2.35:1 look for the 16:9 frame set, the 2X for the 4:3 set. I tried my Sankor 16C on one of my Lumix G7 test shots in 4K Photo mode 4:3, and the colors would change on me; maybe it was the fact that I used Auto WB instead of manual. Footnote, I been getting some interesting shots again on my Sankor 16C/G7 on my Minolta MD 50 lens. I hope to check it out and do a comparison here.
  9. It is a great camera for the price. And the ability to downsample 4K footage to 1080p ProRes, it can't be beat.
  10. I'm learning as I go along, I have known (now) that I can get good shooting results with my Sankor 16C with my Minolta 50mm on my Panny G7 -- without having to use diopters, I hope. Since it's 2x, I'll have to stick with the 16:9/3.0:1 AR - may looking into the 4:3 photo mode sometime. I hope to snag either the SLR Magic's Anamorphot or the Rangefinder
  11. I'm interested to know about that too. It's my first time with doing 4K, which mine's is only UHD and I downscale it for 1080p for processing.
  12. jbCinC_12

    G7 Settings?

    Thanks for the critique - PM'd
  13. jbCinC_12

    G7 Settings?

    For the test shots I did are untouched CineD - meaning all contrast, sharpness, nr, saturation are at 0. I may try out a bit of a -2 or -5 for constrast, and maybe a -2 for saturation in regards to post/color correcting. I try to go a little bit by bit as I don't want anything happening to the shoots I made (and been reading up the possibilities via indep. filmmaking sites); so I may dab at said settings if I can learn to do custom settings. I been using a luminance level at 0-255, I think my levels are only at 0-255 and 16-235 (I don't know, I'll check again), but without a doubt, I love it. Here are some shots after correcting them via Resolve 12. I managed to get some corrections made, and sometimes it gets pooped out which means I have to re-boot my system, so... Corrected and applied Oleg's Kodak Kodachrome 200 lut.
  14. jbCinC_12

    G7 Settings?

    Thanks for the response. It does look clean, even on the 1080p DNxHD untouched clips. It's the Union Terminal in Cincinnati - shot in a late midday. I used both the Panny kit lens and the Canon EF portrait lens. The kit lens I shot the facade, and the Canon some in the interior. I felt what I did was shot too dark with the ND filter I used. I may try other things via Resolve to get my image to pop, I'm just not confident in my overall clips I did - who knows I might change my mind. I hope to replace my old tripod for an AmazonBasics 67" with double handles. I would love to make a rig, and of course a slider. I too like to learn things in the independent film/video set, so I'm all in.
  15. jbCinC_12

    G7 Settings?

    Wow, I'm jealous... just kidding. Really, these look really good. I wish I can master something like that, as I am getting used to mine. My settings were said profile untouched, while trying to set the right white balance. I don't mean to hijack, but I did some shots on CineD as well, tweeked with the color of Davnici Resolve and the end results. Two sets (before and after)
  16. I say give it a try since you have the option of shooting in 4K and shooting 4K photo mode be it 4:3 (for anamorphic). I snag one which was on sale in the US, I wind up getting the German version (dmc-g70), and I like it so far. It was well worth the money.
  17. Thanks for the clarification. If I want to record on my EOS-M, I would have to otherwise go on Magic Lantern, which I may, or get a Sony a6000.
  18. Does it have to have a clean HDMI output, or can it work with regular HDMI out of the box?
  19. Nice shots you did there. I too have a Canon EOS-M, and had tried the ML 2 years ago, and I couldn't for the life of me wrap my head around the process of doing the raw. I still like the camera though, despite it's cumbersome (IMO) correcting on h.264
  20. I felt the same way too, even on my Dell Inspiron 660s -- now that they support OpenCL 1.2
  21. So far, with the Beta 2, it seems to run smoothly (fingers crossed) on my end, it was slow in some parts, but I did played with editing (not fully) and grading, and a chance to render - even on Intel HD Graphics, 1GB physical memory with OpenCL 1.2, so who knows...
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