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    Sony A7S 120fps slow-mo at ISO 12,800

    That's funny, I thought the takeaway was "don't try to make cool experimental imagery if your audience consists of pedantic internet pixel peepers".
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    Are you using Premiere? I've done this in FCPX with "optical flow" (same as Twixtor). I may be reading your post wrong, but do you need to tell your NLE to actually conform the footage after dropping the 50p into the 25p timeline? You have to do this in FCPX, otherwise it just converts the 50p to 25p and it plays at normal speed. That's not what you want. So, conform first so that your footage plays at half speed, and then add Twixtor and slow it by a further 50% (i.e. interpolate every other frame). That should work. Otherwise I'm missing something. The description on this video explains how I did it in FCPX, albeit with 60p conformed to 24p so the %'s will be different to yours ...
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    Desktop for Editing: Hackintosh?

    I haven't heard of an iMac where you cannot change RAM yourself. A one may exist, and I may have not noticed it, but the general rule of thumb is that you can change at least RAM yourself within minutes, and in some cases HDD, too. The MacBook Air is of course an exception, and in some cases, like with the latest mini, changing the HDD is a bit tricky. Doable, but tricky. My suggestion would be just to buy a stock iMac which you can afford with some change, then buy a matching pair of 3rd party RAM. Not that hard to find. Just make sure you always use a matching pair of RAM modules, if both banks are in use. That will save you enough money to buy an external HDD. Or, go and buy a fast, and the biggest one you can afford. You know, for your FCPX projects, photos and stuff. That way the size of the internal HDD of the iMac is not that critical. That's about it. If I was the owner of this forum, I would make sure not to touch that particular topic. Not that there's anything wrong in asking or discussing the topic, but don't be surprised if the practical suggestions won't come from the forum owners or even moderators. Instructing where and how to abuse a software license might be on the hazy side of legally and morally smart things to do. Sure it's harmless to the normal punters, but for forum supervisors it's another matter. Potentially, at least. I'd say a hackintosh may be an ego booster or a political statement of a sort for some computer nerds, but for any practical use and for work it wouldn't be worth the hassle. Just get the real thing, new or used, and then max out the memory yourself.
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    Very interesting, thanks for posting.
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    Evolving Sony A7S Review (Part 1)

    Andrew, while it's relatively easy to get great color and especially skintones from 5D3 RAW, the same cannot be said for the A7S. While the A7S can look great, especially with post work (sometimes a lot of post work), it has a problem with green that can make skintones a challenge. Have also seen examples online where the highlights make skin look like plastic (something I don't recall seeing with 5D3 RAW examples online (certainly not with anything we have shot)). When the A7S can produce something like this:
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    Compact Anamorphic for BMPCC

    I also enjoyed the tiny Hypergonar but it has it's quirks: At first you need DIY mounting and filterthread solution (there is non) And you definitely need diopters for sharp image. Maybe you can ask the Van Diemen "rehouser" for a special edition ;) It is also rather expensive... In my eyes the small Moeller has the advantage: Very appealing super sharp image, no diopters. Mounting is easy with Redstans clamp. The dual focus on the Moeller is also a piece of cake. You can even manage focuspulling with some practice. For me that small Moeller is better than my Iscoramas :)
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    Compact Anamorphic for BMPCC

    Baby Isco, but the quality is no where near up to scratch compared to its bigger siblings. If you can live without dual focus (I certainly can) then the best quality small adapter is the Bolex Moller 8/19/1.5x, simply incredible images.
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